Lewis Hebron will be used as the name. This is to differentiate in reading because if they are read out loud, they are the same. Just like what the author used.

The Duke of Vreio hired five professional translators to study ancient books before.

The books they translated was limited to practical knowledge that the duke needed, such as magic and swordsmanship.

Due to that, these fairytale books are left without a translated version. Reading them would be quite a challenge, and above all, I had no old books to read more.

Right now I am reading,

<Books that grant wishes>

It was an ancient book classified as a fairytale by the Duke of Vreio’s librarian.

Among the fairytale books I read, there are some that were used as introductory books by those studying ancient languages.

They were simply written with only very basic words.

However, <Books that grant wishes> was not used as an introductory book for ancient language.

The content was lacking and there were a lot of words that could not be interpreted yet.

But these aren’t a problem for me. I have already interpreted this more than 90 per cent.

“If you could truly grant my wish, I could really offer my soul!”


A handful of blood came out of my mouth.

Time is running. There should be no more delays.

Even if it was just a fairytale, I have to try it as long as there was a possibility.

I turned over the pages.

There was nothing special about it.

This fairytale is saying that neither evil nor good beings brought threats to the world, and that good and evil gods joined forces to seal ‘someone’.

The myth was similar to the creation myth of the ‘Armans’, which was the main religion of the Kingdom of Xenon in the last few centuries.

The last chapter was full of unknown symbols and letters.

No one paid attention to it, except me.

A magic line was created by combining symbols and letters. But I couldn’t implement it because I didn’t even have a handful of magic. If my interpretation is correct, this magic asked for life, not mana.


The page was splashed with blood.

The paper, which looked as if it would crumble right away, illuminated as soon as blood was on it.

‘What’s this pattern?’

I looked at the pattern on the paper that touched the blood.

No, I think I am familiar with it.

Two diagonal lines intersected and soared sharply, and the same-shaped line was reversed and interlocked.

At the center of the lines, drawn in different direction, was a diamond.

‘This, this is….’

It was similar to ancient magic.

I had to live. No, I must live. Now that I’m faced with a bit of possibility, I have no reason to hesitate.


The light wafted.

It wasn’t a book, it was an ignition in my head.

I wrote down the contents that were quickly organized in my head on the floor. I drew a magic pattern with my fingertips, not a pen. The magic pattern was not complicated. I didn’t need ink either. It was more meaningful if I were to draw it with the blood that I shed.


I felt like I could soon see something beyond human limits. The limit seemed to be in my hands.

As soon as I was about to faint, I felt something hot in my stomach. A terrible pain that made my eyes turn upside down.

“You, you….”

I saw a murderous look in his eyes. It wasn’t a vision. My mind was sharper than ever before.


Someone tried to kill me, and his attempt was a success. The triumphant look in his eyes proved it.

At that moment, someone whispered in my head.

‘Your wish is at my command.’

* * *

I felt a lump in my body and felt heavy.

My back was sore, and I smelled something fishy.

When I woke up, I saw a low ceiling.

‘What? Did I lose my mind and fall asleep in the barn?’

I was lying in a bed.

I forced myself up and looked around.

This was a shabby room for what the duke can afford.

When I opened the door and went outside, I heard a buzz.

Someone was coming.

“Young master, are you up?”

A woman in shabby clothes greeted me with a smile.

Dare to make eye contact with the duke’s son, it was clear that she had not been properly educated as a maid.

“You are…”

I tried to point out the maid’s mistake, but I soon remembered who she was.

Somehow I knew that woman is named Maryam.

Baroness Hebron worked for the Duke. She took care of me before I was locked up.

“Maryam? Why did the baron’s servant—!”

Suddenly, I had a headache.

Memories and emotions that I didn’t know poured in at once and filled my head.

“Young master?”


“Young Master!”

* * *

When I came to my senses, I became the eldest son of Baron Hebron.


My father, the Duke of Vreio, called him the grass-eating Baron Hebron.

He was once the Marquis of Hebron, one of the founding contributors to the Kingdom of Xenon, but was told to become a baron due to the family’s decline.

Hebron was a family living in a hurry to collect taxes and pay them to the royal family every year.

In such a humble place, I became Lewis, the eldest son of nineteen.

Lewis Hebron (루이스) and Louis Vreio (루이)

Born in the same generation, with the same name but talent and environment were completely different.

“It’s completely erased!”

Even a poor male young master had a study room.

Inside there were mostly manuscripts, but some books recorded the blood ties of high-ranking nobles, including the royal family.

The Duke of Vreio.

Following the list of Xenon’s royal family members was the Duke of Vreio.

The list was updated annually.

If a family pays taxes to the royal family, the royal family will give this list.

It wasn’t free.

The huge tax was the price.

As I read the list, my name wasn’t there.

My first and second brothers, there was even the name of my younger sister, but Louis Vreio was not seen anywhere in the list.

