512 Confirm

“Whatever you say,” Zhang Bo said helplessly. He couldn’t persuade Chu Ning, especially before he came up with a better plan.

Fortunately, Chu Ning also said that the cost was not high.

However, in Zhang Bo’s opinion, Chu Ning’s time was very valuable.

“Why does this Lu Chao also agree…” Zhang Bo looked at Lu Chao’s excited expression and was puzzled.

“Since no one has any objections, then I’ll get started on this matter.” Chu Ning looked at the three of them. Although they had different postures, they were all silent. She made the final decision.

After the meeting ended, Chu Ning heaved a sigh of relief.

A new round of construction was about to begin.

Zhang Bo and Lu Chao left the place. They still had other things to do, but Bai Hong stayed behind.

Chu Ning was going to attend the charity gala that night. Although she didn’t know what was to be done at the charity gala in the name of charity, there was nothing wrong with going to take a look.

This charity party held in M City had gathered some rich people from several nearby cities. It was not easy to be invited.

The party was at seven o’clock. It was only around three o’clock in the afternoon. Chu Ning set the alarm for five o’clock and fell asleep.

Ye Ting’s family also received an invitation. The three of them would appear at the charity gala that night as well.

Ye Ting was in a good mood, likewise for Cheng Yi.

“Mom, do I look good wearing this hairband?” Ye Ting asked Cheng Yi with a smile as she held a purple hairband inlaid with pearls in her hand.

“My daughter looks good no matter how she dresses up. However, I suggest that we use the same color scheme. This silvery-white one is more elegant.” Cheng Yi held another silvery-white headband in her hand and suggested with a smile.

One had to look carefully at the silvery-white headband in her hand in order to see the details.

The silvery-white headband had a layer of very fine golden patterns on it, almost as delicate as a strand of hair. This was made of gold and embedded into the silk-like headband.

The material itself was not expensive, but the exquisite forging process was very valuable.

This had been one of Cheng Yi’s dowry back then. A headband worth more than a million yuan…

“Okay, Mom has good taste.” Ye Ting took the headband that Cheng Yi handed her and held Cheng Yi’s arm intimately.

“Daughter, you’re worth it. Tonight, there will be many young people around your age. You have to get acquainted with them,” Cheng Yi said dotingly.

“I know.” Ye Ting put on the headband and was very satisfied.

Ye Zhen shook his head helplessly.

It was obvious that the mother-daughter pair treated the charity gala as a blind date, although it did have this function.

It was just that the charity gala was essentially an exchange between the rich.

Cheng Yi glanced at Ye Zhen, who was sitting silently at the side, and said casually, “Ye Zhen, you should tidy up too. You should change your suit. Don’t be too shabby.”

“I don’t need it. It’s enough if both of you dress up beautifully.” Ye Zhen smiled. The charity gala was not about dressing up, but the corporate power that the person represented.

“Do whatever you want. I can’t be bothered with you,” Cheng Yi said unhappily.

Although Ye Zhen was considered a successful person in M City, he was still far inferior to her maternal family, the Cheng family.

“Mom, I heard from Yu Yan that Chu Ning will be invited to the charity gala tonight,” Ye Ting suddenly said.

As she spoke, she observed Ye Zhen’s reaction.

As expected.

When Ye Zhen heard the name Chu Ning, his expression changed a little. Although it was not obvious, Ye Ting could still sense it while observing him carefully.

“Why is this little b****** invited?” Cheng Yi asked, flabbergasted.

“I don’t know. Yu Yan’s father personally told Yu Yan to send the invitation letter to Chu Ning,” Ye Ting continued to speak in a strange tone.

“Didn’t Zhou Hao teach her a lesson? Why is she still so arrogant!” Cheng Yi said impatiently.

“Maybe it’s because she’s lucky. Who knows? Daddy, you’ll be able to see your former daughter again tonight.” Ye Ting smiled as she looked at Ye Zhen.

She had always held a grudge about Ye Zhen’s wavering stance.

What Ye Ting did not know was that it was not that Ye Zhen did not want to restrain Chu Ning, but that his ability was limited. Moreover, he knew better than the two of them how terrifying Chu Ning was.

Ye Zhen actually did not understand Ye Ting’s train of thought.

How many times had she suffered at Chu Ning’s hands? However, she did not learn her lesson.

She was clearly not Chu Ning’s match, but she kept wanting to borrow external help.

“Ye Zhen, if you dare to say another word to that little s*** tonight, see how I’ll deal with you when we get home!” Cheng Yi immediately became alert.