Chapter 474 - Chapter 474 A Reckoning on the Trail

Chapter 474 A Reckoning on the Trail

“What steward?” Mrs. Xiao’s heart shook as she subconsciously asked back.

“It’s a clan brother of Mrs. Xiao’s mother’s family, the one in charge of the Ling An Bu House, I heard that this one contributed a lot in the Yue Jin Pavilion this time, so I’ll let cousin come to my door some other day to mention this person and ask for clarification.” Qu Mo Ying remained ignorant.

“Where is there such a person …… Qu Fourth Miss is not mistaken.” Xiao was flustered and subconsciously retorted.

“Xiao, why don’t you hurry up and come in, what’s the point of dawdling at the door?” Mrs. Ji said again nonchalantly, her gaze falling on Xiao’s body with some anger, and her voice unconsciously enlarged.

“Mother, I ……” Mrs. Shaw was aggrieved.

“You what you, in front of the Crown Princess, you still don’t make a proper offering, can’t anything wait until after the offering!” Mrs. Ji snapped.

Although these words were addressed to Xiao, the person whose eyes flicked to was Qu Mo Ying.

Qu Mo Ying is very stable, as if she does not know that Mrs. Ji is insinuating her, still standing greatly, others look over and only see Mrs. Ji reprimanding the second Mrs. Xiao, but do not know that Mrs. Ji is insinuating Qu Mo Ying.

Ling Anbo House of the Dowager Empress for the second house of this lady, especially dissatisfied, in front of the face of the crowd can be cursed out, is not the second house of the wife of what things to provoke the Dowager Empress, even a moment can not wait, in front of the face of the crowd on the fury.

And it’s still a repeated rebuke.

It was now the time when the Crown Princess was being worshipped, could it be that this lady of the second house was disrespectful to the Crown Princess?

Standing outside the temple onlookers one by one curious murmur, all feel that this reason is a bit reasonable, otherwise like Ling Anbo dowager such status of people, how could in front of so many people, did not give this second house wife face it?

Xiao’s face turned red, but she didn’t dare to say anything else and followed behind Mrs. Ji -in.

Qu Mo Ying looked at the crowd behind him and helped Mrs. Qu follow him in.

After Mrs. Ji and Mrs. Qu paid their respects, Qu Mo Ying took three sticks of clear incense from Yu Dong’s hands, walked to the spirit tablet that was enshrined in the middle of it, and looked at the words Prince Consort on it, and only felt a strong sense of mockery.

Two steps forward, respectfully knelt down on the futon, kowtowed three times, eyes slightly closed, one day, she will let Ji Hanyue leave the “Crown Princess” position, Ji Hanyue is Ji Hanyue, even if it is dead, it is also the second Miss Ji, and Pei Luoan has no relationship.

It doesn’t matter in this life, it will never matter in the future!

She JiHanYue, even if she dies, she wants to be clean and clear, but also with PeiLuoAn two separated clearly.

All hatred can be washed away with blood, and all ties, too, can be severed with a sharp dagger, in the afterlife, for all eternity.

Right now she has risen from a sea of hell and blood ……

He respectfully kowtowed three times to the spirit seat above, then rose with a calm face and inserted the incense in his hand into the incense burner.

“Cousin, come sit here.” Seeing that she had already finished her worship, Ji You Ran softly beckoned to her in a cordial manner, as if she didn’t know that just now, at the entrance of the temple, her own mother had an argument with Qu Mo Ying.

This made Xiao angry and hateful, but she didn’t dare to really spoil things for her daughter.

Qu Mo Ying walked over and gave a deep salute to Ji You Ran, “Lady Side Consort.”

“Cousin Qu is so polite for what, the party is really sorry, originally wanted to talk to Cousin Qu in a hurry, so I asked the Taoist nuns in the view to bring you here, I didn’t think that Qing Yun Guan master didn’t want to see you, but it made Cousin Qu to take a trip for nothing.” With apologies, Ji Youran explained what happened before.

