Chapter 3205: 【3205】Well scolded

   Chapter 3205 [3205] Well scolded

  The honest classmate Geng reviewed:

   Almost everyone at the scene thought that Song Zhudao couldn't get into the depths of the patient's brain, so there was a picture of a difficult operation.

  Xie explained that Song Zhudao was not unable to get in.

   Song Zhudao was annoyed when he heard the foreigner ask again, because he thought that what the foreigner continued to ask was not his ability but classmate Xie.

  Student Wei looked bewildered: Isn't this a chicken-and-duck talk?

   It's really not a chicken-and-duck talk, the conversations of other masters are pure jumping thinking.

   Can the main knife go deeper? As mentioned earlier, the highest level is not based on the current main knife operation, but on preoperative preparation. If the cerebrospinal fluid is not drawn before the operation, another method is to use the natural gravity to pull the brain tissue in the head position.

   The cliché of the foreigner Daniel is correct.

  Song's chief knife is also right to be annoyed.

  The mistake is that Wei, who is not skilled enough in his studies, is wrong.

  Wei Shangquan didn't care whether he was a student or not, but only worried: "Did Yingying do it?"

  Whoever knows what's going on in the operation must be the chief surgeon. Others want to know that they can only rely on the monitor screen to judge, it is impossible to compare with the feeling of seeing and touching with the eyes in the main surgery.

   "OK." Dr. Charlie, who was trained by the chief knife, raised his hands and surrendered.

   People who come to touch their brains are nothing more than eager to see magical pictures.

  The scope of expansion and cutting is also deepened step by step. It's just that the doctor's careful operation of each step takes a long time, making the picture feel into a slow motion, not as good as the fast-paced mirror image of the first part of the operation, which gives people a shocking sense of visual abruptness.

  You may need to look carefully, maybe you can see some clues.

   After being reminded by the chief surgeon, many doctors in the multimedia conference room requested to immediately review the operation video of the previous operation.

   In the operating room, Dr. Charlie and the others wanted to see it, and raised their hands.

  As the assistant Dr. Tong himself couldn't see it, the video of the previous operation was played back at three times the speed.

  Not long, the multimedia conference room and the operating room are so quiet that only air can be heard when a needle is dropped.

   All those who didn't speak resounded in their hearts: Song Zhudao scolded well.

  Videos accurately record the surgical process. Let the picture come out in one go, so that everyone can finally see it.

  The surgery went well and is progressing. It is manifested in the fact that the main knife did not use the brain pressure plate throughout the whole process, which means that the equipment was hardly used for traction. When it is necessary to separate the brain tissue, the action of the main knife without traction is not laborious.

   These all show that there is a natural force that separates the brain channels and helps the main surgeon's instruments to pass smoothly.

  Where is the progress of the operation difficult?

   They are all blind!

   The sound of exhalation in the room was ups and downs, and the hearts were thumping and thumping, which was frightening.

   I don’t know how the surgical team did it.

   Obviously, there is no preoperative extraction of cerebrospinal fluid, but the traction force that can be assisted by the gravity of the head position is limited. All doctors know that there is a limit. Specifically, the gravitational pull has only one direction, and there is no way to achieve more subtle pulling in different directions.

   "Good!" Dr. Charlie clicked his chin, thinking about it.

   Other doctors thought about it.

   There was a burst of alarm in the multimedia conference room: "It's the tumor space after the first part of the surgical excision that works."

   Tumor vacancy plus head-position gravity pull finally leads to such a good surgical effect.

  Those who want to be able to do these pre-operative planning.

   "This Doctor Xie is really amazing."

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