Chapter 420-END - 420 Finale

420 Finale

Qiao Yanhui’s poison had long shown symptoms of eruption, and Xu Qing had been trying her best to suppress it. However, too many things had happened this time. Qiao Yanhui’s buddy and sister had died. Although Qiao Yanhui didn’t say anything, their deaths were a huge blow to him. Coupled with the subsequent battles, Qiao Yanhui was mentally and physically drained.

The reclusive families were still very powerful. After they wiped out three clans and an entire country, the other reclusive families started to behave themselves, so Qiao Yanhui also stopped, but in fact, he was already at his limit. He couldn’t continue at all.

Xu Qing and Ao Jie were so anxious that they couldn’t sleep the entire night. They tried all sorts of methods, but to no avail. Seeing that Qiao Yanhui’s condition was getting worse and worse, Xu Qing was very apprehensive. She even wanted to look for Yi Chulin. If something happened to Yi Chulin, perhaps Ying Zhiyao would sense something. Perhaps if Ying Zhiyao was worried about Yi Chulin, she would appear.

Xu Qing knew that this was very despicable, but she really had no choice. Moreover, Yi Chulin would probably agree. After all, he was so eager to see Ying Zhiyao. However, Xu Qing was unable to find Yi Chulin at all! Or rather, Yi Chulin had disappeared! It was like he had vanished into thin air. What Xu Qing didn’t know was that Yi Chulin and Ying Zhiyao had already met in another world.

“What should I do? I really have no choice. Don’t leave me… If you die, I’ll follow after you.” Xu Qing was very tired, and her hands were covered in blood. She had killed too many people. At this moment, she realized very clearly that she was willing to use everything in exchange for Qiao Yanhui’s recovery. She had already lost a lot of things, so she couldn’t lose Qiao Yanhui again.

“Can you bear to let the children lose both parents at the same time? I’ll be fine…” As Qiao Yanhui hugged Xu Qing, he kept swallowing the blood in his mouth.

As the children squatted outside, they covered their mouths tightly and didn’t dare to cry out loud. They didn’t want to disturb their parents’ last time together. Why had things become like this? Their aunt was dead, while Uncle Sizhi had lost his arm and he had become depressed. Xu Huai and Xu Zhi brought their grieving grandparents back to Anning Village. Uncle Deng was also dead, Auntie Deng was missing, and Uncle Hua had left. The people around them seemed to have encountered tragedies one after another…

Someone had already called them a family full of jinxes. Many people had died because of them, and even an entire country had been destroyed. When Xue’er thought of this, she cried until her eyes were swollen. She was afraid that her father would leave them.

“There’s a way!” Ao Jie suddenly ran over with a box.

Upon hearing this, the children immediately stood up and wiped their tears in a panic.

Ao Jie said, “I found a Life-and-Death Gu in the Liu family. The person who eats the mother Gu can give half of his lifespan to the person who eats the child Gu! I’ll eat the mother Gu and give the child Gu to my brother. This way, I can give half of my life to my brother. Although it won’t be able to extend his life for that long, at least he won’t die now.” Ao Jie’s life was given to him by Qiao Yanhui, so he was willing to do this.

However, the children were unwilling. If they could actually split lifespans like this, they should be the ones to do it. This way, their father could live a few more years. After all, they were younger.

“I don’t need it! Get out!” How could Qiao Yanhui take the lifespans of his brother and children? Besides, this method wasn’t verified at all. He wouldn’t let them take the risk.

When Xu Qing saw the thing in Ao Jie’s hand, she took it without another word. She swallowed it and watched as Qiao Yanhui handed over the child Gu. “You’re going to die anyway. If we succeed, we’ll live for a few more decades. If we fail, we’ll just die. Eat it. I’m willing to bet on this. If you don’t eat it, I’ll kill myself now.”

“Okay.” Qiao Yanhui stared at her in silence for a long time before swallowing it.

Actually, this medicine didn’t seem to have any effect at that time, because Qiao Yanhui’s body was still in pain. He needed Xu Qing to use all sorts of methods to relieve the pain every day.

However, as these days continued, Xu Qing knew that she had succeeded, since Qiao Yanhui didn’t die from the poison. However, his body would always be in pain when the poison acted up. In other words, he was on the verge of death every day and was constantly tortured by the Gu poison.

When Xu Qing saw how much pain Qiao Yanhui was in, she didn’t know if she had made the right choice. However, her selfish desires won in the end. She didn’t want Qiao Yanhui to leave her. She had really lost too many people. Now that she and Qiao Yanhui were finally living the peaceful life they had dreamed of, she felt that she should be satisfied and shouldn’t worry about anything else.

As for Ao Jie, he was a competent emperor, so they were relieved. As for the children, they also took over Xu Qing’s position and followed Lei Wangshu and Xie Pengyang to manage the various factions in the world while expanding their family’s business. They heard that they even met Xu Sizhi’s family later on. They chased Xu Sizhi out back then, but now, they were in dire straits, so there was no need for Xu Sizhi to take revenge anymore…