CH 39

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oom 31 is near the elevator, and one has to turn into the aisle.

Before the boys left, Lin Qing Kai's friend said, "Go to our room to play later."

"Ah..." Jiang Ling first glanced at Lin Qing Kai unconsciously.

He is holding a cigarette with his eyes down. She noticed that his eyebrows were raised slightly, and he chuckled at her, "Want to come?"

The corridor lights were yellow, reflecting his long and clean fingers.

Jiang Ling still had a tactile feeling on her waist, and his voice was slightly softer, "I'll see if there is a chance later."

That's what she said. She wants to know if this group of people in their class will end earlier than them.

There was nothing aside from dividing the cake, a few activities like sing and making a fuss, then the celebration will be over. Jiang Ling still belongs to the inactive part.

She nestled in the corner of the sofa, eating fruits.

It's strange. Obviously, this was her life before. But after getting to know Lin Qing Kai, all these familiar things quietly became dull.

After the watch has walked more than half a circle, the song on the screen is cut off. The classmates are making noise and want to start playing games.

Jiang Ling took the opportunity to go to the bathroom.

When she went out, she found that the aisle was noisier than when they just came.

She glanced in the direction of Lin Qing Kai's room. There was no one outside.

After coming out of the bathroom, she ran into a girl.

Just as she got off the elevator, she was talking on the phone as he walked: "I'm here, which private room did you say you are in?"

Jiang Ling had a strange feeling.

This is... this is the girl that was chasing Lin Qing Kai?

She probably didn't recognize Jiang Ling. Her gaze passed from her, "Okay, I'm going."

Jiang Ling turned around and watched her turn into the aisle.

Her intuition is saying that the girl came for Lin Qing Kai.

Although it should not be misunderstood that he would take the initiative to call her, but when she returned to the corner of the sofa, she was a little absent-minded.

What would she do. This night is lonely...Well, not lonely, but the friends around him are obviously more familiar with this girl. They are in the same class.

But didn’t he say that he hasn’t brought anyone out to play...

Jiang Ling's mind turned quite chaotic. Suddenly, there was a loud noise in the room.

The class monitor stood in the middle with a flushed face, probably because he was drawn into some truth or dare, and pushed his glasses awkwardly.

"Come on, do you like any girl?" The classmate below urged.

The class monitor's eyes swept over and then drifted away unnaturally, quite hesitant.

At this time, Jiang Ling's cell phone rang in time.

She still hasn't saved his number, but the string of numbers is also familiar. She bowed her head to answer it.

"Is it over?" Lin Qing Kai's voice came out vaguely, and the students sitting next to him were quiet.

Jiang Ling was embarrassed, "Almost."

"Come here." He said naturally.


Should the girl be still there? What she said in the past is not directly exposed...

In a few words, the class monitor standing stiff probably understood the content of the call. He smiled embarrassedly, and answered the question: "No."

The classmates booed for a while, and then began to reluctantly ask if he liked anyone before.

There was a lot of noise.

Jiang Ling covered one ear. Amidst the noise, Lin Qing Kai's voice was light and fluttering, "Come here, I'll sing for you." 

The tone seemed to be different from usual. Swinging slowly into the apex of her heart.

"Okay." Jiang Ling said.

She said goodbye to her tablemate and then said happy birthday to the class monitor.

Carrying a schoolbag to go out, after turning around the corner, she saw Lin Qing Kai leaning in the corridor.

He looked down and pressed on the phone.

The light above his head was a little dim, and his expression became blurred, only the lower jaw was illuminated by the cool white light of the screen.

Jiang Ling stood there watching him for a while, then walked over: "Here."

Lin Qing Kai raised his eyes and lazily put away the phone. "Yeah."

His eyes seemed to be full of wine.

It's really different from usual. Jiang Ling asked, "Did you drink?"

He leaned and looked at her for a moment. He didn't answer, but smiled, raised his index finger and touched her earlobe.

Jiang Ling's ears became red.

She didn't plan to meet him today, she only wore the pair of earrings before she came out. She thought he hadn't noticed. She felt embarrassed.

She asked again: "Did you drink too much..."

"No." Lin Qing Kai whispered. He laughed again, "Go in."

Their private room is much quieter than expected.

A group of people are gathering in the middle to throw dice. The lights were not dimmed, and there were some wine bottles on the table.

Her love rival was indeed there. In addition to her, there are a few more girls. Seeing Jiang Ling coming in, they all raised their faces and looked up and down at her.

Jiang Ling felt a little uncomfortable. Lin Qing Kai was acting casual and didn't mean to introduce them, leading her straight to the innermost point.

This half of the space is almost empty.

Jiang Ling sat down. The space next to her sank down, and he was very close.

The body temperature is warm, and it feels like leaving behind a layer of air.

Jiang Ling watched him. It was the first time that she realized that her nose was so sharp. Even if the room is full of the scent of tobacco and alcohol, she can tell which traces are on Lin Qing Kai's body.

"Is there anything you want to eat?" He turned his face and asked.

Jiang Ling shook her head: "I've been eating fruits just now."

Lin Qing Kai was sitting a little loosely because he drank some wine. With his arms resting on the back of the sofa behind her shoulders, his voice was also slurred: "You ate some fruits?"

Jiang Ling nodded.

He laughed and stretched out his long legs lazily.

"Hey! What are you doing sitting there!" After a while, when the round at hand was over, Lin Qing Kai's friend stretched out his neck and shouted.

All the heads of the whole room turned around. Those girls had been looking here, their eyes became more reluctant.

After successfully attracting the audience's attention, the friend laughed: "Bring Jiang Ling over to play."

"Want to play with them?" Lin Qing Kai asked.

It's not a question of wanting or not, Jiang Ling whispered: "I don't know." She doesn't even come to the KTV that often.

"It's okay," Lin Qing Kai said, "I'll teach you."

The boy took a posture of chasing ducks, and squeezed the extra space from the crowd.

The game is guessing the points on the dice.

It was okay at the beginning, but Jiang Ling couldn't understand the rules, so she listened attentively. After a while, the atmosphere gradually warmed up, and she probably could understand the gameplay. Inadvertently, she noticed that the squeezed out seat was really narrow.

When Lin Qing Kai reached for the dice box on the table, the sound of the heart beating in his chest was almost close to her.

His nose is very close. The smooth line of his lower jaw is also close. The trembling apple, the bones on the shoulders and the temperature when speaking, it was all magnified.

Her heart beat faster for no reason.

"How can there be five threes?" Lin Qing Kai unscrewed the dice box and glanced at it.

A group of people was noisy again: "Drink, drink!! Whoever said five just now, pour him a drink!"

Lin Qing Kai smiled and withdrew back. Without retracting his arm, he loosely moved to Jiang Ling's waist and hugged her.

T/N: I love how Qing Kai handled Jiang Ling's love rival. He just immediately called Jiang Ling to come over and show PDA lol