Chapter 451 Nissei Part 1

451 Nissei Part 1

It was late when we finally arrived at the spirit domain. Everyone got off the carriage to take a break. The sky was clear, and many stars could be seen overhead. This took me back to the previous timeline when Adel had stopped here to let me take a look. It was where I meant Bell for the first time, and she became my partner.

"It's quite peaceful here," I said with a relaxed sigh. I walked over to a large squishy patch of grass and sat down. Sophie and Adel sat next to me, and each decided to take one of my thighs as their own as they laid down. I smiled and ran my hand through their hair. I was happy. I truly was. Things moved along much quicker than before with my relationship with Adel, but I was fine with this.

"Miss Cyrilia, we will go and catch some prey for dinner." One of the knights came over to me and said. The knights that Adel brought with her were all very respectful toward me. I am not sure if this was the king's doing or Adel's, but I was happy they did not seem to be wary of me.

"You do not need to do that." Atolie walked over. She already had hot plates of food in her hand. "I took the liberty to make some food just now."

"Atolie, you are as quick as always." She truly was fast in her work. No matter what job it was, she would have it done in an instant. "How's Grace doing?"

"She is fine. I went to check on her now, and she is enjoying her time with her family. But she keeps asking me to make sure Master is taken care of. She said she would find a way to kill me if there was even a single hair missing from your head. So I would prepare yourself to have your hair counted." Atolie replied without much emotion on her face.

I could only sigh and shake my head. Grace was as over the top as always. "Just ignore her. I am sure if I gave her a kiss, she would faint and forget about everything."

"I am not so sure, but I do know she is very much worried about you," Atolie had a faint smile on her lips as she spoke.

"As long as she is having a good time with her parents, that is all that matters." I handed the two girls who did not seem to want to move their dinner before taking my own dinner from Atolie. No one was left out, even the knights for good from Atolie, whom they all praised to the heavens. I could understand their praise since Atolie's food was very good.

"We will go up the mountain tomorrow. So tonight, we will all rest. No need to try to climb the mountain in the dark even if the spirits will light the path." With all our extra stops, we missed arriving here by half a day, which was why it was already dark.

We had stopped off in a few towns on the way just to take in the diverse culture this kingdom had. One of them was mainly only cat kin. There were humans and other races, too, but the main population was cat kin. From what I was told by a local, the town of Cat Winds was originally a cat tribe that kept growing bigger and bigger until they had a small town going. As other people settled down, the town grew and grew until it reached the size of a large town with tens of thousands of people living there.

What got me most about that town was the construction. Everything had cat ears on it. This included the buildings that had cat ears with windows. To be honest, I found it quite cute.

After a good meal, both girls fell asleep on my lap. I could only use magic to lift them up and bring them back to the carriage. While the outskirts of the spirit domain were safe, it was still better to be more safe than sorry.

I undressed the two and put them in bed before undressing myself. I slipped under the covers and took my place in the middle, and not even a few seconds later, they rolled over and clung onto me.

It was early the next morning when we woke that we finally set out. After a light breakfast, we began our march up the hill. Bell came out and sat on my head, showing off her dominance. Adel tried her best to speak to the other spirits, but they kept ignoring her, which made me feel slightly bad. We got halfway up the mountain when I saw a blue spirit that had been following us for quite some time poking its head out here and there.

I stopped and turned around and waved my finger at it so that it would come over. It looked at Bell with a bit of fear before slowly flying over to stand in front of me. "Do you want to come with us?"

The blue spirit nodded its head. I smiled and pointed at Adel, "Can you sign a contract with her?"

This time, my question was not answered right away. It looked at Adel with a bit of hesitation. I smiled and pulled Adel to the front of me, and hugged her from behind. "Adel is my wife, and I need someone who can protect her. Can you do that?"

I could see Adel's cheeks turning bright red. But I also saw the hopeful look in her eyes. The blue spirit still seemed to hesitate for a second, but finally, it nodded its head and flew over to Adel. It raised its little hand and tapped Adel's head, creating a blue water droplet between her brow.

"Contract is done." I smiled and poked the little blue spirit. This seemed to anger Bell because she began pulling on my hair.

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