When Jiang Fangping was stunned, Li Jianshe came over.

"Are you better? Just now Ann and Jiaojiao called to ask about you! I didn't ask you to answer the phone when I saw you asleep!"

"An an... Jiao Jiao..." Jiang Fangping shouted out these two names.

"Yes, is it still headache? I'll rub it for you again!" Li Jianshe reached out and pressed Jiang Fangping's head.

The next second, Jiang Fangping hugged him directly.

He murmured, "great, I'm back, great..."

Li Jianshe smiled and asked, "is our family so good? Don't you want to stay longer with your son and daughter-in-law?"

Jiang Fangping didn't speak, but just hugged him tightly, as if she was afraid of him running away.

Old husband and wife, Li Jianshe is quite embarrassed.

Of course, it's also very sweet, that's it!

While Li Jianshe was cooking dinner for herself, Jiang Fangping picked up her mobile phone and dialed the familiar phone.

This time, after two beeps, the phone was connected.

"Xiangyun? I heard from Jianshe that you were drunk. How are you?"

Jiang Fangping: "Xiangyun, listen to me, there is a very important thing!"

"Well, you say, I listen!"

"I had a dream! That dream is very clear, just like real life, real existence!" Jiang Fangping began to talk about her dream.

Zhao Xiangyun listened patiently.

"The world I dreamed of is the same as this world, with construction and protection, but without you!"

Hearing this, Zhao Xiangyun's hand trembled.

"You're dead!" Jiang Fangping said.

"I mean, in that world, you died a long time ago!" Jiang Fangping explained.

Zhao Xiangyun: "then?"

Jiang Fangping didn't recognize the anxiety in Zhao Xiangyun's words. She said slowly, "I married Zhou Li. I'm in my 40s and have no children! I was despised by Zhou Li and bullied by him! He also had someone else outside. I called Wei Min, who calmly said that you were dead."

Hearing this, Zhao Xiangyun's heart ached.

"This dream is a little long, because it has happened for several years!"

Zhao Xiangyun: "speak slowly, and I'll listen patiently."

"I told Wei Min the story between you! I didn't expect that he really believed it and asked Cheng An to pay to help me deal with the scum Man Zhou Li! Xiang Yun, after my divorce from Zhou Li, I boldly went after the construction. You don't know how hateful he was at the beginning! He's always afraid that I'll cheat his money and his house! Am I such a shallow person? Am I obviously cheating on sex?"

Hearing this, Zhao Xiangyun laughed.

Just like Jiang Weimin in that world, he would laugh and be moved from time to time when he heard the story between her and him!

"Did you succeed in cheating?" Zhao Xiangyun asked.

"Of course, he succeeded! First let him adapt to the days when I'm around him every day, and then suddenly pack up my little baggage and leave! We're a destined couple, and you say he's not ready!"

Zhao Xiangyun: "nice!"

"No, I also went home, met my grandma and met my parents. It turned out that they had been regretting that they let me marry Zhou Li. After hearing that I kicked Zhou Li, they were very happy! However, they were also receptive. I took Jianshe home, and they soon recognized him as the son-in-law of the Jiang family, that is, my husband!"

Zhao Xiangyun: "grandma has always been very open-minded. I hope you are happy and happy!"

"Yes, she always wants to give me the best. Maybe I didn't meet you or a group of like-minded friends at that time, so I took Zhou Li as the only one in my life! Fortunately, my dream turned me around." Jiang Fangping said triumphantly.

Zhao Xiangyun wanted to tell her that it was not a dream, but a reality!

According to the development of things, if she is not reborn, everyone's fate will be like that!

But God seems to have given Jiang Fangping a chance to see clearly the last life.

"Fangping, can I ask you a question?"

"You say!"

"The world you see, my mother, my father, they..."

"Xiang Yun, I'm sorry, I came back late in my dream. Aunt May and uncle Zhao, both of them have... Died! Your eldest brother and second brother have been in your hometown all the time, and they haven't been doing well! As for your third brother, I haven't seen him, and I don't know how he is. However, it seems that because your father is ill, your eldest brother and second brother won't send him to treatment, and they have broken contact with them since then!

Xiang Yun, if that dream is true, I think your appearance has changed the fate of many people! Like Danielle's. When I went there, Danielle was very old and had been delayed all her life. Although in the end, Wei Min made DNA, life, the most precious, is only ten years. If it is delayed, it will never come back! Maybe they should all thank you! "

Zhao Xiangyun: "maybe I should thank them?"

"Why do you say that?"

"Fangping, people achieve each other. I bring some changes to others. They also bring me happiness and teach me more truth in life!"

"There seems to be nothing wrong with you saying that!"

"In fact... There is another sentence that Wei Min asked me to bring to you!" Jiang Fangping said.


"He said, if you are real, even if you change another time and space, he will fall in love with you! He let you take his happiness and live a good life. He... Loves you!"

In the end, Jiang Weimin of that world fell in love with a virtual person.

He was glad that he didn't make do with anyone because he met the right person.

If the world Jiang Fangping said really exists, at least he has been happy!

And, there is a person who will bring his happiness, double happiness!

When Zhao Xiangyun heard this, he had already burst into tears.

For Jiang Fangping, it doesn't matter what happened next to her dream.

What she knows is that in her life, the person she likes has been waiting for her to appear, even in another time and space!

When Zhao Xiangyun burst into tears, Jiang Weimin immediately put down everything and came to hold her.

"What's the matter? Why are you crying? What happened?" Jiang Weimin's face was full of heartache.

Zhao Xiangyun holds his hand tightly. In this life, if she holds it, she won't let go!

Jiang Weimin: "do you miss your daughter?"

Like Li Jianshe, Jiang Weimin also believes that the abnormality of his wife is due to the marriage of his children.

After sniffing, Zhao Xiangyun shook his head, "no!"

"What is that?" Jiang Weimin had a smile on his face.

"Fang Ping said, I had a dream that you were alone, unmarried and childless."

Jiang Weimin: "I know!"


"That must not have met you!"

Because it's not you, everyone will make do with it.

And he is not a person willing to make do with it.

Even lonely life!

Zhao Xiangyun suddenly let go. How lucky she is. She has lived two lives and took a fancy to him at a glance!

"Brother Wei Min, let's leave everything alone. Go out for a walk and have a look. Do you agree?"

Jiang Weimin: "of course!"

This time, Zhao Xiangyun and Jiang Weimin are going to have a walk away trip!

As for those unmarried sons, when she has had enough, let them know why the flowers are so red!

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