Luo Yan, who was in Taichu Academy, looking at the empty battlefield in the distance, suddenly stood up at this moment.

Her face was full of disbelief.

"Xuan Qing!"

The next moment, Luo Yan appeared in front of the small courtyard, but soon she found that the courtyard was empty.

"Who the hell are you!?"

Luo Yan looked at the small courtyard as if he was lost in thought.

The eight disciples, in the bodies of young men, plunged into the void.

The twelve supreme masters of ten or more, thought it would be a decisive victory, but the sudden appearance of eight disciples shocked the hearts of all the contenders.

"This world is like weeds, we can't cut them all!"

"How is it possible that a creature from the earthly world can actually compete with the Supreme Thousand Emperors!?"


I thought I was sure of victory, but now, things have changed again and again.

The variables were so huge that these contenders couldn't believe it.

How could there be such creatures in this earthly world?

If it were the earthly world they once lived in, it would have been destroyed eight hundred times. This earthly world looked like a candle that would be blown out at any time, but it always stood and could not truly perish.


Emperor Wu Zhao, Luo Bishi and other eight disciples rushed into the void.

The waves of the war once again swept through the entire void.

The Emperor of Heaven and the Emperor of Industry joined forces and were also fighting against the Supreme Lord Jingtian, two against one, but the Supreme Lord Jingtian seemed calm.

In the void, the great emperor withered, and those who fought for the crossing fell.

Detached from the realm, it seemed that he was at the bottom of this battle.

There are only endless battles, killing intent, magical powers, spells, and weapons crisscrossing this dark void.

The contenders fell, and the old friends of the Immortal City once again shed their blood in the void.

In the palace of flesh and blood, coffins are growing again, which seems to mean that those fallen supreme beings will make a comeback in a period of time.

"If the palace is not destroyed, the catastrophe will never end."

Qin Hao stood on the corpse of the contender and looked towards the palace from a distance.

He headed towards the palace and tried to destroy it.

However, the other contenders naturally understood this move, and immediately there were those who tried to block it.


Qin Hao was knocked back again, and he could not get close to the palace.

Once it gets close, all the contenders will stop it with all their might.

On Chengtou Mountain of Immortal City, Jun Wushuang frowned. Beside her, Qin Qinglan's mouth was bleeding and recovering.

"Has he not come out of seclusion yet?"

Jun Wushuang looked at Qin Qinglan and asked.

Qin Qinglan was startled, she seemed to know who Jun Wushuang was asking about.

"He is still comprehending the last level, he should be close."

Qin Qinglan looked back. She looked in the direction of the Six Realms Pearl, and there was a hint of waiting in her eyes.

This war has once again turned into a war of attrition with constant destruction.

Hundreds of years, thousands of years, ten thousand years...

The war lasted for tens of thousands of years, and the ancient plains were completely reduced to nothingness. Except for the Immortal City of Immortality, Taichu Tian, ​​and Tiancheng Yeguan, there was no place to stand.

In the palace of flesh and blood, there are many coffins and coffins.

In front of the immortal city of Immortality, old friends withered again.

The corpses and emperor's blood all over the sky even mutated, and some strange creatures were born from them.

At this moment, a breath suddenly died out.

All the great emperors of Shiguyuan looked at them with shocked and angry expressions on their faces.

"Ye Emperor!"

Some people were distraught and saw that at the end of nothingness, the Emperor of Industry withered. This time, she completely fell.

She burned everything she had and swung out the final blow, but it was blocked by Jingtian Ji Zun, leaving an immortal trace of cause and effect on his palm.

Jing Tian Ji Zun looked at the Emperor of Heaven. The Emperor of Industry had already died, so it was only a matter of time before the Emperor of Heaven fell.

When the two great emperors disappear, other emperor-level creatures will be like chickens and dogs in front of him.

Emperor Wu Zhao and the other eight people were also scarred in the void. They were still in the realm of the Great Emperor. Even with the teacher's teachings and the mysterious creation, they had already fought to the extreme.

"Teacher, aren't you planning to take action yet?"

Emperor Wu Zhao looked back, and she knew that if the teacher took action, these Supreme Masters would be absolutely vulnerable.

In the palace of flesh and blood, Youji's coffin slowly opened, and the third round of rebirth began, Youjizun returned to his heyday again.


The power of struggle and the power of the emperor are constantly intertwined.

There was another desperate struggle for nearly a thousand years, until, with another severance of Qi, the last Supreme Emperor in the Ancient Plains also died.

The Emperor's body was broken, and she had fought to the last moment.

