Chapter 743 - 743 Entering the Military Camp by Chance

743 Entering the Military Camp by Chance

What did this mean? It meant that the strength of these people could not be compared with Li Xiang and Wushuang.

When they fought, they would certainly be crushed.

Even the mythical realm cultivators were killed so easily, so it was easy to imagine just how powerful their target was. They were no longer going there to hunt them down. They were going there to court death, and they would be the target to be hunted down instead.

This wasn’t what they wanted. Those who didn’t understand the situation had died long ago.

No matter how greedy they were before, they were awakened by the shock of death and blood when they saw the battlefield.

A large number of people immediately retreated, turning around and leaving without hesitation.

They had come with their faces covered. After they left, no one would know each other. There was no need to be afraid. Besides, they didn’t make a move and they didn’t have time to do so. Nothing would happen as long as they didn’t provoke Li Xiang and Wushuang.

This was the way of survival for hunters in the desert.

This news appeared in the Dragon Inn at the first moment and fell into Jin Xiangyu’s ears.

Looking at the report, Jin Xiangyu’s lips curled into a meaningful look as she muttered to herself, “Interesting! Sure enough, those who dare to show off their wealth at the Dragon Inn and leave at will are not ordinary people. Those who went to find trouble with him are courting death. Even I don’t dare to do anything, but you people dare. You’re just seeking your death, so you can’t blame anyone else.”

“However, according to our intelligence, it was only Wushuang Ghost who attacked. From the looks of it, Wushuang Ghost’s strength is far beyond my previous estimates. He has never used his full strength before. When he was competing in strength earlier, the figure of the Horned Vigorous Ghost King had appeared behind him. That is his bloodline or his physical body. So what is his background?” Jin Xiangyu’s eyes flashed with a strange look.

As an organization that traded information, it was natural to analyze all possibilities as much as possible. Any possibility could be turned into intelligence and could bring a lot of money. Whether one could obtain more or not depended on whether one was smart enough.

“Legend has it that no one who has entered the Devil Oasis has ever come out alive. I hope you can be an exception. The information of the Devil Oasis is very valuable.”

Jin Xiangyu muttered to himself, her eyes filled with anticipation.

After leaving the battlefield for more than ten miles, Li Xiang stopped at a dune. With a wave of his hand, a silvery-white Void Divine Gate appeared instantly.

“Follow me!” With that, Li Xiang was the first to step through the door.

Wushuang Ghost was surprised, but he didn’t hesitate and stepped in.


When they reappeared, they were already a hundred miles away.

“This place is…”

Wushuang Ghost quickly scanned his surroundings, and a look of surprise appeared in his eyes when he saw the unfamiliar terrain.

“This is the Void Divine Gate. You can travel through space. We are now 100 miles away from the entrance. Of course, we can teleport to a further place, but there is no need for that. Although I’m not in a hurry, the Devil Oasis won’t wait for us. It may disappear at any time, so we can only choose this method.”

Li Xiang preferred to rely on his feet to get there step by step as he could gain some experience along the way. Hunting fierce beasts, killing foreign races, monsters, and so on, was growing his experience.

But the Devil Oasis wouldn’t wait for anyone. No one knew how long it would stay. Once it disappeared, it would be a big problem.

Moreover, the Devil Oasis was an excellent place to gain experience.

The distance to the Devil Oasis was only about 600 Li. With the power of the Void Divine Gate, they could arrive there in an instant. However, Li Xiang didn’t want to reveal too much of the treasure’s power, so he only revealed a distance of 100 Li to others.

As such, there would be a lot of redundant space if there were any accidents.

“Many thanks, Country Lord!” Wushuang Ghost nodded his head vigorously. He knew that this was the only way to travel for his sake.

The Void Divine Gate appeared once again.

One time, two times… four times.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had already appeared more than 400 kilometers away from the Dragon Inn. It was very difficult to tell the direction in the desert. Even if there were people following them before this, they would have completely lost them by now. They would be considered capable if they could keep them up.


When they traveled through the void once more and stood on a dune, they couldn’t even see the surroundings before a loud shout came over.

“Who’s there?”

“Everyone, be on guard! There are assassins!”

Li Xiang and Wushuang, who had just come out, were surprised to hear the shout. At the same time, waves of killing intent were sweeping over madly, completely enveloping them.

“The army?” Wushuang Ghost let out a surprised cry.

“Female soldiers?” Li Xiang’s eyes flashed.

The location of the teleportation this time was very unfortunate. They had fallen into a military camp, and it was an army that had been stationed in the desert. The most important thing was that there were female soldiers in this army. They were all valiant, making people’s eyes light up. But from the tough bloody Qi that could be felt from their bodies, one could tell that they were not for decoration. Every one of them had fought their way through mountains of corpses and seas of blood. They were an elite army that had been tempered through intense battles.

If they looked down on them just because they were women, they would certainly be taught a painful lesson.

There was also an army of men around them. Although their armor was not gorgeous, it could be seen that they were a regular army with a unified plan. They were wearing strange armor, which seemed to be made of yellow sand. This kind of armor was khaki and had grains of yellow sand on the surface. When the sunlight refracted, it could even turn into a golden shimmer.

However, in terms of design and casting, it was very rough, and not very exquisite or gorgeous. It seemed to be made from a traditional workshop.

However, everyone had this kind of armor on them. It could be said that this was a mature technology that could be manufactured on a large scale.

One could tell if they were a regular army from their attire.

They looked at the cold arrows that were already aimed at them. As long as there was any movement, they would immediately launch a storm of attacks.

“They are calm in the face of danger and adapt to changes quickly. Their actions are like instinct and there is an amazing trust between them. They are well-trained and know how to advance and retreat. They are truly elites. To be able to train such an army, it must be an expert who knows how to use troops for sure.”

Li Xiang looked around and saw the army standing like a forest. He nodded to himself. There were no less than 20,000 to 30,000 people in this army, but they could react without panicking when they suddenly appeared. This kind of instinctive response showed that this army was extraordinary.