Chapter 7 7

Name:Pale Flesh Author:Fiendish Grin
The scene playing out on the local news channel deeply disturbed Aiden, yet he couldn't help feeling strangely excited about the gruesome crime.

The report described a shocking crime scene - a mutilated corpse with limbs severed and the brain removed. As graphic images flashed on screen, Aiden's lips curled into an involuntary smile that horrified him. What has gotten into me? he thought nauseously.

Aiden turned off the TV, put his head in his hands and wrestled with his conflicting emotions. Why had his first impulse been to enjoy such horrific violence? The thought repulsed him.

Hoping for answers, Aiden willed his status screen to appear. The blood red display enumerated Aiden's new physical and mental attributes from his grisly meal.

Though unsettled, Aiden couldn't deny feeling excited by his newly acquired strength, reflexes, skills and especially... his hunger for violence.But doubt gnawed at him. Was this darkness lurking within him, or had the heinous act stirred something sinister to life?


HEALTH - 110% (+10%)

STAMINA - 110% (+10%)

HUNGER - 50% (-25%)


REFLEXES - 12 (+3)

STRENGTH - 8 (+3)

SPEED - 12 (+4)



Masterful stealth and invisibility


Combative mastery and ruthlessness

Marksmanship[LV 9]

Hit any target at any distance


Surmounts even the toughest locks

Disguise[LV6]I think you should take a look at

Flawlessly mimics any identity


Crafts deadly poisons for any purpose


Expert at extracting secrets by any means


- Track targets by scent with incredible acuity and accuracy, much like a real bloodhound

- Follow trails that are hours, days or even weeks old

- Detect faint smells and distinguish multiple scents that others would find indistinguishable

- Potentially see tracks or trails invisible to the naked eye, due to a heightened sense of smell

- Have a superhuman ability to zero in on and follow a specific target's scent, ignoring all others



Aiden stared in wonder at his new status display- a gift from consuming the assassin's gruesome remains. Though smaller, the stats were succinct and easy to comprehend.

Aiden marveled at the skills he'd absorbed - stealth, combat, marksmanship and more. His emotions conflicted: detached yet excited by his cannibalistic transformation.

Aiden strode to his massive walk-in closet. His bespoke suits and shirts now hung loose, rendered obsolete by his enhanced physique. His Armani and Brioni suits pulled awkwardly at shoulders and thighs, shirt sleeves ending inches from his wrists.

None of Aiden's wardrobe fit his new body. Frowning at his reflection, Aiden called his personal shopper.

"Albert, it's urgent. Complete wardrobe replacement for this afternoon."

Hanging up, Aiden smiled. His billions ensured changes in physique posed no obstacle to acquiring a new tailored wardrobe befitting his billionaire status and assassin gifts.

Aiden descended in his private elevator, grateful his limousine awaited to whisk him to his tailor on Savile Row.

Soon his wardrobe would match his monstrous metamorphosis, outwardly disguising the darkness lurking within.