"Desmond-sama... please enter..."

Once we had washed every inch of each other's bodies, Charlotte splayed out and laid all four of her limbs on the ground. Charlotte's white, voluptuous buttocks were turned toward me and wiggled.

Her slit was already flaring with heat, looking so innocent that it was hard to believe that it had already gone through many penetrations - yet the lewd milky pink flower was dripping with nectar with a sense of anticipation.

The lustful and lascivious Noble lady, which is unworthy of the lord's wife.

No matter how many times I have sex with her, I will never get tired of it. I put my hand on my throbbing shaft and rub the tip it to scoop up the nectar. She's soaked. Just doing this brought a thrill of pleasure to my heart.

"Charlotte pleaded, almost sobbing, Please don't tease me like this, Desmond-sama... I can't take it anymore... Mmm...'"

I pull back once and smack her seductive buttocks with my male rod.

"You were really mean earlier, so..."

*Slap, Slap*

"Ah... now I'm being bullied ❤  Is this considered domestic violence?"

"I wonder which mouth you're talking out of. But I'll give you exactly what you said."

Next, I'll pull down and hit her slit with an upward strick.


It looks like I hit the clit.

――I mean...no offense. I'm sure that's the origin of the word.

"Ahhn..., I can't take it anymore..."

Charlotte dexterously reached between her legs and caught me. She squeezed and then abused the weak spot on my mushroom head.

"Ngghh... Aahh...It's in..."

"you're such a naughty wife." I patted her voluptuous ass.


"I love it!"

*Smack* (echo)

Charlotte spasmed and twitched, spitting honey as I thrust all the way in. The folds of her vagina squirmed and twitched. It was soft, sweet, and flirtatious.

Nevertheless, it wriggles, trying to squeeze the sperm out of me.

"Ooooh, it's so good, it's sucking me... I knew Charlotte's pussy was a deadly weapon."

I wiggle my hips, testing her flavor. I knew that even though we'd already fucking I don't know how many times, it always gives me renewed pleasure.

"If you say so, Desmond-sama is also the murder weapon. You have made me so crazy, so lewd, and even impregnated me."

"And you are blushing by that?"

――Mmm, she's so cute.

She squeezed me with her vaginal muscles.

"Ohh... amazing, I feel so liberated."

"Yes, it's for Desmond-sama's enjoyment."

"I'm glad."

The lord's wife said she had worked hard for me, and I slid in and out of her, tasting it as I did. Charlotte loves it this way, doesn't she? It was so tender around this spot, and when I pushed on it - oh, it squeezed so tight.

"Yaah, please don't describe something unnecessary."

――Gufufu. Read my thoughts like an open book as always. I explore this cave and quickly unearth treasures one after the other. Well then, let's dig up more and more of Charlotte's pleasure and shame, shall I?

I pumped my hips into her as I put my weight on her.

"Aahh... fuhhyaaaannn... like that, just... a little... yesss... fuuu..."

I rub her plump, firm, fascinating buttocks. How many children will this hips give birth to in the future?

――I can't wait.

"I, I can't take it anymore...ahhnn.....at the very least, enough to fill a hamlet."

Isn't the number increased a lot from before?

Well, If it's what Charlotte-sama wants.

I speed up my movements and give them to her.

*Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap*...

"Aahh... ohh yesss..."

In the bathroom, lewd sounds of flesh slapping together and a woman's passionate moans echoed.

If one listened carefully, they could also hear the squelching sounds of pleasure.

"Ha, ha, Charlotte oh..."


Neither she nor I can spare a moment. No matter how many times we become one, we could never get used to it. We're always passionate, always feeling like it's not enough no matter how much our hips move.

I buck my hips deeply and raise her upper body up.

*Squish* *chu*

We suck each other's mouths while producing lewd sounds. I stroked Charlotte's soft skin and scooped up her bountiful fruit from underneath.

A lovely moan fills my mouth. I scooped it up, squeezed and kneaded those plump tits that even a male hand couldn't fully seize, and caught those puffy, erect nipples. I knead and rub them.

"Mmm, fuui... nmyuu... nnuu!"

Even though she jolts and jumps, Charlotte wiggles her hips in a rather encouraged manner. With all the pleasure given to me...

――I'm going to return it twofold!

I twisted her upper body even more and placed one of her arms around my neck. One of her breasts was squished against my chest. Still, I rubbed, the other finger going down her belly. I ruffled and brushed through her blonde pubic hair. That one, too, was already erect to the point of bulging.

"Nnghhhh!" I plucked at it, and she bounced violently.

Her folds tightened, squeezing me, and her descending uterus also tried to reach my tip with her cervix.

Fuuu~ooh, we became beasts, ravishing each other. I supported Charlotte's hips and lift her legs up and she knew right away what I wanted to do to her. I flipped her while we were still connected. With our tongues entwined, we embrace each other in a standing position.

"Nnghhh, mmmm..., fuuu, mmmm..."

We writhed our bodies and our skin together.

I embrace Charlotte. I hold both of her legs and lift them up.

Thrusting into each other, we embrace and rock our bodies together languidly. Our sloppy, dripping, sexual fluids made a puddle on the bathroom floor.

――Gufufu. I'm so thankful for the 【Physical Enhancement】.

I wouldn't do this because it looks like it would hurt my partner, but if I wanted to, I could probably lift her up with my dick alone.

"That sounds wonderful. I think I can handle it."

"Hmm, seems like it. But next time, okay?"

"Hmph, nnnngg..." Catching her heavy buttocks and rubbing them, we continue on. Then we went straight into the bathtub――splash.

As soon as our lips parted, Charlotte's tongue hung out like a dog.

