Chapter 66: Cherry Blossom’s New Song (4)

Chapter 66: Cherry Blossom’s New Song (4)

Kim Chun-Ja seemed curious about whether her son truly had talent and tried to hide her anxiety, maintaining a calm demeanor.

In response, Lee Dong-Min nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, ma'am! His songs are of such great quality that we want to sign a contract with him right away. I haven't called the president yet, but I'm sure he'll be supportive."

Kim Chun-Ja responded to Lee Dong-Min’s words. "Then, you should talk to the president first before proceeding."

Lee Dong-Min looked puzzled. "Huh? Why is that...?"

"Didn't you hear me? Get a promise from the president about the contract first. Only then can I let Gwi-Nam go with you."

“B-but ma’am. It’s not easy for me to contact the president of the company at this time.”

Lee Dong-Min made a perplexed expression, but Kim Chun-Ja remained firm in her stance.

“Mr. Lee, just think about it. My son is so excited to sign a contract with your company right now, but can you imagine how hurt he would be if your president was against signing the contract?”

Perhaps because of Bang Seon-Woo's near experience of being scammed by 'Uncle Music' before he met us, Kim Chun-Ja was extremely wary and careful.

Lee Dong-Min pondered for a moment and then stood up. "Alright! I'll call the president right away and come back to explain the contract details to you. Yoon-Ho, please wait here for a bit."

Lee Dong-Min bowed slightly, lifting the shutter door and stepping outside. Meanwhile, Bang Seon-Woo was busy trying to persuade his mother, whose eyes were fixed solely on me.

"Mom! Hoop Entertainment is a really good place. What if I miss out on this opportunity?" Bang Seon-Woo exclaimed anxiously.

But Kim Chun-Ja raised her hand to interrupt him. "Quiet! Just shut up!"

Bang Seon-Woo flinched and recoiled. Kim Chun-Ja sighed and then turned her gaze toward me. Staring directly into my eyes, she slowly opened her mouth.

"It's you, isn't it?"

"Pardon me?"

I was puzzled as I had no idea what she was talking about.

‘What does she mean by that? Did I do something?‘

"You're the one who brought that man to see my son, aren’t you?"

‘Ah, that's what she meant.’

"Yes, ma’am. I’m the one who brought Mr. Lee to see Mr. Bang Seon-Woo. But how did you know?"

"I could just tell. That man had a dull expression since he entered, but your eyes were bright and excited."

I was taken aback by the fact that she had noticed that in such a short time.

"I've been running a business for decades. I can easily read people's faces."

Bang Seon-Woo chimed in excitedly. "Yeah, Mom. This guy saw the songs I uploaded to the composer's website and..."

As Bang Seon-Woo tried to join the conversation, Kim Chun-Ja raised her hand again. "Enough!"

Bang Seon-Woo flinched and immediately fell silent.

Realizing that I was seated across from her, Kim Chun-Ja looked slightly embarrassed. "I'm not well-educated, so I always lose my temper like this. I hope you understand."

"No problem at all, ma'am."

"But son—does he really have potential?"

"Yes. I believe he can become one of the best composers."

Kim Chun-Ja stared intently at me. "It seems like you’re speaking the truth. Your eyes are deep and honest. They don't look like those of a liar. I've been running a business long enough to read people as well as any fortune teller."

I pondered the reason while observing Bang Seon-Woo, who was attentively listening to Lee Dong-Min in the recording studio, determined to find the cause and erase this schedule.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong-Min began to explain the equipment in the recording studio to Bang Seon-Woo. "This is a synthesizer, and this is a controller..."

After explaining the equipment, Lee Dong-Min opened his laptop to show the composition software he used. "The composition programs are all quite similar. But the free app you've been using probably had many limitations. Tomorrow, I'll buy you both the new MePad and a portable MeMac. But for now, you can start using this one right here."

"Okay, got it. And please, feel free to speak casually to me, sir."

"Are you sure? Alright then."

Lee Dong-Min nodded and started pointing out areas for improvement in the melodies that Bang Seon-Woo had created. "Sigh. I’m kind of scared to tamper with your melodies because they are so impactful already... but adding a little here and there might enhance them. Let’s make the melody sound more full."

Lee Dong-Min began adjusting the soundtracks on the monitor. With his touch, several instrumental tracks started to be added to the eight tracks created by Bang Seon-Woo. When he pressed play, all the tracks merged. The background to the previously empty melody was filled with instruments chosen by Lee Dong-Min.

At that moment, the recording studio was suddenly filled with rich sound. It was the result of a fusion of talent and experience.

"Wow! It changed so much with a professional touch!" Bang Seon-Woo exclaimed.

"Well, the foundation was already excellent..."

Apparently, the free app on Bang Seon-Woo’s MePad had offered only about 12 instruments. Seeing the unlimited number of instruments in the composition software, Bang Seon-Woo was astounded.

Lee Dong-Min then began to explain a few more things and started arranging the song together with Bang Seon-Woo.

Bang Seon-Woo, who had been listening intently with an excited expression, began to make requests. "Mr. Lee. Let’s put the third string instrument right here. Yes, and a half-tone higher."

Bang Seon-Woo chose the instrument he didn't even know the name of and pointed to the place on the program where the note should go. He vividly remembered the sound of the instrument after hearing it just once.

The amazed Lee Dong-Min started placing the notes as Bang Seon-Woo indicated with his jaw dropped. "L-like this?"

"Yes, sir. And for the fifth instrument, start from under this sharp note for five seconds and three tones lower."

"Y-you mean like this?"

"Exactly. And that percussion sound from the thirty-seventh instrument—could you place it from the beginning to the end like this? Tick! Tick~tatatat! In sync with this beat. Is that possible?"

"Of course, Seon-Woo. Let’s try whatever you want."

Due to his lack of formal music training, Bang Seon-Woo's expressions were quite unpolished and rudimentary. However, the conversation flowed smoothly as the experienced Lee Dong-Min was able to adjust accordingly and provide guidance.

Lee Dong-Min was like hands and feet to Bang Seon-Woo, who quickly began to give more specific instructions about which instruments to use, where to place the notes, and what beats to follow. He became completely engrossed in placing instruments and arranging notes in the composition software under Bang Seon-Woo's instructions. It was only after adding about 15 instruments that Bang Seon-Woo stopped giving instructions.

"Um...could we play it now and see what it sounds like?"

"O-of course. Sure, let's listen to it."


The moment Lee Dong-Min pressed play, all the soundtracks arranged in the music composition program merged. The melody that used to stand out on its own was now harmonized with the other instruments, creating a beautiful harmony.

I was left speechless. The chorus, the most important part of the idol song, came alive even more along with the lively and vibrant emotions.

'Was composing always this easy?'

But looking at Lee Dong-Min's face, I could tell it wasn't an easy task at all.

“This is insane..."

The moment the three-minute song ended, Lee Dong-Min suddenly hugged Bang Seon-Woo.


"M-Mr. Lee. W-what's this about?"

"What do you mean what’s this about? I'm just so happy! How could such a gem like you be hidden until now?"

The song created on the spot was titled ‘Hit It Up!’, which had ranked number one for five weeks in my past life. In all honesty, the song Lee Dong-Min and Bang Seon-Woo created just now seemed much better than the version I had heard in my past life. There was indeed a huge difference between a knockoff and the original.

It was the moment Bang Seon-Woo, a genius composer, began to spread his wings.