Chapter 807 - 807 Chapter 807, the mysterious organization (12) that had finally appeared

807 Chapter 807, the mysterious organization (12) that had finally appeared

Doctor Hua also knew his disciple’s character. Since GU Qingchen had already made up her mind, she definitely wouldn’t change her mind.

Since that was the case, he could only let Gu Qingchen do as she pleased.

“Girl, if you’ve already thought it through, then from tomorrow onwards, you can participate in the experiment with me.”

Gu qingchen nodded, “Okay.”

The next day, Gu Qingchen woke up from the room she came from and went to the laboratory. Doctor Hua wanted to arrange a room for Gu Qingchen, but Gu Qingchen refused.

Compared to the room for the researchers, she felt more comfortable here.

Gu Qingchen thought a lot that night. The first thing she had to do was to delay the progress of the experiment.

If the progress of the experiment was slow, the mysterious organization would send someone over to ask about the situation. At that time, she could follow the clues and read the useful information from the brains of the people from the mysterious organization.

She had already read a lot from the brains of the people in the laboratory. Unfortunately, there were not many that were really useful. Therefore, she still had to wait for the people from the mysterious organization to come over.

And the best way to get the people from the mysterious organization to come was to talk about the experiment.

So, Gu Qingchen was prepared to start from this aspect.

Of course, the interesting thing was that Gu Qingchen originally thought that Lily would come out after she was caught here. But Lily had never come out.

If that was the case, then there was only one possibility.

Rong Yu was keeping a close eye on Lily, so Lily did not dare to take the risk to come over because she did not have the time.

This was even better. It would give Gu Qingchen a chance to catch her breath and prevent Lily from causing any trouble. Rong Yu and her cooperation could be considered to be very tacit.

Gu Qingchen passed through the temporary dormitory of the experimenter and came to the laboratory. Then, under the naked envious and jealous eyes of the low-end researchers, she swaggered to the top laboratory area.

As soon as she entered, Gu Qingchen saw that her master, Doctor Hua, was already there. Seeing Gu Qingchen come over, these researchers were just like yesterday. No one paid attention to Gu Qingchen, they were all focused on the work in their hands.

Only Doctor Hua nodded at gu qingchen and said, “Girl, you’re here.”

Gu Qingchen nodded and walked to doctor Hua’s side, “Master, since you let me participate in the experiment, can you let me be in charge of this experiment?”

Doctor Hua frowned slightly. He thought that Gu Qingchen only wanted to participate in the experiment, but now it seemed that this girl wanted to be in charge of this experiment.

“Girl, I’m afraid this is a little difficult. You know, although I’m managing the laboratory on the surface, in reality, my decision-making power is not that broad.”

“I understand, master. I have my own ideas. As long as you’re the person in charge on the surface, it’s fine. Leave the rest to me.”

Gu Qingchen looked at doctor hua with a determined gaze. Doctor Hua did not know what Gu Qingchen wanted to do, so he could only trust his disciple. He nodded and said to the researchers who were doing scientific research, “Everyone, stop what you are doing. I have something to announce.”

As soon as Doctor Hua finished speaking, the researchers put down their work and looked at Doctor Hua and Gu Qingchen.

When they saw Gu Qingchen, they were also a little confused.

Obviously, even though Gu Qingchen had come here once yesterday, they didn’t have any impression of her.

“Doctor Hua, what can I do for You?”

A researcher asked.

Doctor Hua introduced Gu Qingchen. They didn’t dislike Gu Qingchen, unlike the people in the low-end laboratory who didn’t like outsiders to come in. They believed in Doctor Hua’s ability. Therefore, when they found out that Gu Qingchen was doctor Hua’s disciple, they did not underestimate Gu Qingchen.

Age was never a criterion to judge a person.

There were many geniuses among them. They were already very outstanding when they were very young.

“From today onwards, Gu Qingchen will work here with you. “There is one more thing I want to clarify. From now on, all the progress of this laboratory will be arranged by my disciple, Gu Qingchen.”

Once these words were said, the researchers finally had some reaction. However, the reaction was not intense. They only raised their own questions.

“Doctor Hua, we have no objections to your decision. However, we have studied this experiment for such a long time. Your disciple has just arrived here. I’m afraid she doesn’t know much about the experiment and may delay the progress of the experiment.”

This kind of worry was very normal.

Doctor Hua Glanced at Gu Qingchen. He had already said what he wanted to say. Gu Qingchen would have to rely on herself from now on.

Gu Qingchen nodded at Doctor Hua, then looked at the researchers and said, “I know that everyone will be worried and have doubts. Perhaps no one knows more about this experiment than I do.”

The researchers were slightly stunned. They did not understand what Gu Qingchen meant. Gu Qingchen looked at everyone with a smile and then slowly said, “The reason is very simple. I have participated in such an experiment before.”

“Hehe, if you say so, then all of us have participated in this experiment. This is nothing.”

The experimenters thought that Gu Qingchen would say something, but in the end, she had only participated in the experiment.

Gu Qingchen shook her head and said, “What I mean is, I have accepted this experiment and succeeded.”

What… What?

She had accepted this experiment?

How could this be possible!

They did not remember doing this experiment for Gu Qingchen. After all, everyone who accepted this experiment had records.

“Doctor Gu, we have not done such an experiment on you.”

“Hehe, who said that only you guys can do such an experiment? Can’t there be other laboratories that can successfully develop this experiment?”

According to Gu Qingchen’s knowledge, Daniel Wilder’s laboratory had successfully developed an experiment on language nerve input.

Unfortunately, the researchers in front of her did not know much about the outside world. What they knew was related to the experiment, but they did not know anything else.

“Do you mean that there are other people who have developed an experiment on language nerve input?”At this stage, they had only developed this experiment, and the other experiments were still under study.

At first, they thought that they were the cream of the crop, but they did not expect that this was not worthy of their pride!

“That’s right.”Gu Qingchen nodded, once again striking down their pride.

“How is this possible! Wait a minute, you said that you successfully accepted this experiment, how do we know that you are not lying to us?”

Although these researchers did not come into contact with the outside world, none of them were fools. Of course, they had to ask clearly to avoid being deceived.