"If I'm a dog, then I have to lick. *Lick, lick, lick*"

She licked all over my face. It is supposed to be spit, but how can it smell so good?

I squeezed the flesh that collapsed on my chest.

"Mmmm..., yah..., Desmond-sama, you really love tits..."

"That's right, I can't help but like them, these tits."

I lifted Charlotte's breasts, which were full to the brim. They floated in the bathtub――I'll be a resident of those islands someday! I took the plump, swollen nipples in my mouth. I suck it up tightly and lick and roll it around.

"Fuhii, ha..., nyaaaaan..."

"*Slurp slurp*, *munch munch*..."

While panting with a sad and sullen look, Charlotte wiggled her tummy with a skillful use of her hips.

the surface of the hot water shook.

The writhing and tightening sensation that grips me makes me tremble.

"Haah, Nngh, Ahh... Desmond-sama... please don't let me go... Nngh, mmm..."

"Puh-ah." taking my mouth off her nipple, I say." Oh, I'll never let go of Charlotte. I'm going to risk my life. Cause I'm not going to be able to live without Charlotte anymore."

Saying that Charlotte shuddered, and arched her body.

I could feel the intense gushing from our connected part.

I hold her tighter, skewering her deeper and deeper, carving the proof that she is mine into her neck.

"Ahh, hah an... Yah ah...,me too, can no longer live without Desmond-sama... Ahhhh, ahhh..., dick-sama is is jumpy and puffed up again... , ahhhhh.... Ahhh.... Huh, Desmond-sama, Desmond-sama.... love, I love you, mmmm!"

"I love you too, Charlotte. I love you so much. Oh, I'm about to blow!"

The column of flesh in her vagina shuddered. The juices boiled in my testicles, making me growl, wanting to drown myself in her all the more.

"Oh, I can't take any more. I'm cumming, Charlotte! Take it all! take it into your womb!!!"

"Y-yes!! I-it's coming... please....inside me, Desmond-sama..... aah... I'm going to... going to cum... Ahh... you're inside me...it's filling me up."


*splurt*, *splurt*, I poured into Charlotte with my pulsating avarice rod. Her cervix engulfed me and sucked me.

Her debauched, droopy-eyed face was staring up at me, all hot and wet from the hot water and the lovemaking. Her big emerald eyes looked at me sweetly.

――Oh, how cute.

I thought.

I don't want to leave her.

I don't want to let go.

I won't lose her.

I hold Charlotte tightly, keeping my meaty pole in her vagina. Then, she, feeling my heart, leans her body against me and rubs her cheek against my cheek.

She shares the same thoughts...

Peter Swift, Charlotte's ex-husband invited me to a party he was throwing, in other words, a social gathering. To be honest, I wanted to decline the invitation with all my heart, but the other party is a marquise, and if one were a baron or a viscount, one couldn't refuse. This was, so to speak, an order, using his power as a cover.

Unless there is a compelling reason ―― or even if I have to make one up ―― if refuse, things are bound to get worse. This is what I was told by Charlotte, Liz, Katherine, and Randolph.

...Um, even if I'm a lord, I can't throw a tantrum. I am under a lot of pressure, and I want someone to understand the stress I'm under, both from external and internal sources.


"I believe in you, Desmond-sama. I'll help you, too ―― No matter how small he was, he was still a man."

...She calls her mistress ex-husband small.


"It is certain that he's a capable noble," Charlotte says, clinging to me like a child. However, despite her strength and lasciviousness - even though there might be some suspicion of her being able to control people - it was clear that she was afraid of the constraints of noble society.

"Depending on Desmond-sama's actions, even if we were to prepare everything for him, it could still end up going badly." she said. "This territory may have taken a form that allows us to be self-sufficient, but the actions of the nobles are not limited to that. The worst-case scenarios are numerous..."

Indeed, as she said, even this territory was able to be self-sufficient, and even if we had the fighting force aka 《Gray Hound》 we were not born and raised here. Honestly, I cannot imagine that that old man will be honest enough to help this territory... Wait, isn't he my knight?... In any case, the social circle to which we have been accepted at this moment will not allow us to remain complacent.

There are residents living here, including those from Moiré and my own family. Even Grandpa Randolph, who is known as one of the "strongest" the Grey Hound, is not the only one with such a title. The same goes for Charlotte's older sister, although to be honest, I have never met her before. But It's better not to meet her!

Well, still, I wonder if she would become an ally, that older sister...

"I can't possibly predict that either. She really does take a good care of me....but if my older sister really does appear, the worst-case scenario will increase. Maybe even into a full-scale war..."

――Please don't come, I beg you!

Ah, and that's why I'm receiving re-education as a noble from Katherine - of course, from Charlotte and Liz as well - so that I do not inadvertently become advantageous to my opponent, and so that I do not step on any noble landmines. My experience in the social circle is almost zero (please understand that I cannot say zero due to my pride as a noble). After all, as the third son, my manners are not much, to begin with.

Even so.

"I believe you Desmond-sama, everything will be absolutely fine."

If Charlotte says so, I will believe it.

――I must do my best...

I hold Charlotte tightly and let her warmth and softness seep into my body and soul.

Charlotteium is being charged into my body. Someday, I'd like to present this at a conference since this is the energy that drives a guy to work hard.

"Mmm, aah..."

As they held each other tightly, Charlotte's hips began to move.

No, maybe it was mine.

We look at each other and smile, then our lips meet and our tongues entwine. We exchange saliva, clasp our fingers in a lover's grip, and smile.

Ah, this is so healing.

I will do my best for everyone's sake.

I must do my best, but...

――That useless maid.

――Doesn't it seem like she's combining her work with personal interests at this rate?