Chapter 2: Leaving

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I didn’t know why this matter would cause such an intense reaction from Kans. His series of questions was like a string of broken marbles hitting my ears, annoying me.

Who was that person?

I looked at the man lying on the bed, the notorious Alpha Anton. His methods were so sinister and ruthless that almost everyone knew about them. His father hated him to the extreme too.

“You’re thinking too much. I was just drunk and decided to sleep here. Hurry up and pick me up. ”

I was worried that Kans’ heart would be hurt again, so I had no choice but to lie to him. In any case, I was very relaxed when it came to Kans. He always trusted and never doubted me.

“Alright, give me five minutes, I’ll be there soon.”

After hearing my explanation, Kans returned to being that mature and steady man. I could already hear him running quickly. He was probably already on his way to my place.

I hung up and threw my phone to the side. Time is of the essence. I must pack up before he comes.

I rummaged through the pile of clothes that had been thrown on the ground. They were mixed together with Anton’s clothes, so it was hard to distinguish them. Some of my clothes had even been torn apart by Anton. I couldn’t help but sigh at last night’s madness.

I picked up the only complete dress from the ground and put it on. I looked at the man sleeping on the bed again.

I’d regained some of my rationality, and along with it came the pieces of memories from last night. The intermittent scenes reverberated in my mind like a dream. I vaguely remembered talking to him. Then, the two of us seemed to have found spiritual comfort in and attraction to each other. We kissed and our minds couldn’t think straight anymore. It was hard to tell if we were seriously into each other or just intoxicated.

I didn’t dare to think about it any further. I just treated it as if I had just experienced a night of charming and beautiful dreams to comfort myself. I hoped that I would never see him again. I took one last deep look at the man on the bed. I would never see him again.

After making sure that there was nothing in the room that could expose my identity, I put on my high heels, grabbed my handbag, and was about to rush out of the hotel without looking back. However, the door opened first.

I was hit by the man outside the door and staggered. He wasn’t in a good state either. My handbag had hit the other party’s chest hard, making him take a few steps back. However, he quickly reacted and held my waist. After I stood firm, he quickly retracted his hand and returned a gentle smile.

“Miss, I’m sorry.”

I recognized him, he’s the Alpha from Crossing Shadow Pack. And just like Anton, he was a complete b*stard. I heard that they grew up together and had always been good friends. Their packs have always been in an alliance with each other.

He smiled politely at me, but his eyes were filled with surprise, as if wondering why I came out of his good friend’s room.

“Anton is inside?”

He looked at me with an inquisitive gaze. Although I had already touched up my make up and made sure that I didn’t make any mistakes before I left the house, I still felt guilty when he examined me.

I nodded quickly, lowered my head, and walked past him. I didn’t want to have anything to do with those who were in cahoots with Dark Night Pack.

I didn’t know what he noticed, but he grabbed my wrist to stop me. He stared at me with a burning gaze but I didn’t understand what he meant, so I quickly turned my face away.

He narrowed his good-looking eyes and said teasingly, “Why do you have Anton’s smell on you? Did you two sleep together?”

It must have been because of last night’s madness that I had been covered in the thick smell of Anton. I felt a little embarrassed and pulled my wrist away from his hand.

“Your nose is so sharp, but why is your brain so stupid? Why else would I come out of his room for? Playing poker all night?”

He seemed to be amused by my words. He held his stomach, laughing for a long time before he replied,”I didn’t expect you to not only be beautiful, but also have such a sharp mouth.”

I rolled my eyes. ‘The makeup on my face is so thick, how can you tell if I’m pretty or not?’

“Thank you for your appreciation, but it’s a pity that we’re not on the same path.”

Kans must have arrived by now, so I didn’t want to waste any more time talking to him. I waved him away and left these two men that I didn’t want to see again.

I sprayed perfume on myself as I walked, afraid that Kans would find out.

When I reached the door, I saw Kans leaning against the car with a cigarette between his slender fingers. He took a deep breath and puffed, the smoke instantly covering his handsome face.

I suddenly realized that Kans was an extremely good-looking person. I had grown up with him and had seen his face so often that I had forgotten his near-perfect face. At this moment, he was standing by the car, tall and straight like a pine tree. His entire body was exuding an unusually cold aura, which made my steps a little sluggish.

He seemed to have noticed me as his eyes suddenly focused. He put out the cigarette in his hand and smiled at me. I felt the air around him warm up.

“Ellie, what happened to your face? How did you get like this?”

When I walked closer, Kans finally saw the terrible makeup on my face. He instantly clutched his stomach and tried to hold back his laughter. He was trying so hard to hold it in that his face was about to change shape.

I flew into a rage out of humiliation and kicked him hard. “This is the current fashion. What are you laughing at?”

Kans squinted his eyes and chuckled, obediently saying, “Yes, yes, yes.”

Although he agreed with me, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket to help me wipe my face. I was worried Anton would see my true appearance when he came out of the hotel, so I snatched the handkerchief from Kans.

“I’ll do it myself. Hurry up and drive. I still have to change my clothes. I’m going to be late.”

“I know. Get in the car, Young Miss.” Kans didn’t mind my rudeness and considerately opened the door for me.

I’ve always admired Kans ‘driving skills. It only took him five minutes to get to the meeting place. Along the way, Kans was on the edge of speeding, attracting the attention of many traffic police officers.