“There’s no harm in it, the Lord of Qing Yun Guan is a divine immortal, originally, it’s not something that anyone can meet just because they want to.” Qu Mo Ying contained a smile and softly said.

“This matter is actually my fault, I apologize to Cousin Qu here!” Ji You Ran still had an apologetic face.

“Lady Side Consort is overstating things.” Qu Mo Ying’s smile was calm, as always.

The two of them seem to be getting along well, the side of the quarter of the wife’s face, but has always been gloomy, Mrs. Duan is okay, sitting there with her head down, not saying anything, just as if she did not exist, Xiao is not able to be when they do not exist, every now and then looked at her daughter, and then look at Qu Mo Ying a glance, which in the eyes are all the hints.

Mrs. Qu’s expression looked uneasy and peaceful, but when it fell on Ji You Ran’s face, it also carried a few points of wariness.

Any way you look at it, the setting doesn’t look like a place where you can talk properly.

“Cousin Qu, can you accompany me for a walk?” Ji You Ran stood up, she also didn’t want to talk about things here, this place wasn’t really a place to talk about things properly.

“This ……” Qu Mo Ying did not dare to make a decision and looked at Mrs. Qu.

Mrs. Qu coughed lowly, reached out to touch her chest, and opened her mouth, “Lady Side Consort, I’m really sorry, I’m not feeling well today, and I may still want to have Shadow Maiden follow me around.”

Mrs. Qu really didn’t feel comfortable letting Qu Mo Ying be alone with this Lady Side Consort.

“Mrs. Qu, just for a moment, I want to ask cousin Qu about some things about the Crown Princess, you rest here first, I’ll have someone serve you carefully, in a moment, cousin Qu and I will be back.” Ji You Ran said with a smile.

When this was said and the Crown Princess was mentioned, Mrs. Qu couldn’t stop it and raised her eyes to look at Qu Mo Ying, genuinely a little worried.

“Grandmother, don’t worry, just take a walk to the side, I’ll be back soon, wait for me here.” Qu Mo Ying pacified Mrs. Qu, saying.

Seeing her say so, Mrs. Qu still couldn’t rest assured, reaching out and pointing at Grandma Wu, she was about to let Grandma Wu follow Qu Mo Ying, but was interrupted by Ji You Ran’s, “Mrs. Qu, don’t worry, just walk on the side, it won’t be too far.”

The less assured Mrs. Qu is, the more assured she is that she doesn’t want the grannies around Mrs. Qu to follow, and the more no one reminds Qu Mo Ying of this kind of thing, the better.

Mrs. Qu wanted to stop also can not stop, can only worry about watching Qu Mo Ying followed Ji You Ran left, this side of the season is too much enthusiasm, and Mrs. Qu retreated to one side of the side of the temple to talk, Mrs. Duan and Xiao left behind the main hall to take care of.

Since it was the Crown Princess’s ritual, she couldn’t just leave some subordinates in, Ji You Ran was planning to not leave for a moment in order to show her sincerity.

Qu Mo Ying followed behind Ji You Ran, the two people each brought a maiden, Qu Mo Ying looked at the maiden behind Ji You Ran, it was not seen before, it should be newly promoted.

The two of them did not come to the front of the onlookers, turned from the side, to a trail, before and after there are not many people, looking very quiet and elegant.

“Cousin Qu, today is the Crown Princess’s ritual, can I trouble Cousin Qu with one thing.” Ji You Ran stopped her steps and waited for Qu Mo Ying to come forward with a big smile and an extremely gentle attitude.

“What is it?” Qu Mo Ying looked across at Ji You Ran, waiting quietly for what she had to say.

Since she avoided Mrs. Qu and was bent on telling herself things, it looked like it was an important matter, but she didn’t know what important things Ji You Ran had to say to herself alone.

