Chapter 5192: Familiar recipes, familiar routines

Chapter 5192 Familiar recipes and familiar routines

 A few minutes later, Lu Xiaoxiao and Liu Ermei arrived at the door of the department store. They heard a noise coming from inside the department store. They looked at each other and quickly squeezed into the department store.

When they squeezed into the department store, they saw Zhang Aihua being held tightly by an old lady. No matter how hard she tried to break free, there was a man not far away who was staring at Zhang Aihua. What was wrong with this scene? See how familiar it is.

So Lu Xiaoxiao directly asked Liu Ermei to go to the police station to call the police, and she ran towards Zhang Aihua.

When she ran to Zhang Aihua, she angrily yelled at Zhang Aihua: "Pay me back the money, please pay me back quickly? Otherwise, I will go directly to your house to ask for it from your parents."


"What's less? One hundred and eighty yuan can't be less. My brother is going to marry me, and I want to give my brother the money to find a wife."


"What? You don't want to pay back the money? This won't work. You must pay me back the money today, or I will go directly to the police station to sue you."


"Shut up, who is this next to you? Could she be the grandma who will give you the money? Haha, it seems I was lucky today. I finally found someone who can pay you back."

 “What money? I have no money.”

"Who are you lying to? Xiaohua said that her grandma loves her the most and will give her several pieces of pocket money that month. If you don't help Xiaohua pay back the money today, I will send you two to the police together."

The old lady immediately became anxious after hearing what Lu Xiaoxiao said, and then she quickly looked at the man standing not far away.

 When she saw the man shaking his head at her, she immediately let go of Zhang Aihua's hand and turned around to leave. But as soon as she turned around, someone grabbed her collar tightly. If she continued to walk forward, she would definitely be strangled to death, so she could only stop first and threatened Lu Xiaoxiao fiercely: " Let go, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

“You think I’m afraid? Please help Xiaohua pay back the money, otherwise you won’t be able to leave today.”

"I have no money."

“Impossible, Xiaohua said you always carry dozens of dollars in your pocket every time you go out.”

After hearing what Lu Xiaoxiao said, the old lady subconsciously reached out to cover her pocket. When she reacted, she realized what stupid thing she had done, so she immediately let go of her hand covering her pocket.

He said to Lu Xiaoxiao in a sullen voice, "I don't have any money. Go ask someone else for money."

"No, her family is all poor, and you have the most money. Their family relies on your help to survive. I also saw that she has a grandmother like you, so I lent her money."

  After hearing what Lu Xiaoxiao said, the onlookers all cast sympathetic glances at the old lady, but when they thought about how much money the old lady had in her hands, they began to feel sad again.

So they all advised the old lady: "Since you have money in your hand, help your granddaughter pay the money back."

"Repay... what the hell, I'm not her grandmother, so why should I help her pay back the money?"

“Comrade police officer, did you hear what she said just now? She personally admitted that she is not Comrade Zhang’s grandmother.”

"Police...police." After hearing what Lu Xiaoxiao said, the old lady followed Lu Xiaoxiao's line of sight and saw the policeman standing in the crowd. She was so frightened that her hands and feet began to tremble violently.