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In addition to the games in the [Isolation Area] that must be broadcast during the promotion contest, ordinary copies can choose whether to open the live broadcast room according to the players’ needs. Players who are playing games can see the pop-up screen and get help from it.

However, Su Xi never took the initiative to open the live broadcast room in the game. His game process was revealed by the live broadcast of other players in the game.

Wen Qing has disclosed on her microblog that she will participate in the qualifying competition, so that fans will come to her room, but it was a surprise for the audience to meet Su Xi.

Ruan Qiao knew that she could not kill him with her current ability, so she had to pretend to be an ordinary newcomer and approach the other first. Just thinking about the following plan, she felt a piercing look on her.

His gaze was like a sharp dagger, which tore down the prey he was looking at cleanly without leaving any secrets.

Intuitive, grumpy and skillful.

This was Ruan Qiao’s first evaluation of him.

It was a difficult target to reach, but that’s what makes it interesting.

She also looked back boldly.

“Forget it, forget it. Everyone is a player. Don’t waste your energy on this.” The fatty came out and helped the long haired man connect his dislocated arm. “I glanced at this corridor just now. It’s not long. There are four rooms on the side where we came out, and there are still two rooms that haven’t been opened.”

“There is only one door on the other side, but it cannot be opened.” The young man who was scolded by the man with long hair wore a sweater and looked ordinary.

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The first room is for girls, and the second room has four boys. Now there are seven players in the corridor, and the two others haven’t been seen yet.

The fatty’s core attributes were mainly added to his physical strength, and his strength was also great. He was the one who kicked open the room of the boys before. He walked to the third room, kicked the door hard, from which came a wary female voice.

“Who is it? !”

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m also a player.” The fatty quickly explained, “My name is Yu Xing.”

Two girls came out of the third room. One had a double ponytail and looked like a high school student. The other was tall with a high ponytail and looked a little mature.

The first three rooms were all the players’ residences. After the fourth room was kicked open, there was only an empty bed and a filing cabinet inside, which was not like a place where people live.

As for the opposite room door, it was different from the one on this side. There was no lock on the door, and the door was more solid, so it couldn’t be opened at all.

The others were watching in the corridor, but Ruan Qiao walked to the door of the boy’s room and picked up the padlock on the ground, thinking.

The three rooms were all locked. Except for the first room where they found the key, the other rooms were opened by violence. She looked at the players divided into several groups and smiled gently. The game was really not that simple.

There are stairs at both ends of the corridor, and the lobby was on the first floor.

There was no electric light in the room, so they could only rely on candles to light the way.

The whole lobby looked old and gloomy cold. Walking on the stairs, their feet groaned with the creaking of the wooden boards.

There were stairs on the left and right sides of the lobby, and there was a door next to the stairs on the west side, which cannot be opened like the door upstairs. Next to the door was an old clock, and the sound of the hands moving was particularly clear in the empty lobby.

On the right side of the lobby were two rows of sofas, with a table in the middle.

Yu Xing suggested, “Let’s search separately and gather here on the sofa later.”

Yun Duo put the candle on the table, and several people dispersed and searched around in the lobby.

Ruan Qiao looked up and saw that Su Xi went straight to the only gate in the lobby.

She hurried to follow.