The eyes under the veil of the eyes a cold, with a few points of austere coldness, she would like to hear Ji Youran and want to scrape what demon wind.

“Cousin Qu, my mother is a bit greedy for small advantages, it may have something to do with the reason why she grew up since she was young and hasn’t seen much money.” Ji You Ran a look of dedication, first from Xiao’s body, brought the topic in, “This is also her and Mrs. Duan two, the most important reason for the relationship is not good, after all, the eye is a little small, but the son does not dislike the mother ugly, even so, I can only be careful to exhort, I hope that she can get along with Mrs. Duan two good.

“It’s just that my mother here, I’ll go and say okay, I’m afraid that Mrs. Duan’s side will have to let cousin Qu do a favor, every family has a difficult scripture to read, and so does the Ling’anbo House, and the Crown Princess, if she’s still alive, is bound to be unwilling to see such a thing.” Ji You Ran said while sighing again, extremely helpless.

“Your Lady Side Consort wants me to persuade Lady Duan to make up with Lady Xiao?” Qu Mo Ying’s eyes contained hidden mockery, Ji You Ran could really speak well, by saying this, all the things were pushed onto Xiao’s body and had nothing to do with her, the East Palace Side Consort.

“Naturally so, family harmony is the prosperity of all generations, I also hope that cousin Qu, for the sake of the Crown Princess, will also help me.” Ji You Ran sidestepped to bow to Qu Mo Ying.

Qu Mo Ying hurriedly avoided to the side, according to her status, she couldn’t afford to receive this gift.

“Lady Side Consort is polite, I’m afraid that Mrs. Duan doesn’t necessarily listen to me either.” Qu Mo Ying raised his eyes and said with a faint expression, then quietly waited for Ji You Ran’s next words.

It wasn’t himself who was in a hurry at such a time, it was Ji You Ran.

Can in the aftermath of so many things, can still lightly touch depicted things attributed to Xiao, said she is innocent, Ji Youyan really is as sinister as ever, of course, Qu Mo Ying will not feel that this is Ji Youyan’s ultimate purpose, if only this matter, to Ji Youyan’s nature, will certainly not say to himself.

So, it was just a transition in her words, but she actually had another agenda!

“Although Mrs. Duan is now the eldest uncle’s flat wife, but after all, in the past, it was the Yue’s old servant, Cousin Qu is the master of the Yue’s, Mrs. Duan, even if she doesn’t look at the face of the monks, she also has to look at the face of the Buddha, besides, if the two houses are on good terms, it’s good for everyone, and I’ll be sure to persuade my mother in the future, so that she will no longer have any more grievances with Mrs. Duan.” Ji You Ran said more and more earnestly, gently sighed, quite a lot of helplessness between her looks.

Being a daughter and talking about her mother’s faults, and in front of outsiders at that, is indeed not proper either.

However, the other way around, this is also an indication that Ji You Ran treats Qu Mo Ying as one of her own people, only in front of her own people would she say something so personal, this kind of thing would be humiliating for Ji You Ran as well.

Qu Mo Ying heart coldly laughed, Ji You Ran can really pull people’s hearts, if not soberly know Ji You Ran’s true face, maybe will really be touched by this sincere, intimate words of hers!

Pity! She’s not just a mere Quemoy Ying!

When Ji You Ran finished speaking, Qu Mo Ying’s expression looked a bit hesitant for a good half a second before she nodded her head under Ji You Ran’s gentle and expectant gaze, “Lady Side Concubine, I’ll go and try it out, but it won’t necessarily work out!”

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if it really doesn’t work, at least I let Mrs. Duan know my goodwill.” Ji Youran’s eyes flashed a hint of triumph, Qu Mo Ying’s experience is there, just after so many things, just met so many people, even if she was born smart, so what, right now her reaction like this is the real reaction.

If not for this reaction, she would have suspected Qu Mo Ying, and now she can say the second thing ……