Chapter 10 Carrying a Scandal

Song Que also stayed on the crew for a few months. Today was the last scene in the script of《Double Crime》, and it was also the final scene arranged on the itinerary by Director Luo. After arranging this scene, the two male lead actors will be finished with the entire crew.

Luo Wen knew that Zhang Mu had determined he was the murderer and could not use Zhang Mu’s hands to send Chen Jingwen to prison. Hence, he simply took it upon himself to have Chen Jingwen lynched and helped him recall his crimes before he died. Let him experience the fear and pain that the victims felt.

In this case, as always, no evidence was left. The current situation was that Zhang Mu already knew the real culprit was Luo Wen, and Luo Wen also knew about it.

In the last scene, Zhang Mu and Luo Wen had a heart-to-heart chat on the rooftop of a high-rise building near the police station.

The cold wind on the rooftop was fierce, and Luo Wen’s uniform was blown up, showing his lean waist. The railings on the rooftop were battered by the wind and rain, and they were rusted a little and didn’t look very strong. At least Zhang Mu didn’t dare to go over it after seeing it and stayed far away. But Luo Wen didn’t care; he put all his strength on the railing and smoked a cigarette.

At that moment, Zhang Mu couldn’t help, but wondered if there was nothing for Luo Wen to fear.

“Luo Wen.”

He called out.

Luo Wen looked back at him. At this moment, people outside the screen could no longer feel whether his facial features were good-looking or not. They only felt that with his frown, his heart was clenched tightly, and the atmosphere seemed heavy simultaneously. 

He took a puff of the cigarette, exhaled circles of white smoke, and said casually: “You also come to get fresh air?”

Zhang Mu frowned and said, “I know that Chen Jingwen was killed by you.”

Luo Wen smiled and said: “You have investigated him; didn’t you say he was guilty?”

Zhang Mu’s face turned red. He investigated Chen Jingwen. Did he think Chen Jingwen was guilty? He thinks so. But the truth was, those cases were dropped because there was no evidence. And now, does he believe Luo Wen was guilty? He thinks so too. But he also has no evidence. Luo Wen’s understated question brought him into a dilemma.

Suppose it was said that there was no need for evidence, and all it took was for the investigator to have enough confidence in the culprit to close the case. What was wrong with Luo Wen’s question? Chen Jingwen was a piece of trash that should have gone to God long ago. If not, there was no reason for his importunate attitude toward Luo Wen.

Zhang Mu shook his head; he knew Luo Wen was brilliant and always ahead of him. In this case, he should strengthen his beliefs and not let him run away with a few words.

“You’re a police officer, and you know what this extrajudicial trial can do.”

Luo Wen took another puff of the cigarette, looked a little depressed, and asked back: “You’re a police officer. Do you think our justice is fair?”

Zhang Mu thought of all the victims in Luo Wen’s case, so he paused for a moment, and at this moment, Luo Wen laughed.

It’s hard to describe Luo Wen’s laugh in words because there was no sarcasm envisioned by Zhang Mu in this laugh. There were no negative emotions in it, but there were also no happy and positive emotions. It’s just a simple, meaningless smile.

Zhang Mu was horrified because of this laugh.

Luo Wen stopped smoking and put out the cigarette; with public morality, he didn’t throw it anywhere but put it in his pocket. This kind of politeness starkly contrasted with the dozen extremely brutal crime scenes. Which made a policeman like Zhang Mu, who had seen strong winds and waves feel sudden fear and nausea.

He wanted to throw up.

Luo Wen didn’t even bother to give him a look. He looked up at the sky, then looked down at the building, and suddenly said, “I’m better than you, do you admit it?”

Zhang Mu said, “What’s better, is killing people better ?”

Luo Wen laughed for a while and sighed twice as if he told a funny joke.

“I said about investigating the case. Do you admit it?”

Zhang Mu admitted it in his heart but didn’t say it. Who knows what Luo Wen wants to do?

But Luo Wen seemed to see through his mind, showing a little childish smugness, which was the opposite of the previous one, and said, “I know you recognize it in your heart. I’ll read it to you, the first victim, a twelve-year-old girl, was raped ten years ago. The girl did not die but left a lot of permanent trauma and health sequelae. Now she is not doing well. She has to rely on people to help her to survive. The second victim, the family, was killed six years ago, and even the dog was not spared. He was admitted to a mental hospital, raised with food and drink for a year, and then came out again, saying that he lived like a normal person. He is living a better life than most of the people.”

Luo Wen obviously has a good memory, he said one by one, Zhang Mu’s face was pale.

Zhang Mu could convince himself that Luo Wen was attempting to win his sympathy and approval. He was trying to make him blur the dangers of extrajudicial trials because of his soft heart. Even what he said was not true. After all, these cases were not closed because there was no evidence. What if Luo Wen was wrong?