“Since I was 15?”

I rummage through the old records

Not even when I was fifteen years old

Even when I was at the age of ten, all my records were wiped out.

‘…I didn’t exist from the beginning?’

There were two possibilities. The Iron-Blooded Duke of Vreio has wiped out my existence, or the one who sent me here has erased the existence of Louis Vreio.

“It’s probably the Duke’s work”

I also had the memory of Louis Vreio in Lewis Hebron’s.

Because he is the son of the Baron, he had to memorize the genealogy of the mighty aristocracy.

As a child, Lewis Hebron remembered Louis Vreio as the Genius of the Century with the same name as himself.

He knew exactly that 14 years ago my name had disappeared from the family list.

’14 years ago? So the Brayo family started erasing me since I was eight?’

Back then I was called Theoretical Genius.

But since then, the Duke has already seen through my incompetence.

Abandoning all hope for me, I was already erased from the family.

Now I understood why the Duke of Vreio fed me the Dragon’s Breathe.

He wanted me to be fierce.

He was going to raise other children in my power.

The extraordinary idea presented by the so-called genius was to lay the foundation of Vreio.

‘Did I get thrown away from the beginning? I’ve been judged as a human being who’s only that much?’


I laughed for a long time.

I felt empty after I burst out laughing.

And there was anger in it.

I put all my heart into him recognizing me but he never looked at me seriously since the beginning.

‘I’ll show you what kind of man Louis is capable of. And I will find out who killed me and avenge myself. He’ll be out of breath without knowing I’m getting back at him. No, I’ll let him live a life where he can’t die even if you want to.”

Lewis Hebron was an ordinary man.

Just like his ancestors.

Unlike Vreio Family, the Hebron family did not dwell on talent.

The family members respected each other’s tastes and abilities, and above all, they all valued happiness.

The result was the grass-eating Hebron.

Lewis Hebron often resented his ordinary talent.

This is because the family could not be protected without ability.

In his time, or in the next generation, the Hebron might fall.

“…the situation is different, but you and I are no different. But now don’t worry. I’ll change it. I’ll show you. What talent is. I’ll even go beyond the secret of the Duke of Vreio.”

I’m not gonna look back.

And I decided to enjoy the life that I had never enjoyed before.

I was determined to unleash Lewis talent.

“As far as I remember, I don’t have a talent for magic, but how is my talent as a knight?”

It was a very ordinary body.

However, Lewis did not check his Spirituality and divine power.

Spirit Mage were rare beings that were difficult to meet in a lifetime, but it was even rare for the next lord to be part of the Church.

“Then I’ll have to check the spirit first.”

Things about Spirituality were difficult to obtain, and books about it were rare.

Naturally, there were no books related to spirits in the Duke’s Library.

At best, it was only a novel featuring a Spirit Mage.

“Fortunately, my old memories are still there.”

My brain didn’t work as well as before.

It took me a long time to learn something by heart.

But this wasn’t too bad.

I am enjoying this feeling of studying. Anyway, I still haven’t forgotten the knowledge that’s already imprinted in my head.

It was safe to say that, what I studied before was still intact in my head.

I locked the door, took chalk, and drew a magic pattern on the floor.

The heat of the sun from the window was warm.

When I was trapped underground, I only saw magical light.

My sleeping area was bright all year round.

But here, I could also hear the birds chirping.

In my previous life, only the chatter of maids outside the cage energized me.

“The medium of summoning is by writing the magic pattern.”

Even if Spirituality was within the scope of magic, there were still differences.

There was only one magic pattern related to Spirituality, it was the summoning.

A person that possesses Spirituality draws a circle roughly and drops a drop of blood.

“And this is a magic pattern that I especially improved.”

I prepared this for three full days.

I don’t know what kind of spirit I will summon, but whoever it is, I felt like it was only one.

“Let’s not be disappointed. Even if I don’t have the gift for spirits, I have the sword.”

I touched my stomach.

I could feel a handful of auras piled up there.

It barely achieved the lowest level of Senior Knight.

It was also precious to me.

Even this insignificant power can be maximized by the Aura Technique of the Vreio Family.

Again, again, again.

I dropped my blood at the center of the magic pattern.

It would be better if I were to use Spirit Stone, which was what the Spirit likes, but the amount of money to buy one Spirit Stone was enormous, I could buy three or four Hebron mansions with it.

There was a response!

My blood gathered in a lump.

It seemed to make up a big single drop, and then something shot up.


It was a spark.

It was as small as a candle.

It meant that my talent matched the lowest spirit.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t intend to be satisfied with this.”

If I don’t have any talent at all, I may have to use the Aura Technique of The Vreio Family. This technique could make a dog, with a handful of talent, soar like a dragon.

I have tried many times and have failed many times.

Again, again, again.

The magic pattern consisted of a triple structure.

There was a drop of blood between the first and second circles.