Chapter 5058: Issues about buying a house and settling in the household registration

  After she handed the largest luggage to Liu Ermei, she told Liu Ermei: "Remember to call me when you get home."


“Then I’ll leave first, have a nice trip.” After Lu Xiaoxiao finished speaking, she turned and walked out of the station.

 After she left the station, she went to the place where the bicycle was stored to get it back, and then she rode her bicycle toward home.

“You are finally back.” When the old man saw Lu Xiaoxiao, he immediately said to Lu Xiaoxiao

"Why are you here? Didn't Zhang Xu say that you are busy looking for a house?"

"The house was found yesterday. Gui Er and I are here to tell you the location of the house, so that you won't know where to find us later."

“Oh, you guys bought a house together?”

“More or less, we each bought a small single room, and they are all in the same yard, so we can count as buying a house together.”

“You bought four courtyards?”

“Well, the fourth master said that the courtyard house will become more and more valuable, so we listened to him and bought a courtyard house.”

 “How many times did you enter?”

 “It’s a double room, otherwise it won’t be enough for fifteen of us.”

“Okay, this house is a good buy. You must maintain the house well and don’t destroy the layout of the yard at will.”

“Don’t worry, the yard is well maintained. We can live in it directly as long as we tidy it up a little. No changes are needed at all.”

 “That’s good, have you had breakfast?”

“After eating, we have to go back and clean up the house, so we won’t go in and sit down.”

"Okay, remember to tell me when you move in, and I will warm the house for you."

 “Okay.” After the old man Gui finished speaking, he left with Gui Er.

At about seven o'clock in the evening, Lu Xiaoxiao was about to go upstairs to take a shower, but as soon as she stood up from the sofa, she saw Zhang Xu pushing the door open and walking into the living room. She asked Zhang Xu, "Why are you back at this time?"

 “Help the old man Gui and the others settle down.”

"Aren't they just from Jingshi? Why do they still settle in Jingshi?" "Because their previous identities have died, so they need to get new identities for them."

"is it hard?"

 “It’s not difficult, but the procedures are a bit troublesome.”

 “Just tell me if you need help.”

“I don’t need it for the time being. Is there anything to eat at home?”

"Yes, I'll cook it for you." After Lu Xiaoxiao finished speaking, she walked towards the kitchen.

When she came out of the kitchen, she had a bowl of egg, vegetable and beef noodles in her hand. Then she placed the noodles in front of Zhang Xu and said to Zhang Xu, "Eat quickly. Go and rest early after eating."


The next morning, when Lu Xiaoxiao went downstairs, she saw Zhang Xu sitting in the living room reading a newspaper. She asked Zhang Xu, "Have you had breakfast?"

"I've already eaten. I've warmed your breakfast in the pot for you. You can eat it after you pick it up."

“Okay.” After Lu Xiaoxiao finished speaking, she went to the kitchen to serve breakfast.

After she put breakfast on the table, she asked Zhang Xu while eating breakfast: "What are you going to do today?"

 “I have no plans for the time being.”

"are not you busy?"


"Then let's go see Uncle Fu and Aunt Fu together. We haven't seen them for a long time."


"Then let me have breakfast quickly. You go to the storage room at home to see what you can bring to Uncle Fu and Aunt Fu. If not, we will buy some when we pass by the supply and marketing cooperative later."