But Zhang Mu had already secretly believed everything in his heart. If Luo Wen found out the result was like this, the truth should be like this.

When Luo Wen finished speaking, Zhang Mu’s expression was unbearable. He was still sensible but couldn’t say anything nice, so he could only insist: “but it was wrong for you to do this.”

Luo Wen actually nodded. With his back to Zhang Mu, he opened his arms as if he was about to embrace the sky. Luo Wen closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and said, “I asked you if you think that justice is unfair, but you didn’t answer. I’ll tell you my answer; I think justice is fair because it’s here, silently. It is fair to everyone. Injustice has always been human. Do you really think there is no evidence in those cases? Do you think there are cases where I can’t find evidence in this world?”

Luo Wen turned around and asked him, raising an eyebrow.

Zhang Mu stuttered a little and said, “You, what do you mean?”

Luo Wen said, “The evidence was not erased before I found it. In other words, in my case, they have already gone through judicial trials.”

Zhang Mu put his hand into his pocket and hesitated.

Who knew Luo Wen blinked at him and said, “I know you are recording; those are my motives?”

Zhang Mu felt something was wrong.

Luo Wen said, “I think justice is fair.”

He turned over and jumped over the railings.

Zhang Mu rushed over, but he couldn’t even catch the corner of his clothes; he could only see him getting smaller and smaller. Then a sound seemed to be heard in his ear, and everything was silent again.

He understood Luo Wen’s unfinished meaning.

Justice is fair, and extrajudicial judges will eventually be tried. But rather than being caught, he thought he was entitled to choose a more unrestrained way.


Director Lou roared, watching the filmed clips back and forth, running through each camera. After confirming that there was no need for reshoots, everyone officially finished.

A group of people sat together, crying and laughing. Lin Tiancheng also sat next to Song Que, but since the last time he had learned to be good, he didn’t dare to hang on to Song Que, so the brothers hugged Song Que’s shoulders and sighed. Said: “Brother Song, it’s really good to act with you, such an important scene, I didn’t even dare to think about it before.”

Lin Tiancheng felt he had learned a lot from acting with Song Que. He used to be more method orientated. Using typical behavior to shape the characters. It’s not that it’s not good; a method master can also create an extremely infectious character. But Lin Tiancheng was still far from that level, and it’s a bit superficial. With Song Que this time, he felt the feeling of being in the play, and in the scene just now, Song Que’s few actions immersed him completely in Zhang Mu’s tangled state. If you want to go further, you cannot force your conscience. If you want to take a step back, you cannot escape justice.

Song Que did not scare him this time. He touched the child’s head and patted him on the back, causing him to jump up in pain. Seeing Lin Tiancheng’s exaggerated cry of pain, Song Que actually laughed. Song Que laughed heartlessly for a while. Seeing that the children were about to rise, he solemnly said, “Continue to do your best in the future.”

Song Que stretched out his fist, Lin Tiancheng touched his fist, and his eyes turned red. Feeling a little reluctant, Song Que was probably his first mentor and friend in the circle to him.

“Brother Song, do you want to be in a variety show?”

The drama was also finished, but Lin Tiancheng felt that Song Que could go to a variety show and gain a little publicity. It would be nice to earn some notification fees if it didn’t work. Lin Tiancheng also paid attention to Zhang Menglu before. Knowing that his brother Song Que has basically left the house, he doesn’t know if he is short of money now.     

Song Que said: “No hurry. This year has been too hard. I’ll take a breath first.”

He has been training again this year and staying here; there was hardly any breathing space. Moreover, Song Que analyzed that now was not the best time to be on variety shows. Since this was the case, there was no need to force himself and take the opportunity to give himself a vacation. After the broadcast of 《The Return of Yan》, he will be busy again.

Lin Tiancheng didn’t know what to do, but his eyes were full of sympathy when he looked at Song Que.

Song Que: “…” I want to pick him up and force him to calm down.

After having dinner with the crew, Song Que was completely finished. He repeated what he said to Lin Tiancheng to Ke Ai, then Ke Ai showed the same expression as Lin Tiancheng.

Song Que didn’t feel well; what was everyone thinking about?

Ke Ai said: “It’s alright to relax. After《The Return of Yan》airs, you may be busy again. Where do you want to travel?”

Song Que shook his head and said, “Can you help me look for a master who teaches traditional martial arts? Boxing, swordsmanship, and stick-fighting are all fine. I want to exercise.”

This was what Song Que discovered before. Physical fitness and basic martial arts will increase when practicing martial arts routines, but the increase is very slow. It should because adapted from martial arts routines, mainly for appreciation and relatively low practicality reasons.

Ke Ai hesitated but finally agreed.