Chapter 1243 - Chapter 1243: Peak Battle

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Chapter 1243: Peak Battle

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Xu Qing got close.

The dark clouds that looked like colossal creatures pressed down, giving off an ominous feeling.

As Prince Mingnan’s footsteps landed, under the pitch-black night sky, the clouds began to churn, like ocean waves stirred by a fierce wind, with lightning flashing within, resembling silver serpents dancing wildly in the darkness, intersecting into ancient and mysterious runes.

Thunder rumbled and shook the sky, as though a beast was roaring.

The behemoth had awakened!

A vast storm suddenly formed outside Prince Mingnan’s body.

The violent wind was like a blade, sweeping in all directions, pushing aside the clouds and stirring up the magma, forming a fire storm.

Even the bone dragon was on the verge of collapse from the violent wind, as though it would be swept away by the storm in the next moment.

Those human cultivators were like leaves that were swept up by the wind and thrown up, forming a chaotic scene.

As for Xu Qing’s figure, it was the focus of this storm. The corners of Prince Mingnan’s mouth revealed a hint of disdain as the storm outside his body swept out.

It was as though the world had transformed into a ferocious demon that swept over with destructive force, ruthlessly devouring Xu Qing.

Xu Qing’s fourth god form was the first to bear the brunt. It directly collided with the storm that swept over. The expressions of the Eldest Prince and the humans under him changed.

They had fought with this Prince Mingnan before and knew how terrifying he was. Although Xu Qing’s aura wasn’t weak, his figure was blurry now that he was drowned by the storm, looking small and insignificant.

In the storm, a rain of fire poured down, drowning the world.

The force of the storm was so strong that not only did it disperse the clouds and mist, but also created multiple large craters on the ground. This power, this might, made everything opposing it seem incredibly insignificant in its presence.

However, this didn’t include Xu Qing.

The storm emitted a deafening sound at the next moment. Amidst the rumbling sounds, a mysterious power that surpassed the storm erupted.

It was a saber.

A saber that seemed to touch the sky.

The cold white saber light and the pitch-black night sky painted a black-and-white painting!

It erupted from the inside, shaking the storm outside, forming explosive air waves.

Boom boom boom!

Saber light erupted, illuminating the surroundings. It broke through everything in this storm and slashed out.

There was also a spirit contained in it.

It emitted an aura that broke through all constraints, shattered all rules, and destroyed all shackles.

The sky shook and the clouds tore apart, forming a straight trail that stretched for at least 500 kilometers.

The storm collapsed. The remnant wind rolled back and fire rained down like meteors.

The ground churned like the sea, creating a 500 kilometer-long ravine. If a mortal were to stand at the edge and look down, they would see a vast canyon stretching endlessly into the distance.

From this… one could see the power of Nihility.

As the storm shattered and the heavenly saber shone, Xu Qing’s demonic god-like figure rushed out. With an endless aura and an indomitable force, he instantly arrived in front of Prince Mingnan.

A hint of solemnity appeared in Prince Mingnan’s eyes as he punched out.

Thunder rumbled.

The two of them fought without any delay. Their speed was extremely fast and they collided thousands of times in a short period of time.

During this period, the sound of Prince Mingnan’s breathing appeared 17 times!

Every time he inhaled, it was like a dragon absorbing water. Not only was the sound loud, but it also absorbed all the power of heaven and earth in the surroundings into his mouth.

After that, his physical strength clearly increased.

Xu Qing had seen this spell being used by the cultivators of the Flame Moon Mystic Heaven before. Regardless of whether it was the captain’s explanation or Qiu Quezi’s description of Prince Mingnan on the way, it allowed Xu Qing to understand this spell clearly.

This was an emperor-level cultivation art of the Flame Moon Mystic Race, Thirty-Six Immortal Energy.

This was a general term. To be precise, this was a peak art formed by 36 emperor-level cultivation arts.

Nine Breaths Submission was just one of them.

Although its name had nine breaths, it wasn’t limited to nine breaths. Different cultivators had different understandings and perceptions.

Hence, 17 breaths and strengthening 17 times, the physical strength of Prince Mingnan was elevated to a terrifying extent.

However, Xu Qing could withstand it!

He even counterattacked!

As the heavenly saber continued to descend time and again, the spirit contained in it became stronger and clearer.

As a result, the sound produced by each collision between the two sides was immense. However, due to the short duration of each collision, these sounds merged together to form a thunderous roar akin to the creation of the universe.

The bone dragon finally couldn’t withstand it and was sent flying.

Countless deep craters formed on the ground.

The thick clouds and fog that enveloped the sky were completely dispersed, revealing the sky.

It was the night sky. While the stars were scattered, one could also see the fragmented-face of the god in the night sky!

Under the fragmented-face, Xu Qing and Prince Mingnan were still fighting.