The Jingtian Ji Zun was also severely injured. In order to kill the Emperor of Heaven, he also paid a huge price.

The scales tipped again.


At this moment, the ancestral land outside the territory had been silent for a long time.

A figure walked out. It was the young True Ancestor from the ancestral land outside the territory. At the moment when the two extreme emperors fell, he stepped out.

Across the endless void, he appeared in front of Jing Tian Ji Zun, and in his palm, a bunch of primitive ancestral weapons emerged.


All the primitive ancestral tools were broken, and countless stone tools turned into fragments. At this moment, the ancestral tools seemed to be burning and burning.

The young True Ancestor slowly reached out his hand from the burning primitive ancestral weapon and held a stone knife. This stone knife was not made of any material, but the power contained in it seemed to be the best of creation. .

"The power of creation!?"

Jing Tian Ji Zun's pupils were condensed and he suddenly wanted to retreat.

At this moment, the young True Ancestor's body was almost being eroded by the knife of creation in his hand.

From all the primitive ancestral weapons, he extracted a ray of power left by the ancient times. This sword can kill all supreme beings.

The young True Ancestor raised his eyes, he was in the void, slowly falling.

"Damn it!"

An extremely bright sword light disappeared in this void, and disappeared with it, Jingtian Ji Zun.

"When I return, this world will also be extinct!"

Jing Tian Ji Zun spoke out, with a hint of unwillingness to fall, but in the palace of flesh and blood, a golden coffin slowly rose.

He fell but was not extinct.

The young True Ancestor raised his eyes to look at the palace of flesh and blood, and he fought towards it, but in the end, he was still submerged in the supreme being.

He also fell, and using Gu's power also caused him to suffer irreversible damage.

Seeing that more and more supreme beings are coming out of the flesh and blood palace, even if there is a palace of immortality in the immortal world where they can be reborn, their speed cannot match that of the flesh and blood palace.

The aura of world destruction spreads once again.

Even those emperors who were still alive and fighting were affected.

Once the will is depressed, flaws will be left.

With only a hundred years left, there are less than twenty emperors left.

"If the palace is not destroyed, there will be no end to this battle."

Qin Hao held a spear in his hand. He stood in nothingness and looked at the palace of flesh and blood.

For more than a hundred thousand years, he had tried to attack for too long, but every time, he was blocked and unable to break through.

Suddenly, Qin Hao seemed to notice something, and he turned his head suddenly.

In the Immortal City of Immortality, an avenue slowly opened, and someone walked out of it.

The man, wearing a black robe, came slowly and looked up into the void.


He was speaking, making Qin Qinglan's body tremble as he fought bloody battles in nothingness.

The next moment, the man stepped across the Immortal City of Immortality, stepped into the void, and appeared in front of Qin Qinglan.

With just one hand, he blocked the attack of the Supreme Master in front of Qin Qinglan.

There was an indescribable aura about the man's body, as if he was standing here and everything around him was like an ant.

"Are you out of seclusion!?"

Qin Qinglan's eyes were hazy, and there was uncontrollable joy on her face.


The man nodded, glanced at the Five-Slough Master, and his palms trembled.


I saw that my body was pressed like a dragon by the aura of the Supreme Master. In an instant, the Supreme Master was destroyed by this man's hand.

"Go and rest, leave the rest to me!"

The man raised his eyes and looked at the palace of flesh and blood.

A long knife fell into the palm of his hand, the blade four fingers wide, gently cutting through the void.

One man and one sword are as invincible as the Tao.

"Chen Wudi!"

Qin Hao opened his mouth to shout, and his voice shook the void.

"Understood!" The man nodded, and he stood up and headed towards the palace of flesh and blood.

One person and one sword, like an invincible figure, killed the palace of flesh and blood.

The remaining emperors all stood up, seeming to understand something, and were clearing the way for the man.

There was Ji Zun who broke through the obstruction, but before he could get close to the man's body, he was pushed back by the terrifying killing intention.

In just a few breaths, the man appeared within a hundred miles of the palace of flesh and blood.

He looked at the palace in the distance and the ten Supreme Beings who stopped him.

The man's expression was indifferent, he moved the long knife lightly in his hand, and his lips and teeth moved together.

"The weather is turbulent, and my sun is prosperous!"

"I have a sword, which can be said to be invincible. It is said to be invincible forever. Now it cuts across the void and breaks through all struggles..."

"Bury the Heavenly Palace!"

The voice fell, and his body rose up. In the void, black robes lay horizontally.