Doctor Xie Wanying has a really good attitude as a pregnant woman.

 This is what everyone could notice early in the morning. What no one expected was that Dr. Xie Wanying's good attitude was able to maintain her appearance throughout the entire pregnancy.

 A pregnant woman has to face various changes during pregnancy, including hormones in the body, body shape, work pressure, etc., and her mentality should fluctuate accordingly.

 Doctor Xie doesn't seem to have any, and his attitude toward pregnancy is as calm as the surface of a still lake.

 Dr. Xie, who seems to be taking an unusual approach, believes that the more you pay special attention to some things in your body, the worse they will be.

 When a doctor sees a lot of clinical cases, he should have some experience with this.

What Dr. Xie said is correct, but it does not mean that everyone can perfectly control their emotions, especially when things happen to them.

Back in the office, as get off work was approaching, Dr. Xie Wanying, who was about to go home, received a call from her senior sister, Dr. Liu Jingyun.

“Xiangyu said not to tell you, but after thinking about it, I might need to ask you for help.”

 What's going on, Second Senior Sister?

"Her father is sick. He is afraid that it is cancer. She wants to show Brother Tao the early physical examination films taken in other hospitals and ask for his opinion. But you know, she doesn't feel it is appropriate to consult Senior Brother Tao and entrusts me to bring the films for her. To Senior Brother Tao."

 When it comes to this matter, Dr. He Xiangyu himself thinks that the relationship with Dr. Tao has always stayed at the stage of brother and sister, and there is nothing to mind.

I have no choice, as Dr. Liu said: "It was her mother-in-law who heard about it from somewhere and said bad things about her everywhere -"

The family conflict between Dr. He and her husband has long been exposed. What I didn't expect was that the two old men were so determined to dig up their daughter-in-law's past history.

You need to avoid suspicion, if your father is seriously ill and needs someone to treat him. Dr. Tao is one of the top technical doctors in this field in the country, and he is also a trustworthy technical doctor of Dr. He.

 Marrying is a skill. It doesn’t just mean that your husband is really good to you, it also depends on your parents-in-law’s attitude and thoughts about your husband’s marriage, and your husband’s ability to cope with family conflicts.

 Many things that seem ordinary on the surface are actually foreshadowed. The Li family put a lot of effort into raising their son to achieve success, but they never thought about what it would be like for their son to become a doctor.

 This is reflected in the severe disaster a few months ago. My daughter-in-law wanted to go to the disaster area, but my parents-in-law refused because she was a pregnant woman. The son said that he was going to support the disaster area, and the old couple even threatened their son with life and death to prevent him from going, fearing that something might happen to his son.

 Family members of doctors also need to be aware. Regarding this matter, not only Dr. He Xiangyu himself was angry, but also Dr. He Xiangyu's parents couldn't bear it.

The two families had a huge quarrel and even swore not to interact with each other.

Doctor Liu smiled bitterly on the phone for the second junior sister: I thought it would be good to marry someone who loves me after falling out of love, but it turned out to be the opposite.

The younger junior sister, Dr. Xie, guessed the matter correctly. I don’t know if Mr. Tao, who pushed these two people to make things work, felt that he had done something bad because of his excessive consideration.

"I showed the film to Senior Brother Tao two days ago, and it was stated who the relative was. Senior Brother Tao did not say anything or refuse. Xiangyu was anxious to know the result." Dr. Liu Jingyun's subtext was that she could not afford to offend that Buddha and did not dare to go. Quicken your life.

Dr. Xie Wanying understood: "I have something to do later and I have to go to the Hepatobiliary Surgery Department after get off work. When I meet Senior Brother Tao, I want to ask Senior Sister."

 There are frequent business contacts between departments, and Dr. Xie did not lie. After get off work, I took my briefcase and walked to the Hepatobiliary Surgery Department.

Dr. Pan Shihua was eavesdropping a little and accompanied her to **** the pregnant woman all the way.

 Dr. Duan Sanbao, another messenger for pregnant women in the team, needs to be on duty tonight. When he came to take over, he heard about it and immediately informed someone of the news.

Now, when the two of them arrive at the Hepatobiliary Surgery Department, the Hepatobiliary Surgery Department must first laugh at Dr. Pan and say: Do you think something might happen to her when she returns to her parents’ home?

