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In the empty and old orphanage, the girl carried a candle and walked down the steps, step by step.

There was no change in the deserted lobby from when the people left just now, she turned around and suddenly looked at the stairs beside her.

In the middle of the stairs, a little girl in a white foreign dress suddenly appeared. She looked about ten years old and stood on the stairs looking at Ruan Qiao expressionlessly.

[Bullet screen]…… Did she just keep following the anchor?

[Bullet screen] Thinking carefully and fearfully.

[Bullet screen] Hold on, anchor! If you die, I won’t be able to see God Yun!

Ruan Qiao went to the bottom of the stairs, and the little girl’s eyes kept staring at her. With her movements, the little girl’s head also turned 90 degrees stiffly.

But her body was still facing the front, only her head turned on her shoulder strangely, and her pale face was still expressionless.

There was dead silence all around.

Little girl: “……”

Ruan Qiao: “??”

[Bullet screen] Did you see the confused eyes of the host? I suspect she still want to greet the other……

[Bullet screen] I’m most afraid of the air suddenly stilling.

[Bullet screen] Did the anchor lose her voice due to fright?

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Finally, the little girl’s body also turned around. In the process of her turning, her whole body made a creaking sound. Her face looked ordinary, but her lips were purple, and the lower half of her face was bruised.

The little girl is holding a picture album.

The originally lovely crayon painting now looks strange in her hands. The number 201 is written on top, and there is a bed in the center of the picture, on which lies a small person.


The little girl turned over the picture album, and the next page was the same scene. The figure lying on the bed in the middle of the picture became a little larger, which can be seen from the perspective of the picture. There were red and messy lines under the figure.


She turned another page.

The third page has no picture. It is full of the same word  written in red crayon——”die”.

Die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die.

A child’s laughter suddenly resounded in her ear. In the next second, the candle in Ruan Qiao’s hand suddenly went out.

“Hee hee…”


Ruan Qiao’s eyes adapted to the darkness faster than ordinary people. Almost at the same time, she found that the weird little girl had disappeared into the darkness.

201 should be the room number. According to the sequence of ordinary rooms, it refers to the first room on the second floor, where she lives.

She walked up to the second floor in the dark without encountering any other strange situations.

After opening the door, Ruan Qiao climbed onto her own bed gently and wrapped the quilt tightly to drive away the cold.

It’s still the most comfortable in bed. The quilt was warm from the previous temperature.

Wait, she has been down for so long, the bed shouldn’t be still warm right?

The girl turned around and faced a pair of dark, narrow eyes.

The bullet screen went mad in an instant.

[Bullet screen] holy shit shit shit shit, what kind of development?

[Bullet screen] Host, you should be reserved!!!!!

[Bullet screen] Redefine the terror game…..

[Bullet screen] Hard core holding onto a golden thigh.

[Bullet screen] Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I also want to sleep with god Yun !!!