Chapter 100: White Light

Chapter 100: White Light

It had been seven years since Shiron possessed this body inside the game.

Many questions had arisen during that time, and quite a few answers had been found. However, the answer to Is this really the world within the game? remained elusive.

It was not to say this wasnt the world of Reincarnation of the Divine Sword.

Lucia, bearing the past life of Kyrie, existed, as did other characters from the game like Siriel. The guardians of Dawn Castle, the weaknesses of the demonic beasts, and equipment like holy artifacts were exactly as described in the game.

Yet, there were definite differences from the game.

Characters often spoke lines beyond their scripted dialogue, and Shiron saw techniques used that he didnt know of.

But still, he wanted to check.

The first pattern that enters when encountering a vampire swordsman.

It was supposed to be an unavoidable strike.

In the game, the moment you drew your sword and stepped forward, you had to respond with evasion. But he blatantly blocked it.

An attack pattern that would have caused significant damage and been indefensible was broken.

Despite the heavy blow making his wrist tingle, such minor pain was inconsequential. Why else would he have gone to a seminary and received priestly orders?

At least the swordsmanship Ive learned hasnt been in vain.

Being able to do something or not determines the outcome of a fight.

Though unfamiliar situations often led to trouble, this was a welcome change he would embrace any number of times.

The more tools you can use, the better. It was fortunate that the system wasnt properly applied. Shiron


Your expression doesnt look good. Did I hurt your pride?

In the midst of positive thoughts, the vampire swordsman suddenly said something incomprehensible.

A half-smile with an arching eye. What was so amusing?

Swing your sword a bit heavier. How can you exert any strength like that?

Cant you shut up?

Whack! Swinging his sword, Shiron kicked the vampire swordsman in the abdomen. It was a kick meant to burst his stomach, but Andrei was only pushed back about ten steps.

Was a holy sword necessary after all? He would have killed him long ago if he could use mana.

No, now is the time to test my strength. Lets see how far I can go.

Shiron steadied his breath and gazed at Andrei. The enemies he had faced so far had perished before exchanging a few blows, presenting many things to be cautious about.

Even now, look. The vampire swordsmans body lost its tension, and he sprang towards this side. The speed was barely visible to the eye. But it can be received. Clang! There was a thunderous noise as if the building would collapse, and the ground where he stood shattered.

The force transmitted from the swords blade intensified.


Shiron steadied his breath again. His body, devoid of any mana flow, had proven its endurance. There was no point in continuing the fight.

The hilt tightened in his grasp. As a faint light climbed the blade, Andreis brows furrowed.

Whats this sudden power

Andreis face wrinkled. His wrist, receiving the sword, began to tingle. The flames flaring with each swing were lethal to someone of his demonic nature.

But he didnt back down, even though he had been hit hard.


Shiron put all his strength into bringing down his sword. Even if the opponent defended, it didnt matter. The attempt to change the course of the fight was what mattered.


As honestly as he swung, the opponent easily blocked it. So what? The force of the swing had cratered the floor. The vampire, exposed to the holiness for a long time, turned black, and his strength was evidently not as it used to be.

Camilla Rodos, exactly as Shiron remembered her.

But youre not panicking as much as I thought. Have we met before? Or have you encountered vampires before?


The smell of blood rushed to his nose. The metallic scent made his stomach churn. No, it wasnt the smell that made him nauseous.

Shiron felt a burning sensation on his back.

Youre a good boy. It must hurt, but you dont scream.

Camilla Rodos leaned in close.

In her hand was freshly drawn blood. Camilla began to suck on her red fingers.

Its fascinating. Your blood is infused with holy power How did this happen? Even a cardinal shouldnt be like this.

Could he be a hidden child of the Holy Emperor? If not

As she savored the blood, a faded page from her distant memory suddenly surfaced.

It was a familiar taste.

Camillas face contorted with ecstasy.

Prient. The prophecy the Lord warned Camilla about

Could it be Prient Yes, it is Prient. But why does he have holy power? Werent you supposed to have the power of prophecy? Answer me. Its bothering me.

Cant you tell from the priestly robes? A priest would have some holy power.

Ah, I see. I havent been out much, so I didnt even know thats what priestly robes looked like.

Camilla Rodos.

Oh yes. Thats exactly my name.

Camilla leaned in close to Shiron, making eye contact.

Did Andrei tell you? Or was it your special power?

Will you let me go if I answer? I need to use the bathroom.

Shiron tried to act nonchalant, but Camilla ignored it. Instead, she seemed indifferent to Shirons rigidity, putting her hands together and assuming a prayer-like posture.

Lord, I am grateful for providing me my daily bread today.


Shirons eyes widened. What the heck did she just say? Daily bread?

Camilla opened her mouth wide, laughing. Then she interlocked her fingers with Shirons, laughing in a creepy manner.

Dont be too scared, dear. Ill eat you without causing pain.

Camilla spoke with a murderous intensity.

Was he going to die? Here? He couldnt die so pointlessly.

Shiron laughed emptily.

I never thought Id actually have to use this.

Shiron moved the sword hidden somewhere in his body. His body couldnt move, but fortunately, his storage ability was activated.

Underneath the sleeve of his shirt, on his forearm, the blade of the holy sword slowly emerged.

Lets see if I can survive this, even after being bitten.

And so, the mouth full of sharp teeth opened wide.


A pillar of light fell from the sky.