Hepatobiliary surgery and general surgery are competing for who is Dr. Xie’s first natal family.

 “Is Dr. Tao here?” Dr. Xie Wanying asked.

Dr. Qiu took her to Dr. Tao's new personal office.

Dr. Tao has been promoted again and again. It should be said that the surgical transplant center ward previously planned in the National Association of New Surgery Building is finally ready to be established. In the future, Dr. Tao will be the director of this new area, not only in charge of hepatobiliary surgery and transplantation.

From this point of view, perhaps Dr. Liu Jingyun is overthinking, while Dr. Tao is simply too busy.

Dr. Qiu opened the office door.

 The figure of Dr. Tao walking around inside looked extremely busy. Dr. Tao is famous for his meticulousness. Even when he is busy, he never forgets to tell his subordinate Dr. Guo: "I asked the neurosurgery department that Xiao Gu's injury needs to be treated for a year or two. Don't give him heavy work."


“But I just passed by the ward and saw him running on the road—”

“I have told him several times that there is no need to run away.” Dr. Guo looked helpless.

˜People who have been injured may show higher emotions afterwards and want to prove that they are innocent. This is anxiety, which is another manifestation of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Seeing this, Dr. Tao said, "I'll treat Xiao Gu to dinner tonight. You go and tell him now."

Dr. Guo rushed out immediately after hearing the instructions.

Dr. Tao Zhijie, a gold medal teacher, has excellent abilities as a psychiatrist.

 When Dr. Guo passed Dr. Qiu and the others on their way out, he reminded his superior: "Doctor Xie is here."

Dr. Tao Zhijie looked up again and saw the people at the door. He put down the work at hand and came to greet them.

 “Sit, Yingying.”

 Pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy should not run around.

Dr. Xie was also afraid of the intimidating Teacher Tao, so he sat down obediently after entering the door.

 Prioritize work and hand the documents in the briefcase to Dr. Tao.

Doctor Tao took it, turned it over, put it on the table next to her, and asked her about her physical condition: "Can't you eat it? Are you going to sleep well?"

 Don't talk about working in the same company. If you don't go back and forth, it's almost impossible to say a word to each other throughout the year.

Dr. Tao Zhijie recalled that his impression of pregnant woman Xie was from the last time they met. At that time, it was hard to tell how big the junior sister’s belly was.

 It turns out that the last time I had this impression was when I went to the airport to pick up the hospital leaders and went to the disaster area to support my colleagues who had returned triumphantly.

 The junior sister is in the third trimester of pregnancy, and several other pregnant women at the same time should be in the same situation. "Rest when it's time to go home and rest." Dr. Tao said.

 The relevant maternity leave regulations refer to the total number of days. Pregnant women can request to take maternity leave in advance based on their special physical conditions. If the physical condition during pregnancy is normal, generally pregnant women can apply for maternity leave fifteen days before giving birth.

There are also some pregnant women who like to work very much and are able to work, and they may continue to work before giving birth.

 Dr. Xie should belong to the above-mentioned type of pregnant woman, and Dr. Tao’s special advice is correct. "It's still a little far away from the due date." Dr. Xie Wanying responded, there is no need to rush.

 Dr. Pan Shihua heard this and thought: When I first asked you, you seemed to have forgotten your own due date.

 Speaking of this, Dr. Xie Wanying emphasized: She is not like this alone.

Just like her, Ms. Wu Lixuan was due earlier than her and should have rested at home earlier. But after getting over the discomfort of morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy, Ms. Wu Lixuan became more and more confident about her pregnancy and returned to the company to work as usual.

 Ms. Wu thinks that she is the same as Dr. Xie. It is better to just lie around at home and think a lot. It is better to go out and work for the rest of her life.

 Ring, ring, ring, the little phone has arrived.

 Doctor Xie pressed the answer button on his mobile phone.

“Yingying, did you hear me? What should I do? I’m about to give birth—”

 Dr. Xie Wanying:…

I wish you all good luck in the Year of the Dragon, a happy New Year, prosperity and good health to all of you! Good night, dear friends~ There will be no updates on the first and second grade of junior high school. We will update at the same time when we come back on the third grade of junior high school.