CH 2

Name:Plane Supermarket Author:
In the security lounge next to the entrance of the supermarket, Ye Zhou was looking at the mother and daughter who were desperately stuffing food into their mouths. It was the first time he saw people eating like beasts, and he didn’t know they were women until he brought them in.

Namida’s Note:

1) Niang means mother. Cao’er Niang means Mother-of-Cao’er. Usually when women are married (during that setting) they can no longer use their maiden name and people call them using their husband surname (ex. Chen Shi, wife of Chen / Madam Chen) or their kid’s name (Cao’er Niang, mother-of-Cao’er)

2) they use the word 您 / honourable ‘you’

3) 当牛做马 meaning working hard to do anything for you

4) 得寸进尺 lit. get an inch, want a foot / give them an inch and they will ask for a mile

5) sanda is a martial art