With them as the center, energy waves quickly spread out, with each wave containing a terrifying power.

Seeing this scene, the captain in the distance and the Eldest Prince in another direction felt waves in their hearts.

“The spirit contained in that strike… Little Qing, he finally has his own embryonic Dao!”

It’s a Dao that breaks all shackles, breaks all rules, breaks through the constraints of heaven and earth, and breaks out of the conventional path!”

The captain’s eyes revealed an intense light.

Due to his limited experience, the Eldest Prince’s perception wasn’t as accurate as the captain’s. However, he was also moved and shaken due to the spirit in that strike.

He didn’t know how to describe it but he vaguely felt a sense of compatibility.

It was as though that was the Dao he yearned for.

Hence, at that moment, his scalp was numb. It wasn’t because of the trembling but because of the resonance!

Just as the hearts of the two of them churned, an even more intense sound exploded in the sky. After Xu Qing and Prince Mingnan’s figures came into contact again, they each retreated, creating a distance of 1000 feet.

Xu Qing, who was in his god form, stood there with a cold gaze. His entire body emitted a majestic aura. However, upon closer inspection, one could see that his god form body was filled with countless injuries.

However, these wounds rapidly healed as the soul threads squirmed.

As for Prince Mingnan, he no longer looked relaxed. The solemnity in his eyes not only permeated his expression but also spread to his entire body.

There were also injuries on his body but as white light flashed, he instantly recovered.

“To be able to withstand my Nine Breaths Submission, I’m impressed… Human, your divine transformation method is quite interesting.”

“I wonder if you can withstand my…”

Before Prince Mingnan could finish speaking, his expression suddenly changed and he retreated abruptly. Almost at the instant he retreated, the place he was originally at collapsed.

The void shattered.

An iron rod that shone with bizarre light rushed out of the collapsed void and returned to Xu Qing’s side.

“You…” Prince Mingnan’s expression was gloomy.


Xu Qing’s voice was calm. The moment it rang out, he rushed straight for Prince Mingnan like a bolt of lightning. At the same time, he lifted his right hand and tugged at his body. Immediately, the cry of the Golden Crow resounded through the sky.

Black flames erupted from his body, forming a Golden Crow that spat out a sea of fire. After that, it rushed toward Xu Qing.

Its body rapidly disappeared as though it had been stripped off. In the end, only a black spear was left in Xu Qing’s hand. He held it fiercely and threw it toward Prince Mingnan!

The iron rod also shone brightly. Countless black lightning surrounded it and rushed over as well.

Killing intent flashed in Prince Mingnan’s heart. He knew his own shortcomings, which his father had also reminded him of – his arrogance.

This was brought about by his lofty status and the overall strength of his race, which meant that despite appearing to have experienced many battles, in reality, there were few cultivators who dared to truly engage him in life-and-death combat wherever he went.

A smooth life had brought him glory and prestige, but it had also left him with flaws.

This was also the reason why he chose to participate in the Grand Hunt. He knew that he needed to temper himself and truly experience life and death before he could transform his strengths into a heaven-defying Great Dao.

Now, he had a premonition that the opportunity he had been waiting for had appeared.

Hence, the gloominess in his eyes transformed into dense killing intent. The instant Xu Qing got close, he lifted his hand and opened his palm to the sky, clenching fiercely!

As if crushed by an invisible palm, a large area of the void collapsed, unleashing countless raindrops that showered the earth. Simultaneously, they hindered the charging spear and the iron rod to some extent.

The starry sky was revealed to a greater extent at this moment.

In the starry sky, nine incredibly bright stars shone, conspicuous and arranged together in the shape of a finger.

Prince Mingnan lowered his right hand and pointed at Xu Qing without bothering about the black spear.

“The star handle points east, where everything becomes spring.”

Nine stars shone, their starlight replaced all light, forming an illusory finger that appeared in the east of Xu Qing.

This finger was incomparably huge and emitted a vast might. In Xu Qing’s perception, it was as though he was facing the entire starry sky. Compared to it, he was insignificant.

Under the envelopment of the force, Xu Qing felt as though he was bound. Everything slowed down.

“The star handle points south, everything becomes summer.”

Xu Qing’s heart trembled. Just as he was about to break the binding force, a second finger appeared in the south. The binding power soared again!

“The star handle points west, everything becomes autumn.”

Next was the third finger!

“The star handle points north, everything becomes winter.”

Prince Mingnan’s voice echoed as a fourth finger appeared in the north of Xu Qing.

These four fingers were extremely long and vast, emitting a terrifying might. At that moment, all of them were pointing at Xu Qing.

It was the Star Shifting Nine-Star Suppression Technique of the Thirty-Six Immortal Energy.

“East, south, west, and north, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, where the star handle points, there will be nowhere to escape!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the four star fingers descended towards Xu Qing in an instant!