Chapter 175 - Chapter 175: Fortune Handing Boy, Thank You for the Gift from Ghost Demon Sect_l

Chapter 175: Fortune Handing Boy, Thank You for the Gift from Ghost Demon Sect_l

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“Damn it, I’m going all out!”

Kang Yuan was both shocked and enraged.

He hadn’t even discovered the location of the enemy that was using a soul attack on him yet, and now he had run into a swarm of terrifyingly ferocious bugs, putting him in a matter of life and death almost instantly.

Surrounded by a terrifying intent to kill, it was as if he was in the midst of an ambush at all sides.

No matter which direction he tried to break through, he would be attacked by the enemy.

He was, indeed, in a desperate situation.

Right now, he regretted so deeply that his intestines were turning green.

If he had known that Zhou Sui was so well-hidden, he would rather die than accept this task.

But it’s too late for anything now, there is no pill for regret in this world.


The next second, he pulled out a middle-grade spiritual artifact, the Blood Demon Knife, from his body. A terrifying demonic qi erupted, directed towards the sky, enveloping an area of several miles around him.

Kang Yuan’s face was fierce as he channeled the vast mana within him furiously which instantly evoked a terrifying blood-colored blade light, slashing towards the swarm of Gold Eating Bugs.

The power of this strike was incredibly horrifying, enough to slice a small hill into two.

Vaguely, cries and howls like ghosts and wolves rang out mid-air; countless wronged souls seemed to be screaming, which sent shivers down the spine.

The terrifying power of the blood-colored blade light was infinite; it could penetrate through anything.

An ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivator, if hit by this knife, would be slashed into two instantly and perished.

At this moment, hundreds of Gold Eating Bugs lunged towards him, emitting golden lights from their bodies, forming a golden barrier that appeared like a turtle shell, with mysterious golden runes surfacing on it, amalgamating as a whole.


In what seemed like slow-motion but happened quickly, Kang Yuan’s solid knife strike landed on this golden barrier, resulting in a clanging sound. Sparks flying around, it felt like he was slashing on steel.

However, that was it; the middle-grade spiritual artifact, Blood Demon Knife, could not progress even an inch further.

Clearly, the defense of the Gold Eating Bugs, which had advanced to the second stage, had also multiplied several times.

Even when faced with a powerful attack from a mid-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator, they could easily resist it.

“How is this possible?!”

Seeing this scene, Kang Yuan couldn’t believe his eyes. His all-out attack, slashing on this swarm of strange bugs, did absolutely no damage. Instead, these insects effortlessly blocked his blade.

Not only did these bugs not retreat, but they also charged towards him even more ferociously.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it.

You must know that if he were facing a same-level Foundation Establishment cultivator, his attack could make the opponent retreat in fear.

Even a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator would dodge its edge and dare not face it directly.


Before he had time to figure out how to counterattack, the Gold Eating Bugs had become furious. His attack had utterly provoked them, stirring up their ferocity so much so that their fierce qi exploded, becoming incredibly rampant.

Hum hum—

At this moment, these Gold Eating Bugs erupted with golden sword lights, charging towards him with lightning speed. Their incredible speed produced a succession of sonic booms.

Such sword lights stirred an endless storm, slicing through the air and forming wind blades.

Ability — Armor Break!

Just like sword lights produced by sword cultivators, they encompassed a terrifying power that could break through anything.


Just one strike, and his defensive spiritual artifact was shattered instantly, ruptured like tofu. His body was full of holes like a honeycomb.

A large amount of blood flowed out, making a rumbling sound.

The ground was completely stained red with his blood.


Kang Yuan’s eyes widened, his heart filled with horror, as he could feel his life force swiftly ebbing away.

He felt his demise came too quickly, he didn’t even see his enemy’s face.

To think he would die so miserably in this place.

Of course, it wasn’t just him that died.

Even his three companions in the early Foundation Establishment stage were penetrated by the Gold Eating Bugs the moment they were drawn into the nightmare world. Their bodies exploded into pieces.

When they died, they had no idea what had happened.

Each of them fell to the ground, their eyes wide open even in death.

A moment later.

A figure appeared in the valley. This was one of Zhou Sui’s clones.

He quietly observed the long-dead Kang Yuan and the others.

Now, he no longer feared they were just playing dead.

After all, he was just a clone. Even if he was ambushed, it wouldn’t harm the original body in the slightest.

“As expected, the Dream Soul Gu and Gold Eating Bug become stronger after advancing to the second stage.”

“Even when encountering four Foundation Establishment cultivators, they can kill instantly.”

Zhou Sui was very satisfied.

He had merely tested them out. Facing three Foundation Establishment early-stage cultivators and one middle-stage cultivator was as easy as slicing through a melon.

Although he did have the advantage of a sneak attack, he had to admit that the power displayed by the Gu insects at the second stage was beyond imagination.

It was not something ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivators could compare to.

Obviously, his current fighting power was definitely not weak among many Foundation Establishment cultivators.

“Soul Search.”

At Zhou Sui’s thought, the Dream Soul Gu immediately devoured the souls of the four dead Foundation Establishment cultivators. The Dream Soul Gu was exhilarated, sensing the soul energy within it increasing, and the space in the dreamland expanding. It seemed to have created four more dream bubbles and massive amounts of memories surged in like a tidal wave.

He now understood the whole story and knew exactly who was plotting against him.

“Ghost Demon Sect? The Demonic Sect again.”

“This has been the third or fourth time, they’re still sending people after me.”

A cold glint appeared in Zhou Sui’s eyes.

He had found out who was targeting him. Clearly, Luo Hua, the Sect Master of the Ghost Demon Sect, could not accept his defeat and wanted revenge all the time.

As he could not kill Leng Yuexi, he wanted to destroy him instead.

The proverb goes that you should pick on the weak, and he was the chosen soft target.

Fortunately, he was always cautious and never risked his life. Otherwise, he could have really fallen into the Ghost Demon Sect’s trap.

And now, times have changed.

Unless Luo Hua, the Sect Master of the Ghost Demon Sect, takes action himself, it’s a fool’s dream for ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivators to take him down.

“It’s not really a bad thing.”

“To lure me out of the sect, they actually took out the Airless Grass from the treasure trove of the Ghost Demon Sect.”

“They really splurged.”

“If it weren’t for the Ghost Demon Sect, I wouldn’t know when I could get the Airless Grass.”

“From this perspective, I should be grateful for the Ghost Demon Sect’s generosity.”

Zhou Sui stroked his chin.

He sensed that there was indeed an Airless Grass in the storage bags of the four Foundation Establishment cultivators.

It was exactly the material he needed.

With this Airless Grass, he could refine the Teleportation Insect.

That would greatly ensure his safety in the future.

So, he should be grateful for the Ghost Demon Sect’s actions, as they saved him a lot of time looking for the Airless Grass.

Finding such a special spiritual medicine isn’t simple after all..