Chapter 558 Dead To Me



"What part of I don't want to ever talk to you do you not understand?" Ning Xiaozhi roared into the phone.

"Honey... Iris it is me your–"

"Don't you dare say it," Ning Xiaozhi cut her off. "And don't you dare call me honey or Iris. I do not want my name or what so ever to come out from that evil ditch you call a mouth."

Mrs Ning expected harsh words from her daughter but she was definitely not expecting the ones she just heard. It was filled with so much malice and hate and anger.

She felt hot tears sting her eyes. She has never been treated like this before. No one has ever scolded her like thus. But things all became like this since that day.

And she regrettrd it. Mrs Ning wished she had never pushed for thr marriage. She wished she always let the kids have a choice. A chance to choose.

Now her husband wouod not look at her nor would he speak to her nd not to even talk of stayung in tge same room as her. They both lived like strangers under a shared roof.

Mr Ning madr it clear when she pleaded to him that he will not say a word to her unless yheir dqughter has forgiven her. But how would that be possible?

Ning Xiaozhi does not even want to pick up her calls or read her messages. And now that she has gotten her attention, spiteful words is all she gets.

"Don't call mw. Don't text me. Don't even thunk of me because ypu have lost every right and chance you had," Ning Xiaozhi added.

"P-Please... Please, I-I beg of you, Iris. Please forgive me. I'm sorry. I am sorry," Mrs Ning broke into sobs.

Ning Xiaozhi's eyes dropped closed as she fought back the tears of pain threatening to fall. "No," she outrightly refused.

"I will never in my life forgive you. You don't deserve any shred of pity or my forgiveness. I also begged you a lot of times in the past before i became fed up with you controlling attitude."

"I'm sorry. Please, I will change. I will do anything... Anything at all just for you to forgive me," Mrs Ning begged with tears.

"You are not a supernatural being not to even talk of God. You have no right to decide the fate of other people. You had not right to interfere in our lives but you still did even if you clearly saw how hurt we were."

Shaking her head, Ning Xiaozhi sighed. "The time is gone for you to change. And i am not a saint either. So stop begging becuse it will not affect my decision ."

"Do not ever call me again. You are dead to me."

With all those words, Ning Xiaozhi ended the call, blocked the number and deleted it before standing up. She rushed up to the room she shared with Ye Chaoxiang ans locked the door behind her.

Tossing her ohone aside, she got into the king-sized bed and curled up like a ball on it. Then the tears she stirved to hold back during the phone call all came rushing down with muffled sobs.

She hated it. She hated this weakeness she has but it was inevitable. She just rocked herself back and forth and let the tears flow freely until she fell asleep.


It was around evening, past dinner time in fact, that Ye Chaoxiang came back from work. He was very exhausted and it was written all over his face. He walked into the mansion with his black coat in one hand and a bag in the other.

His sleeves were folded up and his tie was dangling loosely on his neck. He has popped open the first two buttons of his shirt so he could feel less tightened.

"I'm home. Xiaozhi! Mum! Dad! Yumi! Cupcake!" He announced before shouting out thier names as he took of shoes and wore his house flip-flops.

"Chaoxiang dear! Welcome home," Mrs Ye greeted as she gave him a nice warm hug.

Ye Chaoxiang rested his face on her shoulder. "Hey mum. Good evening."

"Aww! My baby boy looks exhausted. Look at this handsome face being all sloppy," Mrs Ye sighed as she took his face in her palms and observed him.

"You must be tired, dear. Was work stressful today?" she asked to which he nodded.

"I had six awful meetings and let's not even get started about the stacks of paper I met on my desk after i came back from those meetings," he replied. "And I promised to take Lee Ai out today."

"Tsk. Don't worry. You will get used to it soon enough. And Lee Ai is notad at you. She understands well the workload you have in your shoulders," she adduref him.

"But for now, go and have a relaxing bath. Then come downstairs to eat. I will warm up yours and Xiaozhi's food," Mrs Ye said as she rubbed his back.

Ye Chaoxiang was about to take a step forward when he paused and turned to look at his mother.
"Xiaozhi has not had dinner yet?" He asked. When Mrs Ye sighed and shook her head, he frowned.


"According to the maids, she went up stairs since early afternoon and they have not seen her come down," she told him.

"When I went to call her for late lucnh and dinner, the door was locked and she did not answer my calls," Mrs Ye added.

"What? Are you sure she is still inside? What if something happened to her? Did you guys check?" Now he started to panic.

"Relax. I checked by myself. I used a spare key to the room. She was just sleeping. I have a gut feeling thay she is not doing well. Her figure looked so sad. But I thought it was best for you to talk to her instead. You know her best."

Ye Chaoxiang sighed and nodded. "Alright thanks, mum. I will go and talk to her now. Just help me get dinner ready and have a maid send the food up. I will make sure she eats."

"I will do just that. Please make sure she is alright, okay? I miss her presence already."

"I will, mum," Ye Chaoxiang nodded before he rushed up stairs to his room.

He did not have to get a spare key since the door was not locked. His mother must have not seen the need to lock it which was good for him. He slowly opened the door and quietly walked in.

"She does look sad," he whispered to himself as soon as his eyes caught sight of the figure in his side of the bed.

He dropped his coat, bag and car keys on the bedside table and chair before her climbed unto the bed. From behind, he snaked his hand on her waist.

Before he could make another move, Ning Xiaozhi turned and nestled her head on his chest. He smiled a little and used his other hand to wrap around her shoulder.

"I heard you did not have either lunch or dinner," He said.

Ning Xiaozhi slightly shook her head and he asked why. But she said nothing instead she moved closer to him.

"Darling, are you okay?" Ye Chaoxiang asked and kissed her hair.

"I don't know," came her reply.

Ye Chaoxiang's brows furrowed tightly. He shifted back a bit and tilted her chin up so that he could see her face.

"Your eyes are swollen. You cried. Who was it?" He asked.

"No one," Ning Xiaozhi shook her head and placed it back on his chest just above his heart.

"Is it mum or dad? Did they say anything to make you angry? Even if it is just a little teasing you can tell me."

"Of course not. They would never do anything out of question, Chaoxiang. Your parents are too sweet to be evil and they love me," she quickly said.

"Then is it who i think it is? Did she call again?"

Ning Xiaozhi nodded and she gripped his shirt. Ye Chaoxiang sighed placed another kiss on her hair. He did not need to ask another question concerning this as he already knew everything.

He has been aware of Mrs Ning's constant call and how Ning Xiaozhi would always feel hurt and sad everytime. So he just offered her his comfort.

"Did you talk to her this time?" When she nodded he asked again. "What was the reason for her call?"

"To beg for my forgiveness."

"Did you for–"

"No. I will never," she cut him off. "I said so many bad things to her and told her never to call me again," she answered.

Ye Chaoxiang sighed and continued rubbing her arm. He decided to remain quiet for while before he spoke up again.

"Don't you think you should at least give her a chance?"

"She never thought to give me a chance so no."