Chapter 300: A happy family (the finale)

Taozhi's confinement has always been taken care of by her mother and Xie Yan, and her aunt is responsible for taking care of the child.

And Shen Ruxiao has also become an uncle who takes care of the three eldest children. His daily job is...herding cattle.

Shen Tingbai had already left, and Shen Qinghe had also left.

Taozhi confinement is doing very well, eating and sleeping every day, sleeping and eating, and it is not much different from raising pigs.

However, Xie Rugui and the three of them would always come to accompany her for a long time, sometimes to see her younger siblings, and sometimes to accompany her mother.

So this month, sitting on the peach branch is not very painful.

When it was over, she was a lot more plump.

"Mom, I always feel that my sister doesn't like me." Xie Rujin was very discouraged. For example, the younger sister always likes to smile at the elder brother and the third brother. When she sees herself, she looks very disgusted.

That expression is very similar to that of my father...

It made him so sad.

He likes his sister so much, but why she just doesn't like him.

Xie Rujin was very sad, he stared at his sister's little face, reached out and poked: "Why don't you like me?"

"No." Taozhi looked at the little **** the cot: "How could she not like you? She was sleepy when you saw him, so she didn't look at you. She's only been a month old, she certainly doesn't. It will be like this."

She rubbed the little guy's head, how could a one-month-old baby not like people being so obvious.

Xie Rujin nodded: "Mom, I believe you."

Taozhi looked at the little girl and had to say that she was really sensible.

When you are hungry, you howl, and when you are not hungry, you stare at the ceiling.

She is really good, very well-behaved, never crying.

Taozhi looked into her eyes, as if thinking of the kitten she raised in her previous life.

She only remembered her little white cat when she dreamed back at midnight.

I don't know what happened to him after he died.

Taozhi hugged her daughter and rubbed her little face: "Mom will take you to the sun."

Xie Yan was cooking outside, and when he saw them coming out, he poured a bowl of chicken soup for Taozhi: "Daughter-in-law, drink it."

"And the three of you, come here, drink this, and grow."

Kelp stew, specially for the three of them.

Compare calcium.

Xie Rugui, Xie Rujin, and Xie Ruyi went to wash their hands, and then drank the soup with tons of bowls.

Xie Yan went to bring out the remaining two boys. There is not much sun today, so you can see the sky.

They were lying on the bed with no extra hands to hold them.

Aunt and the others have gone back, and Mama Liu has also gone back, and now it is the two of them taking care of their six children.

Really, if the children were not obedient, the world would explode in minutes.

Ordinary people should not easily imitate.

"Xie Yan, let's go back to the village tomorrow."


The advantage of going back to the village is that the three big babies will not be bored. They can play with the children in the village in the village.

After dinner, Xie Yan drove everyone back.

Now there is less work in the factory, and the peach branches are relaxed.

So it's okay for her to rest a little longer.

All she has to do now is to study hard, and when the college entrance examination resumes in 1978, she can go to a school.

Although she is already a mother of six children, she still wants to fulfill her college dream.

So after returning to the village, she often read books, besides taking children, she read books.

Xie Yan drove back and forth from work, and went back in the afternoon when he went to work.

In this way, time flies, and the family lived together for another three years.

"Mom, when can I go to school?"

Xie Rujin lay on the bed: "I want to go to school too!!"

He was seven years old, and he was old enough to go to school. However, there are too many primary school students in the village, and there are no places left, and most people can't get in if they don't care.

Many students can't go to school, so he worries that he can't either.

"It's okay, your father can handle it." Xie Yan installed electricity for the school, and the school naturally gave him a place.

This is three, and all three of his sons can go to school.

But Taozhi didn't want this, she wanted to send the child to the city.

It's not that they look down on the primary school in the village, but they both have places in the city, and if they don't use it, it's a waste.

If three children go to the city, three children in the village can go to school.

Moreover, she and Xie Yan both work in the city, which is convenient for them to take care of their children.

When they commute, then they go home together.

"Mom, I also want to go to school." Xie Ruze stood at the door: "I also want to go to school, okay?"

Taozhi looked at the three-year-old child. He was the most similar to his brother Xie Ruyi, always looking like an old man.

The little skin monkey is Xie Rulin, very similar to Xie Rujin.

Taozhi looked at him tenderly: "Not yet, baby, you are only three years old now, and you have to wait before you can go to school."

Xie Ruze looked at her expectantly: "But I don't think I'm three years old anymore. I can already write the first two words in the thousand-character text."

