"Xiaoyu, come here for a moment."

After Wen Yulong left, Chu Liang went to find Liu Xiaoyu with a smile on his face.

"Hmm?" The young girl blinked her eyes. "Brother Chu Liang, what's the matter?"

Now, the situation on Silver Sword Peak is like this. She calls you sister, she calls me brother, and I call you Master... Each of us has our own roles.

"Just like last time, I'm asking for a blessing." Chu Liang said.

Liu Xiaoyu tilted her head, feeling that Chu Liang was a bit strange. Why does he ask for her blessing every few days? Does he need 365 blessings in a year?

But the kind-hearted girl closed her eyes and silently wished for his success.

Seeing her close her eyes, Chu Liang also began to focus and reward himself.

His divine sense entered the space of the White Tower, and as soon as he entered, he saw a completely different scene from before. Because one mark could occupy one cage, the White Tower was now filled with poisonous bees, stretching in a direction that couldn't be seen at a glance.

The most conspicuous among them were the significantly larger queen bee shadows.

Although they were of the same kind as the monsters, their strength was much stronger, and the rewards they gave would also be different.

Chu Liang first came to the cage outside the queen bee shadow and pressed the "Refine" word without hesitation.


A flash of light.

A white light floated out, and Chu Liang caught it, realizing that it was a round white egg-shaped object.

[Mysterious Beast Egg]:

Infuse true qi to hatch. When the spirit beast breaks out of the shell, it can be recognized as the master and become an innate spiritual pet.

"Spirit beast?"

This surprised Chu Liang.

This White Tower... can actually produce something with life?

The so-called spirit beast is actually a "monster" in the "monsters and demons" category. They possess powerful strength but do not need to transform into human form. The definition between actual spirit beasts and monsters that have not yet transformed into human form has always been vague, and the two are often confused.

There are many ordinary spiritual pets on Shu Mountain, but there are fewer "innate spiritual pets".

To obtain an innate spiritual pet, one must obtain a living spirit beast egg and hatch it on their own. After the spirit beast breaks out of the shell, it will immediately recognize its master. Innate spiritual pets generally have better temperament and intimacy than postnatal spiritual pets.

Whether this spiritual pet is powerful or not is another matter, but for Chu Liang, it is quite novel. Perhaps he doesn't need this egg, but he doesn't mind having an extra one.

What kind of pet does he want?

Jiang Shijie's figure flashed through Chu Liang's mind, and he quickly shook his head, shaking off those unrealistic thoughts.

He looked up and pressed the "Refine" word next to him.


A poisonous bee shadow was refined, and another jar of fruit tea appeared in his hand.

However, Chu Liang noticed that the appearance of this jar of fruit tea was slightly different. Huh? He took a sip and indeed, the taste of this jar of fruit tea was different from before!

A new flavor?

Chu Liang pressed a few more times in succession and found that several jars of fruit tea with different colors and flavors appeared. But they were the same before...

Chu Liang pondered. Was this the charm of the koi fish?

Under its blessing, could it produce completely new flavors?

"Is it enough?" Liu Xiaoyu asked softly.

The young girl closed her eyes as Chu Liang instructed, and then she felt his breathing become rapid, feeling a bit strange.

"Alright, I'll treat you to something delicious later." Chu Liang quickly thanked her and slipped back to his own room.

After returning to his wooden house, Chu Liang took out the small white beast egg. Its shell was crystal clear, and he could see the golden substance inside.

He tried to slowly infuse true qi into it, and immediately felt a warm sensation, as if it was pulsating slightly, as if responding to his gift.


No wonder innate spiritual pets have a higher level of intimacy. It already possesses spirituality now. By continuously hatching it with true qi, it might naturally consider him as its mother.

Then, does that mean he has become a male mother...

Just as he was thinking, he suddenly heard a strange laughter from outside. "Hey hey hey!"

He knew who it was as soon as he heard it.

Chu Liang put away the beast egg and went out to greet Lin Bei, who had an excited expression on his face.

"Chu Liang! We're going to make a name for ourselves!" Lin Bei exclaimed with an excited voice. "Someone from the Heavenly Pivot Pavilion is looking for us!"


Whenever a major event occurs, if conditions permit, disciples of the Heavenly Pivot Pavilion will conduct exclusive interviews with the parties involved, making the news in the Seven Star Mansion more accurate.

However, such interviews are not conducted every time. For example, when Chu Liang and Yun Zhaoxian were in the Seven Star Mansion last time, no one came to interview them. This time, it might be because the situation in Nan Guan City was significant that they received this exclusive interview.

On the way, Lin Bei was ecstatic.

For most immortal sect disciples, appearing in the Seven Star Mansion is indeed a great joy.

But Chu Liang remained calm.

He held a skeptical attitude towards the relationship between the Heavenly Pivot Pavilion and his own master, and he was slightly worried.

Soon, they crossed the sea of clouds and arrived at Tongtian Peak. In a quiet room in one of the heavy buildings, the representative from the Heavenly Pivot Pavilion was waiting here.

But there was another person here.

Seeing her, both Chu Liang and Lin Bei were somewhat surprised.

The disciple of the Heavenly Pivot Pavilion was sitting there, with a petite figure, tied with twin ponytails, and a youthful face that looked like she was sixteen or seventeen years old. When she smiled, her eyes narrowed, giving her a cute appearance.

