Mu Kai remembered that he lured Cao Chengli to rape Mu Xiaoke before and almost got himself into trouble. Now that Mu Xiaoke and he are mortal enemies, how could it be so easy to kill him?

“You ask him out, and I’ll take care of the rest!”


“Don’t tell me it can’t be done! If you can’t do it, think about the consequences yourself!”

Wu Yi hung up the phone directly, If Mu Kai can’t do it, even the Mu family’s money won’t be available, what will the three of them eat and drink in the future?

Mu Kai looked at the phone, his forehead was full of sweat, even though it was the cold January, Mu Kai still felt his back was dripping with sweat. He didn’t know how to trick Mu Xiaoke out, let alone how to kill people without being caught.

The next day, Mu Kai chased Mu Xiangyang out, “Dad, have you seen Xiao Ke recently? I want to talk to him.”

“Talk about what, what do you have to talk about with him?”

Mu Kai scratched his head, “I want to ask him if he can help me and help me talk on the Internet. He has so many followers on Weibo, so it must be helpful for him to say something for me.” 

Mu Xiangyang didn’t know whether Mu Kai was naive or self-righteous, “Ask yourself, can Xiao Ke help you talk? Have you forgotten how you hurt him? Don’t say it’s you, even if it’s me, he won’t listen! Don’t use your brains anymore, study hard at home, I have arranged for a tutor to come over today, you will retake the college entrance examination for me in June, study hard, and stop thinking about crooked ways!” 

“Dad… how could I still take the College entrance examination!”

“I don’t care! If you still want to live like a young master in the Mu family, you have to pay the price. If you can’t act, then study for me!” 

“Then what if I can’t study either!”

“Then get out of the Mu family! The Mu family does not support idlers!”

This was the second time Mu Xiangyang told him to get out of the Mu family. Mu Kai remembered it very clearly. The last time was the incident with Cao Chengli, plus Wu Yi asking him to take the art exam.

He believed that if he really went to the art exam at that time, his father would really drive him out of the Mu family, not to mention now that the identity of his illegitimate son was known to so many people, Mu Xiangyang might take the initiative to cut him off and no longer recognize him as a son!

No, he can’t make Mu Xiangyang really give up on him, the only way is to make Mu Xiangyang only have him as his son! Even if Mu Xiangyang is dissatisfied, he must admit that he is the heir of the Mu family!

Mu Kai secretly went to Mu Xiaoke’s school, but he ran around like a headless chicken in the thousands of acres of school but found nothing. Then he went to Shihua again and tried to break into Mu Xiaoke’s house.

But even though he squatted in Shihua for five or six hours, Mu Xiaoke still didn’t show up.

“Where are you!” Mu Kai didn’t know how many times he knocked on the door panel, the steel panel made a muffled sound, but unfortunately, there was still no response from inside.

Mu Xiaoke was drawing the design when the computer suddenly received a Weibo private message. Mu Xiaoke opened it and saw that it was a video, and the person in the video was Mu Kai!

“Xiao Ke, where are you, I want to apologize to you, can you meet me?” Mu Kai in the video was tearing up, looking like a lovely and pitiful beauty.

But Mu Xiaoke is completely immune to this, Mu Kai’s tears can no longer move him because Mu Kai is too hypocritical.

Mu Kai saw the word “read” in his message, and immediately sent another message, hoping to get a response from Mu Xiaoke.

Then the next moment he found out that his account had been blocked by Mu Xiaoke.

“Mu Xiaoke! How dare you block me!”

Mu Xiaoke has blocked Mu Kai countless times, various chat software, and phone numbers, and now he is blocked on Weibo. 

It was a wise decision to move to live with Chu Han, now no one other than Chu Han knew where he lived.

“Mom, I’ve been completely blocked by Mu Xiaoke, and I really can’t get in touch with him.”

Mu Kai told Wu Yi the situation helplessly.

After Wu Yi got the answer, she further confirmed that the person behind the incident was Mu Xiaoke.

Wu Yi called Mu Xiangyang, “Is your son trying to harm me?”

Mu Xiangyang sighed, “Please don’t get me wrong, my child will not do harm to others.”

“Hmph, so it’s you who’s harming me?”

Mu Xiangyang was already devastated by this incident, and now he was going to be bitten by Wu Yi, the instigator, which made him very impatient, “Don’t think about putting the blame on others! You clearly know how sensitive the media is, why do you still leave videos in the same frame, why did you leak the news of the divorce!” 

“Oh, Mu Xiangyang, Mu Kai was born to me alone, right? Doesn’t this illegitimate child have a father? Am I the only one responsible!”

“You shouldn’t have left the child in the first place! You should have taken good care of him, why did you have to be so aggravating to him, why did you refuse to acknowledge him? Why did you contact him even though I recognized him? If you hadn’t given him the idea to enter the circle, these things wouldn’t have happened at all!”

“So it’s all my fault, isn’t it? Mu Xiangyang, you are so selfish! You left me to make that dead old man of yours happy and in order to break the connection with me, you killed that bitch Yan Xin!”

“Shut up! Wu Yi, think about your words!”

“Words? You’ve done everything, and you still care about my words!” 

“In the end, did you tell that mute everything that happened back then, otherwise how could he know so many details!”

Mu Xiangyang was so angry when he heard that Mu Xiaoke was insulted by Wu Yi that he smashed the table, “Xiao Ke is my son, please be respectful! I won’t say anything, don’t force me not to even think about our previous love!”

“Forcing you, now your son is driving me to my death! This time, I will not let him go!”

“What did you say!” Mu Xiangyang exclaimed, but Wu Yi had already hung up the phone!

Mu Xiangyang was so shocked that his hands and feet were cold. Could it be that what happened more than ten years ago will happen again? Yan Xin was already killed because of his negligence back then, and he can no longer let their child die at Wu Yi’s hands!

“Xiao Ke! Don’t go out alone during this time!” Mu Xiangyang hurriedly sent a message to Mu Xiaoke.

Mu Xiaoke immediately replied back after receiving this message, “Does Wu Yi want to do it again? Dad, how much do you know about that year!”