Peach Branch: "..."

How can I comfort you, my eldest son.

"I also want to go to school." A child walked in from outside. In the early summer, she was wearing a small red dress with a very serious expression.

Taozhi looked at the little girl and waved to her: "Come here."

Xie Suian walked up to her: "Mom, I can write all the thousand-character words."

She's not like these little brats.

She Xie Suian is not a real child. She has been a cat for five years.

She has been with her ever since she was picked up by her mother.

Learned a lot about human beings.

What she didn't expect was that when she died, she would become her mother's daughter.

Really made her a kitten and turned into a human.

She is very happy and wants to be with her mother forever and listen to her.

She can hug her when she is sad and be by her side when she needs it.

To say that the person she hates the most is probably Xie Yan.

When she was still a cat, she saw a lot of bad things done by Xie Yan.

For example, men who like their mothers are beaten by Xie Yan.

There are also many times when my mother comes home, and he always follows behind her.

At any time, she could see this man beside her mother.

She wanted to protect her mother, so she gave him a paw, but he grabbed it and carefully placed it on the ground.

She heard him say, "She likes you very much, and I won't hurt you, kitty, what flavor of dried fish do you like?"


Xie Suian thought, she didn't like the dried fish he gave, it must be poisonous! !

Then, later, he really brought her small dried fish.

I hate it to death. He wants to get close to his mother, but she won't let her. She won't eat the dried fish he gave her.

... But, it was actually quite delicious, she tasted it and wanted to try it again.

Xie Suianhao likes dried fish, but she won't show it.

She remembered one time when her mother was drunk outside, and he brought it back.

He also said to himself: "Don't tell her, oh, she hates me, let her know that I brought her back, she will definitely be angry."


What he said to a kitten, she couldn't speak.

But Sui An knew that he would never hurt his mother.

So she doesn't hate him so much.

Especially now, she has been with him for more than three years, and she also likes this father.

But she wouldn't tell him! !

Later, she saw that the place where her mother was on fire was on fire. She rushed in and tried to save her. When she ran upstairs, she saw that the two of them were no longer breathing.

She rushed over and was also hit by the collapsed building.

At that time, she saw a white light with the two of them in it, and she rushed in.

When she opened her eyes again, she became a little girl.

She saw her mother's hard work when she gave birth to herself, and the annoying Xie Yan who became her father.

She wanted to cry so much that her mother would not be hers alone in the future.


There are also five little kids who are robbing her mother.

Can't a mother have only one baby?

She really wanted to scratch them all...

But she stretched out her hand and they all laughed, holding her hand and saying with a smile that she was her younger sister.

Especially Xie Rujin, it's really noisy, how can there be such a noisy child.

She has been a cat for many years, and she has never seen such a loud noise.

So she didn't want to pay attention to him, closed her eyes and waited for him to speak.

Every day, he said that the tiger next door was beaten and cried by him, how powerful his brother is.

He followed everyone to herd the cattle, and the cattle listened to him and so on.

Help, she doesn't want to hear this at all! !

Brother Xie Rugui and Xie Ruyi are the best, they will secretly tell her stories, the stories of the nice little princess.

Taozhi hugged Xiao Suian: "When you grow up, you can go to school."

"Okay!!" Xiao Suian kissed her mother's cheek.

She really likes her mother.

"time to eat!!"

The family cook outside called a few of them, and Taozhi winked at them: "Come on, Dad has prepared the dishes, what are you going to eat today."

Everyone went out happily.

Taozhi saw that Xie Yan had prepared the dishes, and turned around and smiled at her: "Daughter-in-law, today I have your favorite spicy chicken."

Taozhi walked over and hugged his waist: "Thank you, Yan-"

She had a happy smile in her eyes.

Several babies washed their hands and sat obediently on the stone bench.

"Mom, if you hug Dad, you have to hug me too." Xie Suian looked at Dad Xie Yan jealously.

Although he is her father now, as long as he robs her of her mother, he feels like a nasty old man, hum!

"Okay." Taozhi let go of Xie Yan and hugged Xie Suian: "The babies are eating."

Xie Yan looked at his little princess, who was an arrogant child. He smiled dotingly and looked at his five sons, who were already eating obediently.

He chuckled lightly and sat down to eat.

Taozhi looked at the six of them with smiles in her eyes, the years were quiet, the baby was healthy, and the lover was by her side, and her life was complete.

Thank fate, thank you for everything.

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Their story never ends.

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