Chapter 5143: Underground route map

“They were all boxing.”

“What kind of punch?”

“It’s just planning the venue underground to make money for the venue.”

Lu Xiaoxiao was confused after hearing what the man in black said, because with Zhang Xu's ability, he shouldn't be controlled by others to punch for others.

Unless they volunteer or have some leverage to fall into the hands of others, Zhang Xu and the others will definitely not be able to make money by boxing for others.

Thinking of this, she looked towards the man in black, and then asked him: "Where is the underground venue?"

“On the continent where we went on a mission.”

"Specific address."

“Specific address…specific address…bang….”

“Master, what’s going on?”

“His brain was stimulated and he couldn’t bear it and fainted.”

“Oh, does that mean we can’t interrogate him a second time?”

 Mr. Fan nodded after hearing what Lu Xiaoxiao said, and then motioned to Lu Xiaoxiao to take off the silver needle inserted in the head of the man in black.

 Lu Xiaoxiao said hello after hearing what Mr. Fan said, and she squatted down and took out the silver needle stuck in the head of the man in black.

Then he shouted to the monkey on the balcony: "Bring the people in."

After hearing what Lu Xiaoxiao said, the monkey took the person back to the house without saying a word. Then he saw the man in black lying on the ground and asked Lu Xiaoxiao: "Master Xiao, is he... ?”


“Then shall we take him to the balcony?”

"No need." After Lu Xiaoxiao finished speaking, she looked at the man in black standing aside. Then she asked the man in black, "Should I do it or did you take the initiative?" "I...I said it."

“The specific location of the underground venue.”

“I don’t know the specific location, but I remember the route. I can draw a route map for you.”

After Lu Xiaoxiao heard what the man in black said, she asked the monkey to find pen and paper and let the man in black draw a route map. Whether the man in black would escape was completely out of her consideration.

Because she would never give him a chance to escape.

More than ten minutes later, the man in black handed the drawn route map to the monkey, and then said to the monkey: "This is the route map. I follow this route every time I go."

"What about the road map for leaving? This is the road map for entering. If you want to leave from there, you need to take another route, right?"

The man in black's eyes flashed unconsciously after hearing the monkey's words, because he didn't expect the monkey to see this easily. It seemed that he had stolen the chicken but lost the rice this time.

Thinking of this, he could only draw a map of the route to leave.

After the monkey took the departure route map drawn by the man in black and saw that there was no problem, he handed the two route maps to Lu Xiaoxiao and said, "Master Xiao, see if there is any problem."

After hearing what the monkey said, Lu Xiaoxiao took the circuit diagram and read it carefully.

After she read the route map, she felt that she could not understand anything because the route drawing was too sloppy and there were only a few reference objects. It was too difficult for him to understand.

However, she did not say this out loud, but asked the monkey: "Do you have a place to lock them two?"


"Leave them to me. I have someone here who can help you keep an eye on them."

Lu Xiaoxiao and Houhou looked at each other after hearing what Mr. Fan said, and then they nodded in agreement.

Because except for Mr. Fan, they really can't think of a good place to lock these two forbearers.