Chapter 324 Improving Herself

"Nothing in particular." "So can I ask why you are here?" "Well, recently, I have been noticing you entering this tower after training. So I secretly followed you here to find out. But all you do is train your body, apparently." "...Is that so?" "Improving yourself is not bad; pushing the limit kills, you know?" "Well, I might have pushed myself a bit too hard..." Dane slouched her head down as she expressionlessly said that. I then let out a sigh before I made an approach toward her. "But why are you pushing yourself too much, though? Are there any particular reasons behind it?" "..." "It seems to be a long talk. How about taking a seat so that we can talk it out?" ◆◇◆◇◆◇

After we took a seat on the wooden bench sitting at the side of the room together, we started talking about ourselves. She sweated quite a lot, so I gave her some glasses of cold water to refresh herself. "—My dream since I was a child was to become a great swordswoman, a master of swords. Carrying that dream, I trained myself how to hold and wield a sword. There were many obstacles, but I persevered and overcame them all." "Uh, huh." "So as soon as I reached the age of fifteen, I immediately signed myself in the adventurers' guild. I used to adventure with a party in my first years. But when I reached the rank of A, I decided to leave the party since they were dragging me down. They were aware of that, so they just let me go." Dane took a sip of her glass before she continued. "After some years, I rose up to Rank S until I eventually reached the Supreme Rank at the age of twenty-five. I felt so much confidence at that time that I challenged the dungeon boss on the 40th floor, which I barely defeated at first try. Afterwards, I was secretly knighted by the king, and then I became a paladin." "That is quite a ride. But I have a feeling that you want to achieve greater heights." "Yes. I have another dream, which is to become the greatest swordswoman." "It means surpassing the Sword Saint, my Mother, huh?" "That's right, milord. One of my greatest dreams is to surpass the Sword Saint." she said, looking at the stone ceiling. "But I just realized that our strength is like heaven and earth. Even if it seems impossible, I would like to at least achieve some of her feats, such as conquering the Imperial Dungeon. That is why I have been improving myself even if I have to push myself." N♡vεlB¡n: Your Escape into Infinite Tales.