Chapter 749 The Village Population Has Suddenly Grow Much Larger

Chapter 749 The Village Population Has Suddenly Grow Much Larger


After freeing the demons from their frozen prisons, we swiftly brought them inside the castle, where we allowed them to change clothes, warm up, and eat their first meal in a long time. It was nice to see them smile and sigh in relief as they filled their bellies, after being god knows how many damn years frozen solid in there.

It is already a miracle they were still alive, and Brunhild's Divine Flames were the miracle itself too, if she hadn't evolved into a Divine Fire Dragon, that also became the vessel of the Ancient Fire Dragon Progenitor that had died long ago, we wouldn't had been able to unfreeze these people, and honestly... I wasn't sure if we could had done it even when after defeating the Frost Queen if everything goes well.

Hermes and his two retainers, which seemed to be his close friends and even family, seemed to enjoy the feast, the stew with delicious glacial wolf meat and frost snake meat was ideal, we had a huge haul of meat now after the frost monsters invaded us, thousands of their corpses will feed my people for months if not over a year or more.

We're also already turning their fur into clothes to bear with the cold much better, as they possess Ice and Cold Resistant properties, and by wearing a coat and some boots made with these monsters' materials, people can walk around the snow and even below the snowing sky without feeling much cold.

"These clothes are amazingly made; your artisans are incredibly talented." Hermes said, wearing a set of white and gray clothes made out of glacial wolf fur, frost snake scales, and leather from other frost monsters, such as giant polar bears. "My body is finally warming up... Hahh... It didn't used to be this cold before, the Frost Queen seems to have shaped the south of the continent using her magic."

"We once visited another small Country around here, mostly made up of humans and beast-kin, they were all used to the cold in there." Lucifer said. "Just how long as she been manipulating the weather?"

"I would assume... I've been counting it since I was sealed, but I think we've been sealed for at least three hundred years, or maybe a bit longer." Hermes thought.

"Huh?! Y-You've been counting the years?!" Asked Partner. "What the heck..."

"I didn't had anything else to do..." Hermes sighed.

"My lord is the smartest demon in the entire world after all." Gustaf proudly said.

"It doesn't seem so far off from how he is!" Cecilia said proudly.

"You two are praising me too much." Hermes sighed, feeling embarrassed. "Anyways, Maria, after getting updated about everything... Is there something we could help you with? I have long ago stopped being a King myself, but I still consider myself, even if flawed, the leader of these people. I'm willing to join your people to prosper together."

"Well, you people seem certainly alright." I had analyzed them already. "All of them seem to have high level Magic Skills too, and your levels are decent as well, the average demon of your group is at least within the range of a Rank C- Monster, pretty self-sustainable."

"Of course! We Demons are naturally born with great talents with magic and skills." Gustaf said. "Unlike the weakling humans... We can grow stronger much quickly." He glared at Jonathan, who was peacefully eating stew with a piece of freshly baked bread and a cup of wine.

"Gustaf that man is the Hero of Sunlight, he was able to fight S Rank Monsters." Hermes sighed.

"E-Eh?" Gustaf felt surprised. "This wimp?!"

"Hm?" Jonathan felt confused.

"Anyways! I think we could divide your people based in their talents and utility." I said. "I know that sounds rough, but in my town, everyone works in something and adds their talents to help us prosper. You should divide and make groups of those that excel at crafting, alchemy, cooking, construction, and sewing, and then the rest should go to hunting."

"A good idea." Hermes nodded. "I am well versed in alchemy as my grandmother taught it to me before passing away, I am also still developing my study over the Death Branch of Magic, and Poison as well. Gustaf and Cecilia here are both good at cooking, as they used to cook most of our meals, and also fighting. Then there's..."

Hermes started naming everybody on his tribe, he knew every single person's name and specialty down to the very last detail. It was easy to quickly decide what to do with them, there was a little bit of everything, and my people's very open minded, as long as they cooperate and aren't grumpy, the demons will be able to easily live together with us.

"I don't really like hierarchical systems to be honest, everyone here call me their queen, but I only take it as a compliment." I sighed. "At most, I am their chief or leader, I guide them, but don't necessarily give them orders, nor I govern over their freedom. So, I don't think I'll be able to let you become a King or something."

"Oh, there's no problem at all with that, the Demon King Title is merely that, a simple title." Said Hermes. "I do not really mind not being one either, as long as my people can prosper, I'll be happy with that."

"I guess we've got the same mindset then!" I nodded, as I shook his hand. "I don't want you guys to fight for now, so just concentrate in helping out the city. The Frost Queen will be our problem for now."

"Are you sure?" Hermes sighed. "I know we cannot even compare to beings in the realm of S Ranks but..."

"You just woke up from a hundreds of years slumber, you guys just need to calm down and slowly begin living again, while slowly adapting to things." Lucifer said. "Leave the rest to us."

"Thank you, Lord Lucifer." Hermes bowed his head. "My people and I will make sure to become useful to you and repay your kindness."