Chapter 10 - 10

Chapter 10: Chapter 10

This time it took us a few days before we resume our travel to the big city in search for a mage to teach me because of some minor reasons; mother thought initially that she could simply find one, have him explain magic to me, and be done with it, but as she asked about a mage at the outpost, not only they were very few, especially up here, but very expensive.

So not only troublesome to find, the mage may troublesome to deal with, so she started gathering some currency to pay a class with him, selling the loosen feathers that drop from her and hunting some prey to sell as well.

It is not an easy task, especially for having to take care of such a small child like myself, so it takes more than 10 nights for her to feel satisfied enough with the results.

And with that my twenty or so days old self I managed to grow up a bit and get used to this body, not enough to care for myself mind you, but enough to pester my mother more and walk around, climb trees, get stuck, things like that, and even my cool and aloof self could not deny the painfulness my juvenile heart desired.

I mean is what they say right? That children have to roam free, explore and learn the world by themselves, otherwise they won't grow right or something... You'll discover the inception of this content at n0v@lbin★

Plus playing with the snow is quite fun, especially when I do not get cold by doing so, however, this time around, even if I wished to play and insisted on not staying closed in the nest, mother would always worry a lot and stay on guard close by, not letting me out of her sight ever again.

Is quite comforting, to have such a protective and kind mother, and I cannot blame her for her change of behavior after last time, but still I could not wait to learn magic and grow up enough to take care of myself, no, even more, to protect mother so she would not worry again.

Huge buildings are stretching out together in the massive city, such big and elaborate town looking oddly misplaced among the wild islands circling around it.

It is almost as if a nation itself has been build up here, so complex and intrigued as such.

The details are lost to me until we get up close, and as if passing by a portal underneath a waterfall suddenly we are right at its gates, entering its open walls only to discover what secrets it holds for us.

There is just so much to this city that I don't even know where to fix my gaze at.

Is what having only flying creatures resulted at, the upmost use of space that could have being. First the city is literally floating above ground, with their type of chains and biddings holding them in place so they would not fly away or bump into each other, the bigger heavier buildings even having a more fixed structure build underneath holding them steady and barely giving way to the wind.

Bellow the city were the meadows, the farming and even some wood at parts, probably letting the earth rest and avoiding turning the soil bad from plating too much in it, and above there were no roads so to speak, some meager connections with open balconies between shops to make moving in between easier, but most dislocated by air, and that's where the volume of people are, in the sky.

To make it even more full to the eyes not only many passed over us and beside, but there are a lot of lines floating in the sky in different altitudes, with different colors and arrows indicating the direction and destiny, though it looked very confusing to an outsider like myself coming in from the first time, like invisible roads put in the air in different altitudes, no need to stop for they did not cross each other.

And yet all seem to know how it works for even with the skies full like this I can see the patterns all around, no bumping or confusion, but as currents on a river they dislocated like one, moving to the same direction, height, and only going out for a brief second to join another line.

It is an organized chaos, and I would enjoy if I'm to come here enough in the future to understand them as well as mother does.