Chapter 847

Name:Dangerous CEO Author:Mrs. Darcy
See Qiao Rao Rao are so urgent, the driver did not dare to delay anything, the car soon arrived at the door of Gu's villa, Gu Haoran is standing at the door, do not know what to think, see Qiao's car suddenly stopped at the door, Gu Haoran frowned, eyes flashed a silk surprised, he did not have time to react to come forward, but saw a worried Qiao Rao suddenly He pushed the door open and stepped out of the car.

After Qiao Rao gets off the car, Lian Xin also walks down from the car. Looking at the Lian Xin who is close behind Qiao Rao and doesn't speak, Gu Haoran suddenly understands something.

At the end of his eyes, Gu Haoran was stunned. In his heart, Gu Haoran said that he was not good. He quickly reflected that he wanted to pull Qiao Rao Rao's hand, but his big palm just touched Qiao Rao's clothes, but Qiao Rao had quickly thrown away his hand.

"Rao Rao..." Be frightened by Qiao Rao Rao's action, Gu Hao Ran Leng Leng, hurriedly opened a mouth.

Qiao Rao Rao didn't speak. She turned around angrily and looked at Gu Haoran. Her eyes were cold.

"Gu Haoran, where is Wu Fangfei now?"

At this moment, Qiao Rao Rao is not in the mood to pay attention to anything else. She just wants to find out Wu Fangfei with the fastest speed, hoping that she can save Wu Fangfei and the child in her stomach.

As soon as Qiao Rao opens her mouth, she mentions Wu Fangfei. Gu Haoran suddenly understands Qiao Rao's intention of taking care of her family today. The coldness of the woman's eyes stings Gu Haoran's heart. The man purses his mouth, and his eyes are full of complexity.

Looking at the woman in front of him, Gu Haoran couldn't spit out a word. He was silent for a long time, only to squeeze out a few words from his mouth.

"Rao Rao, this matter I hope you don't get involved... "

This is between him and Wu Fangfei. Since the beginning of the incident was due to him, then This matter should be solved by Gu Haoran himself.

What's more, this is not a good thing. Qiao Rao Rao is pregnant now, and Gu Haoran doesn't want her hands to be infected with these things.

He has hurt Wu Fangfei. Now the only thing he can do is to make up for his hurt to Qiao Rao Rao with his best efforts.

"Rao Rao, you listen to me, you go back to Qiao's house first, everything will be over soon!"

Gu Haoran persuades Qiao Rao to leave, but Qiao Rao's mood is getting colder and colder. Her face is cold, and her mood is even more exciting.

"Gu Haoran, Wu Fangfei's belly is your child. It's your own flesh and blood. You are willing to kill him?"

Qiao Rao is trembling with anger. Although she also hates Wu Fangfei's baby, as a woman who is going to be a mother, Qiao Rao is more concerned about the innocent child.

She did not expect that Gu Haoran would be so cruel, even her own flesh and blood could be wiped out.

"Rao Rao, I..."

Gu Haoran was speechless for a moment. He looked at Qiao Rao, who was so excited that he didn't know what to do for a moment. Qiao Rao saw this and then quickly opened her mouth again.

"Where is Wu Fangfei? I'm going to stop it

Qiao Rao Rao said, turned around and wanted to go upstairs. Gu Haoran frowned. He subconsciously wanted to go forward to stop Qiao Rao's figure, but he was hugged by Lian Xin, who was reacting from one side.

While holding Gu Haoran's leg tightly, Lian Xin said aloud: "my sister is in the corner room on the left of the second floor! Miss Jo, go and save her

Even the core opened a mouth, Qiao Rao Rao immediately understood to come over, she complex of looked at Gu Hao Ran one eye, this just turned around to quickly walk toward the stairs, disappeared in front of me.

Along with Lianxin said position, Qiao Rao Rao quickly close, that left corner of the door closed, think is Lianxin said that room.

The door is locked from the inside, Qiao Rao Rao pushed for a long time, but she was indifferent. She really had no choice but to find an iron pot in the corner storage room and smashed the door.

The people inside seemed to be scared. After a while, the door opened from inside. Looking at Qiao Rao outside, the nurse was obviously stunned.

Can Qiao Rao Rao but don't have the heart to pay attention to the surprised nurse, a push away the nurse, Qiao Rao Rao then rushed into the room.

A strong smell of blood and disinfectant poured into her nose. Qiao Rao Rao had just entered the door when she first saw Wu Fangfei lying quietly on the operating table and the bloody garbage can beside the operating table

Surgery It's done?

Qiao Rao was stunned. She stood in the same place, but her eyes were stuck in the bloody trash can all the time. An inexplicable nausea gushed from her throat. Qiao Rao couldn't help it any longer. Finally, she covered her mouth and rushed out of the operating room.

Gu Haoran and even core arrived, see is Qiao Rao Rao sitting in the door of the room retching.

Seeing this, Gu Haoran was inexplicably relieved. He quickly came forward and hugged Qiao Rao on the ground to the bench, quietly coaxing the shivering woman in his arms.Lian Xin's face was a little strange. She was stunned. Then she ran to the room quickly. After a while, a woman's sob came out of the room.

Holding the hand of the woman in his arms, Gu Haoran's eyes were full of heartache: "Rao Rao, I'm sorry, I know I'm cruel, but for our future, I can only choose like this! This is not something I am willing to do. Can you listen to my explanation? "

Gu Haoran explained, the woman in her arms finally raised her head.

"You..." Qiao Rao Rao's mind was in a state of chaos. She bit her teeth and just shook her head gently. "Even if it was like this, it was just an innocent child..."

What's more, that child is Gu Haoran's own flesh and blood

See Qiao Rao Rao so remorse heartache, Gu Hao Ran pursed, he hesitated for a long time, this just quietly opened mouth.

"You don't have to blame yourself. In fact, Wu Fangfei's baby It's not mine. "


Qiao Rao Rao Leng Leng, she hasn't had time to speak, but Lianxin has rushed out of the room.

"Gu Haoran, what do you mean by that?"

Lianxin is obviously angry. Her sister has been tortured into this picture, and now she is still so stigmatized. How can she bear it.

Gu Hao Ran snorted coldly, looking at Lian Xin's eyes.

"You think I really don't know about her and the boss?"

Even the core Leng Leng, she has not responded, a face of weak Wu Fangfei has covered the stomach to come out.

Pale raised Mou to smile, Wu Fang Fei shook his head: "the child is really not yours, Gu Hao Ran, you can be really cruel!"

Fierce stare Qiao Rao Rao eye, Wu Fangfei tightly grasped Lian Xin's hand, "heart, let's go!"

Lianxin is at a loss, but nods and helps Wu Fangfei leave quickly.

Finally, the truth came out, Qiao Rao Rao didn't react, but it was suddenly cold on her ring finger.

"Rao Rao, the previous things are bad for me, in the future I will make up for you and our baby, I will slowly accompany you to retrieve our memory, let me take care of you?"

The man's gentle voice rings in the ear, Qiao Rao Rao doesn't speak, she lowers her head, but her hand unconsciously touches her ring finger.

Qiao Rao thought, maybe

She can really choose to accept this man again