She was affectionately talking to a woman next to her. The woman wore a fitted long dress and a thin veil, casually tying her hair into a bun, with long hair gently hanging down, giving off an indescribable elegance.

It was Jiang Yuebai.

"The two young heroes from Shu Mountain have arrived." The disciple of the Heavenly Pivot Pavilion stood up and introduced herself first. "I am Zhang Xiaohan, a member of the Wind-catching Hall of the Heavenly Pivot Pavilion. Today, I have come specifically to discuss the situation in Nan Guan City with the two of you. I am a newcomer to the Wind-catching Hall and have limited experience. I hope the two of you can guide me.""Of course, of course." After introducing themselves, Lin Bei patted his chest, "We disciples of Shu Mountain are always kind to others. We hope that when the time comes, Zhang will show mercy in her writing and say a few good words for us."

The Wind Catching Hall is the department in the Heavenly Pivot Pavilion responsible for compiling the Seven Star Mansion report. Every month, the report comes from there. The disciples under the hall often travel around the nine provinces to gather and interview, obtaining countless pieces of information.

If the cultivation world were to rank a list of those who should be killed, the hall master of the Wind Catching Hall, Zhou Yijian, would definitely be at the top. Over the past decades, countless people, both openly and secretly, have wanted him dead.

Chu Liang looked at Jiang Yuebai, wondering why she was here.

Jiang Yuebai smiled and met his gaze.

Zhang Xiaohan seemed to notice his gaze, sat down, held Jiang Yuebai's hand, and laughed, "I knew Sister Jiang before, and I happened to have something to ask her this time, so I invited her to come. Her sitting here won't make you nervous, will it?"

"Nervousness is inevitable..." Lin Bei said, "Sister Jiang is the goddess of our Shu Mountain. It's too difficult for us junior disciples to see her..."

As he spoke, he glanced at Chu Liang next to him.

Chu Liang had already sat down calmly, looking at Jiang Yuebai.

Damn, he's so natural!

Lin Bei couldn't help but curse in his heart.

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Jiang Yuebai glanced at Zhang Xiaohan and said softly, "You can start now, ask them first. I won't be in the way if I just listen, right?"

"Of course not..." Zhang Xiaohan laughed, then turned to the two of them and asked, "First of all, I want to ask, what was your purpose in going to Nanguan City this time?"

"Of course, we had a mission to exterminate demons." Lin Bei said righteously, "As you know, we disciples of Shu Mountain always regard demon extermination as our duty."

"But according to our investigation, you completed your demon extermination mission very quickly. But you stayed in Nanguan City for a few more days. Were you waiting for Miss Xue from Nanyin Pavilion's tour?" Zhang Xiaohan asked.

It seemed that this girl had already been to Nanguan City and knew quite a lot.

Just as Chu Liang was about to nod, he heard Lin Bei shake his head and say, "Absolutely not, we were helping a lost girl who had lost her sister at the time. It was in the process of helping her find her family that we learned about the evil plot of Lord Ding Shan's mansion."

"Wow, you two are indeed chivalrous." Zhang Xiaohan first laughed and praised, then asked, "But I heard that you two had a lot of contact with Miss Xue, and it was widely rumored in Nanguan City... You and Young Marquis started feuding because you were fighting over Miss Xue and got jealous..."

Lin Bei was surprised, "There's such a thing?"

Chu Liang waved his hand vigorously, "Absolutely not!"

Across the table, Jiang Yuebai showed a subtle smile.

Zhang Xiaohan's gaze moved between the two faces and said, "I heard from the servant of the villa that a handsome young hero went to see Miss Xue, and they closed the door to talk and play the zither..."

Lin Bei was surprised again, "I didn't!"

Who would think you did... Chu Liang couldn't help but retort.

At the same time, he was a little headache. What kind of news are these disciples of the Heavenly Pivot Pavilion looking for? Why are they always focusing on these gossip news instead of asking about the process and psychology of fighting against evil?

And... in front of Sister Jiang.

Feeling all eyes on him, Chu Liang knew he couldn't escape, so he had to say softly, "I did go to listen to Miss Xue play the zither, but it was just playing the zither, there was no heart-to-heart talk... Don't listen to people's nonsense."

"Oh?" Zhang Xiaohan's eyes lit up, as if she had caught a lifeline, "The two of you closed the door, just playing the zither? No heart-to-heart talk?"

"Yes." Chu Liang nodded.

"So it seems, Hero Chu can capture what Miss Xue is thinking from the sound of the zither, no need for words..." Zhang Xiaohan murmured, "In the harmony of the zither, they became confidants..."

"Absolutely not..." Chu Liang heard her talking nonsense and hurriedly stopped her, "Miss Xue only played the zither for me once, just that once, don't speculate."

"Nonsense!" Lin Bei retorted on the side, "She clearly played the zither for you several times alone!"

"The time after that was to save my life..." Chu Liang explained.

"Oh?" Zhang Xiaohan seemed to have caught something again, and asked excitedly, "Miss Xue saved Hero Chu's life? This... is a great favor from a beauty."

Wait a minute.

That's not how you use this phrase, right?!

Chu Liang had a black line on his face, thinking about how to explain.

He saw Jiang Yuebai sitting across from him, her face as beautiful as jade, her eyes full of laughter...