Chapter 107

Are you going to get recognition from me for your acting?

It is an excessive and arrogant attitude. To put it harshly, it could even be said to be cheap.

Thats fun.

But it didn't look bad to Park Jinmo. In any case, Jinseok was the actor who was recognized by director Yeo Jaeyoon as the leading role in this work.

If youre the main character, you have to have this kind of courage.

Regardless of whether his acting career is short or long, Jinseok is the lead role in this work.

The lead role is the leader who must lead the work together with the director. A lot of things have to be coordinated and resolved between the director and the actors.

As such, if he had complained about why I was doing this to him or asked for help, I might have been more disappointed.

"Great. Let's take a look. How good of an actor is Jinseok Kang?

Of course, if you had no skills and rushed in with pride, I would have killed half of you.

Then, shall we go down and check it out?


While Jinseok and Park Jinmo were engaged in a war of nerves, the reading room was full of conversation about the whereabouts of the two people.

I heard that Park Jinmo took Kang Jinseok to the rooftop What is he trying to do?

Well, thats fine. He just wanted to talk .

Was it just a matter of talking? I thought he was taking him there to crack some kind of joint.

No matter what, hes the main character. Well, if its Park Jinmo, he can do that.

In this way, each actor had different thoughts. And the more Yeo Hyemin heard such negative conversations, the more worried she was about Kang Jinseok.

Are you going to be okay?

On the outside, she seemed to have no thoughts, but on the inside, she was worried.

I wanted to tell my father, who was giving instructions to the staff, to help Jinseok, but I couldn't.

While filming his work, his father and daughter decided to strictly maintain a relationship between director and actor.

Im late because the conversation got long. sorry."

Kang Jinseok is back. sorry."

At that time, the reading room door opened and Jinseok and Park Jinmo came in together. Actors who were unable to greet Park Jinmo and actors who were curious about what happened on the rooftop approached Park Jinmo.

And Jinseok approached Yeo Hyemin a little faster than that, but with clearly leisurely steps.

Whats going on? Why are you looking so serious?

I have a serious expression?

At Jinseok's words, Yeo Hyemin looked at his expression reflected in the glass window. It's the same as usual, such an ordinary expression.

It doesnt show anything .

Sensing his strangeness, Yeo Hyemin wrote something about him in her notebook and showed it to Jinseok.

-You're late.

Honestly, I was going to ask, Did you fight with Park Jinmo? or Did you get scolded?, but I changed the sentence because it seemed too explicit.

"Ah. Were you worried?

Jinseok thought about it for a while and then smiled and said.

Its no big deal. He just gave me advice on various things.

For some reason, Yeo Hyemin was disappointed by Jinseok's calm reaction. She was a little sad too.

Still, since nothing special happened, there was no need to say anything more.

Lets start reading!

One of the busy staff members shouted. Then, one by one, the actors got up from their seats and began to sit at the large table in the center of the hall.

Shall we go too?

Nod. This time, Yeo Hyemin followed right behind Jinseok.

Yes, well If you are referring to the scammer Song Faith that the Chairman is looking for, then I would be correct.

Jinseok sat in a somewhat rude posture, leaning his neck against the back of the chair. Without stopping, he crossed his legs and recited the line while staring straight at Park Jinmo.

Relax your expression. I'm scared to death. I am a guest called by the Chairman. Isnt that too much?

The other actors flinched at Jinseoks lines. This is because It felt similar to when Park Jinmo said a short line a little while ago.

What is he?

Like other actors, Park Do was surprised by Jinseok's acting. But what was even more surprising was Jinseoks boldness.

No matter how good you are at acting, there are many cases where you cannot act properly when you stand in front of a senior actor.

If he is a human being before being an actor, he is concerned about human relationships, and without realizing it, he is influenced by the opinions of his new senior actors.

What if the senior actor decides to suppress the other person? If you are a junior or even a rookie, it is even more difficult to demonstrate your skills.

But Kang Jinseok There is no sign of that at all.

Despite the pressure, he acts calmly as if he is enjoying the situation.

No, he actually pushes him even harder to prevent him from thinking about anything else.

Now he is your Chairman, not your senior, Park said.

Now, I am not Junior Kang Jinseok, but I am Song Faith, a fraudster.

Then lets write a contract based on what weve said so far. Even if I prepare the contract

Hey, does anyone know what the contract is? Lets just trust each other and go. Its between me and the chairman.

Now youre telling me to believe a fraudster?

Anyway, right now, Chairman, the only person you can trust is me, right?


Who is A and who is E now? You need to understand it well.

The two's acting became more and more intense. Jinseok, who had consistently responded to Park Jinmo's lines, counterattacked Park Jinmo for the first time.

Of course, it was a line that was in the script.

However, the meaning of the same line can be completely different depending on how you interpret it.

The actors looked at Park Jinmo's noticed as Jinseok's tone was more aggressive than what was written in the script.

Huh .

Park Jinmo took a deep breath. He then let out his lungs full of breath and looked at Jinseok.

There are no longer any eyes trying to test his acting.

Instead, there was only doubt in Park Jinmo's eyes. And with that question in mind, he asked Jinseok.

I know you are a huge fraud. But will those skills also apply when treating my daughter?

Although there was a question in the voice, it was already halfway through. It was worth admiring the acting that freely moved between those boundaries, but the other actors couldn't afford to do that right now.

Rather than admiring Park Jinmo's acting, they were more looking forward to Jinseok's next line.

"Hmm .

Jinseok pauses. These are not instructions in the script. It's just that the actor analyzes his role and acts accordingly.

The reason why the Chairman should trust me is because I am a scammer.

Jinseok spoke confidently, holding the Chairman in his hand.

Either I lie or I tell the truth. The job of a fraudster is to make others believe him. So don't be too guarded. Its not shameful to trust me and then be deceived.

Jinseoks voice spread quickly and accurately throughout the reading room. The actors nodded without realizing it as if the lines were stuck in their ears.

Anyway, the Chairman has no choice but to trust me. Otherwise, he wouldn't need to find me and make this suggestion. Please leave your daughters work to me, the professional.

The actors secretly looked at Park Jinmo. Jinseok's acting was thought to be great by those who were watching next to him, but they were curious about what Park Jinmo's opinion would be after actually getting it right'.

Perhaps feeling the gaze of the actors, Park Jinmo smiled faintly.

He then spoke in a quite polite manner and voice.

Okay, Ill trust you.

Only Park Jinmo could tell whether he was acting or serious.