Chapter 570 Soul Energy

570 Chapter 570 Soul Energy

The stone golem began to spoke: "Son of Hujarar, please come with me."

"You're with the Cult of Devour!" Tom exclaimed.

Claudia frowned. "Cult of Devour. You are a golem of a filthy group."

"Come with me, Son of Hujarar. We are all waiting for you in Caster. The Elders... they are ready for your arrival."

"Where the fuck is Caster? And, why should I come with you?"

"You have to come with me, Son of Hujarar. Only you can fix this. No one else can."

"Fix what exactly?"

"Come with me. I will sho—"

The stone golem's body exploded from within. Rubbles and stones flew in every direction, only leaving the head on the ground.

"Your life is in dange—"

Claudia stepped on the golem's head, crushing it before it could say anything more.

"Why did you destroy it?"

"Do not believe a word they say. They are a filthy group."

"Maybe they know something."

"They are group of dangerous and hideous men. Do not compare them to a normal cult. When I say they are the worst of the worst, you better believe me." Claudia looked into the distance. "They have done horrendous atrocities like nothing you have ever seen and could ever imagine."

"You could at least let it finish speaking."

"They are not only criminals, but also mind readers and manipulators. A lot of people fell victim to their mind tricks and become loyal members to the church. Even an extreme narcissist who only care about themselves could become a devoted member of this cult. Do not fall for their trick. Their words could make you their slave."

Tom was about to say something else, but Claudia's mysterious gaze made him hold back. He was still curios about the existence of this cult. Who were they? Did they really know his father? Or did they read his mind and use it to lure him to their lair.

But if they read his mind, the system could have notified him. Although he was busy with fighting earlier, and so many notifications actually popped up while he was fighting the cultists and the dragon. His mind was actually being pushed to the limit already. Three clones were active 24/7 with their own problems. One was handling a war, the other handling a business expansion, and Tom acting as the student in Withokere University but also associated with Claudia which proved to be a troublesome existence as well.

His cloning ability might seem like a very potent ability, because he literally duplicate himself with all the treasures and power. Essentially, the cloning ability let him double, triple, and quadruple his fighting prowess.

But they weren't supposed to be activated all the time since it put a heavy load in his mind and soul. The only reason why Aldred could go so long with the clones being active all the time was because the real Aldred meditated in the Divine Dimension all the time.

He almost didn't have time to get in bed with his wives, to their dismay. But they understood that Aldred had a big problem to handle.

Claudia glanced at Tom. "You look tired."

"No shit. I just fight a group of weird cultist and a powerful Earth Dragon."

"No..." Claudia approached him and caressed his cheek as she stared into his eyes. "Your soul... it's tired. Go get some rest."

"What about the dual cultivation?"

"We can do that in a few days. For now, you need to rest."

"I need to get stronger. I want to win the Three Great Dragon Competition."

"The date for that competition is still not announced. You will have the time to prepare." Claudia snapped her fingers, and three red orbs appeared and circled around her.

The orbs then slowly floated on her palm before condensing into three red pills.

"Give each of these pills to one clone."

Tom frowned again. He checked the notification and there was no system alert. How did she know then? How the hell did she know???

Should he play dumb? Perhaps she was guessing and wanted to use his reaction as confirmations like last time..

"What clone?"

"Just follow my instructions." She vanished.

Hino walked up to him and said her goodbye. "I hope we will meet soon, big brother."

Tom nodded before she teleported away.

"How the hell did she know..."

So many things happened today. First, he fought against a group of cultists who apparently knew the name of his father, and the reason how Claudia knew that he was a clone, and not only that, she also knew that there were two other active clone beside him.

"That was simply impossible. Nobody should have known... unless... unless it's with the power of an Adamantite Rank."

Adamantite Rank power seem to be able to transcend reality itself. They were probably the entities that closely matched the power of gods.

Tom sighed. "I fucking hate this shit. So many things left unanswered."

Life used to be easy because of his godly eyes. All the mysteries of the world open up like a book for him. When he looked at someone, he could read their histories and know who their father, mother, grand mother, and great great great grandparent was.

Not actually that detail, but the point remains. But he could not analyze Claudia's status at all.

"So even the godly eyes have limit..."

[User, you are not strong enough to unlock its true power]

"Ohh... I knew it. There is no way my dad would give something that is not potent."

If he remembered correctly, his father even offered him a sword that could send anyone to hell with just a touch, so of course this eyes had to be at the same level.

Tom shook his head to remove the distracting thought away and looked at the three red pills.

"I should consume one and give the other two clones their pills."


Armaita was sitting cross legged on a cold, hard concrete. Her eyes closed. In front of her, a magic infused bar locked her in. A rat sniffed around, then accidentally touched the bar. Immediately, it crackled with thunder and what was left was only dust and burned mark on the floor.

Suddenly, small pocket of space bent in front of her, and a red pill came into being.

Slowly opening her eyes, she raised her hand and pinched the pill. Her eyes shone.

[Pill of Soul Restoration]

Replenish the energy of soul.

"Simple explanation. Simple often means potent." Opening her mouth, the pill quickly entered her body and her body flashed with light for a fraction of a second as her eyes changed color hundreds of times.

Taking a deep breath, all the mana nearby got sucked in into her. Then she pushed her palm forward. With the sound of thunderstrike, a powerful wave blasted the bar.

She stepped over the bar then looked at the flight of stairs in the distance. "I have to save Tarrar first. I hope he's still alive."


Aldred, the clone, was standing atop a mountain. Corduul stood loyally beside him.

20 kilometers, in the vast grassland, an army consisted of 200,000 chivalries charged towards an army of 500,000 steel robots.

"We cannot advance any further, master. The enemies seems to be very desperate to protect their land. Since our main task is distraction, we can hold our ground here and let the enemies come to us."

Corduul looked at Aldred who looked into the distance blankly.


Suddenly a red pill appeared in front of him and entered through his mouth. Just like what happened to Armaita, Aldred's body shone and the color of his eyes changed thousands of times.

"Ahh... finally. I feel so relieved."

"What has happened?"

"My soul is getting tired from maintaining all three clones at once."

"Is there a way to negate this side effect?"

"Perhaps I need resources that can replenish my soul energy or perhaps strengthened my soul. My Phantom Doomblade is capable of devouring souls actually, so it might be able to help."

"Can it transfers some of those soul energy to you?"

"Maybe a little bit. When the Phantom Doomblade devour a soul, they turn into chaotic energies that could only work in the Phantom Doomblade's favor, but perhaps it is not good for me."

"We will prioritize in searching for soul related treasures, pills, and knowledge."

"Please do that. I and the other clones could not function without this soul energy. I actually have never done something like this before. My clones usually only appear when I fight someone. I didn't study the skill enough, but apparently, the longer the clones exist, our mind become scattered, and easily distracted sometimes. But what I fear is that there might be a possibility the clones would develop a split personality. If that were to happen, the clone would be like a cancer cell. Sucking in energy and doing whatever it wanted."

"That will be the worst of situation," Corduul replied. He understood what Aldred could do. If one of his clone went rogue, they would have a hard time defeating the clone.

"But I believe I can make the clone vanish at anytime though. So even if I went rogue, the real me could probably eliminate me with a simple thought."

"Well... At least, I hope that will be the case," Aldred continued.