For example, the boy standing next to Xiao Xujia now...

His face was blushing, and he really wanted to find a hole to burrow into. He didn't expect that he had just said bad things about his mother in front of his son this morning and was arrested. No wonder Xiao Xujia didn't admit that he was a friend at all.

If this matter is changed to his own head, let alone a friend, I am afraid that even his classmates will not have to do it!

Figured this out, the boy was ashamed!

When the first person to sign at the school gate, there will be the second and the third. Obviously, he just went to pick up his son, but it turned out to be a signing meeting.

This gave Gu Ruyun a real headache. After Gu Ruyun drove home and brought his son home, Gu Ruyun could only rub his temples with a headache.

Although there were some small episodes today, Xiao Xujia was still very happy that Gu Ruyun came to pick him up.

For a whole week, the little guy was in a good mood, and the slight curvature of the corner of his mouth suddenly made many little girls in the school feel radiant...

A month and a half later, the college entrance examination came on time.

Xiao Xujia stepped into his own battlefield with all the candidates.

When the college entrance examination rankings were released, Xiao Xujia directly got the first place in the national science volume. According to Xiao Xujia's good results, Xiao Xujia should go to the first institution or study abroad. However, Xiao Xujia went directly to the National Defense University. Family tradition, became a soldier...

That is, in the year that Xiao Xujia entered the National Defense University, Xu Rantong and Song Yanghua, who were originally held in prison, were released.

Logically speaking, the two of them shouldn't have been released so soon, but the Song family kept finding a lawyer for Song Yanghua, and Song Yanghua's performance in prison was very good, so he was sentenced to a few years' commutation.

And Xu Rantong...

It was released because of a severe heart attack.

According to the doctor's diagnosis, Xu Rantong's congenital heart disease is relatively serious, and it will not last for a few years, at most three to five years. After Xu Rantong went to prison, everyone thought that Xu Rantong would not last long, and it was very likely that he would be in prison due to a heart attack within a year or two.

But what everyone never expected was that Xu Rantong's heart still persisted for nearly 20 years.

Even in prison, where he was often oppressed by other prisoners, Xu Rantong still managed to survive...

But this time...

Finally it doesn't work anymore.

Because Xu Rantong was restless and weak when she was in prison, she liked to do things to sow discord. When she was discovered this time, she was beaten directly.

Xu Rantong, who was beaten directly, had a heart attack and almost couldn't hold on to it.

The prison guard sent the person to the hospital. The doctor said that the other person could no longer stay in prison, so after thinking about it, he released Xu Rantong in advance, and changed it to probation in the following years.

Logically speaking, this should be a good thing. If someone can let him out, he can live no matter what.

However, there was an accident. Just as Xu Rantong's condition gradually stabilized, and she was transferred from the intensive ICU to the general ward, when she stayed in the same room with other ordinary heart patients and watched TV, she saw a hundred-year-old man on the TV. There are still news about Gu Ruyun all the time in the advertisement of the medicine.

From the FH virus more than ten years ago, to the Nobel Prize, to today's Centenarian Medicine and the Nobel Prize, the whole world is praising Gu Ruyun...

Xu Rantong was stimulated by the news to have a heart attack, and she went crazy after waking up...

Since then...

There is a crazy woman named Xu Rantong in the madhouse.

After this week, Gu Ruyun, who was accidentally informed of the news, just nodded and left the matter behind. She is no longer affected by the original owner at all. She now has more important people waiting for her to guard.

"Ruyun, what are you doing? Come here quickly! Today is Mom's 80th birthday, we have to take a family photo together!" The man's voice contained joy.