Chapter 13 - 13

Chapter 13: Chapter 13

After all that, as we hit a dead end, we get to, at least, explore the city as she shows me around the place and I'm grateful for the opportunity because after some hovering about we actually stumble upon an solution to my problem.

And that is... a bookstore!

I start pawing her back at the sight of it, only to be scolded at the next moment for moving around while mid-air, but at least I get her attention towards the place I want to go to.

We land on one of the wooden platforms after turning around in the air, and as her talons rasp the floor we are meet with a slight problem, one of the firsts actually to be given for your size and kind; and now that I think of it, it is actually a given that it took so long for it too.

Because on the side there was a board indicating that the platforms leading to the shops on this side are only to be used by humanoid beings.

It may have something to do with the size and structure of the balconies, smaller than the others we have been through so far, or perhaps even our weight has something to do with it, but since it disqualified all other creatures, no matter how big or small, using the term 'humanoid', it makes me thinks that perhaps there was something more to it.

That is my first taste of the prejudice that my kin, my species receives, no matter how small, and even though it is in such a simplistic act it still feels bitter in my mouth.

And yet I have no time to swallow it when mother surprises me and, after laying down and indicating that I should get down from her back, she looks over the bag stringed around her neck and close her eyes, focusing, and something starts shinning behind the brown clothe.

The next second, however, is herself that is let alight, shinning up blinding like a white sun, only for that to go as quickly as it came.

But as I open my eyes I'm left in shock at what I see, for standing there is not my griffin fluffy white black mother, but instead a winged woman that stands up with grace. The source of this content can be connected to n0v3lb!n★

I frown, at lost, but the giggle she gives me is distinctive.


"Yes my love?"

We open the door to the stale smell of books, ink and paper, and I take it in very slowly, quite fond of this new find perfume as the green door swings back and closes with a click.

"In a second!" Someone says at the back.

My gaze lands on the shelves everywhere, from the ceiling to the ground, and I bet if he could bend the laws of physics there would not be a place left here without books in it.

Passing by a pile of romances at the front where a black and white winged cat sleeps on top of, we find the seller at the back as he stays on top of a wooden stair, grabbing some books at the top.

... Why would he have a stair if he has wings? I think, but soon find why when he clumsy falls back and beats his small brown wings to keep himself from falling, but ens up knocking a few piles of books to the ground in the process.

"Ouch, ugh, clumsy me, sorry, will be with you in a second!"

"No hurry, we can wait." And that's just what we end up doing as we watch the small man descend the stairs with the books he was after, only to have to clean up the mess he made in the process.

Once he is ready to attend us I can have a clearer view of him, from the nervous gesture of rubbing his hands in front of him, to pulling the round glasses up from his small nose, all and all giving him the appearance of a small frightened bird.

And even if mother, as an owl-leopard, weren't the biggest griffin around, when put together with humanoids she seems to tower over them, which gives off a slight oppressive aura to her.

Plus the huge wings at the back that prevented her from turning too much inside this shop added to that aura too. Yeah, that, and probably the predator in her too.

"I want to see if you have any magic books around." I say, making that he finally notices my presence in my mother's arms, and the vision of me makes him relax a little.

"Oh, of course little one, I have a few around, what do you have in mind?"

What do I have in mind? Didn't think I would have something to choose from to begin with.

"Something I can learn, with... ice and wind. Something basic." He nods at every word, moving his head way too much, almost like a dove, a small brown dove for sure.

"I will see what I can find for you little one." I look over the piles and piles of books.

Well, this is going to take a while I suppose.