Chapter 127 Immortal Jellyfish Emperor’s Pet Egg!

[Ding! A player in your team bypassed level and killed the Immortal Jellyfish Emperor (Silver BOSS), gained extra exp…]

The team notification appeared.


Two golden lights appeared.

Both Chen Fang and Xu Muqing rose one level.

Currently, Xu Muqing couldn’t believe it. In just a short time, she had advanced 3 levels in a row, rushing to second place in the Level Ranking!!!

You should know that the team’s exp distribution set by Chen Fang was 8:2. Chen Fang, the team captain, gained 80% exp while she only gained 20%. But even so, it allowed her to advance by 3 levels!

This was too terrifying!

Xu Muqing was a little emotional.

“Oh right, let’s pick up the loot quickly, or it’ll disappear later.”

When she came back to her senses, Xu Muqing looked at the Immortal Jellyfish corpses all over the ground and said hastily.

It will take a long time to clean up so many corpses.

“No need.”

Chen Fang smiled slightly and pointed the void ring in his right hand at the Immortal Jellyfish corpses…

Void Absorption!

A terrible suction appeared in the Void Ring, and the Immortal Jellyfish were sucked into it like a dragon sucking water.

At the same time, the team channel was also ringing constantly.

[Ding! You get gold coins x123!]

[Ding! Your team obtained ‘Wavewalker Boots’ which will be distributed by the captain: Between Square Inches!]

[Ding! Your team obtained ‘Ocean Pioneer Helmet’ which will be distributed by the captain: Between Square Inches!]

[Ding! Your team obtained ‘Tidal Gauntlets’ which will be distributed by the captain: Between Square Inches!]

[Ding! Your team obtained…]



“It… It can also be done like this?”

Xu Muqing took a deep breath. Surprise flashed in her eyes when she looked at the Void Ring in Chen Fang’s hand.

As she regained her senses, she began to count the loot.

Two pieces of Gold equipment, thirty pieces of silver equipment, and hundreds of bronze equipment.

The drop rate of these pieces of equipment once again shocked Xu Muqing.

What surprised them the most was the light blue pet egg!

[Immortal Jellyfish Emperor’s Pet Egg]

Quality: Gold

Aptitude: 47~50

Description: This egg contains an unborn Immortal Jellyfish Emperor. After hatching, you will get a beautiful Immortal Jellyfish Emperor!


The Immortal Jellyfish Emperor’s Pet Egg was even gold quality!

The two of them were taken aback.

In addition to Chen Fang’s Holy Light Unicorn, this was the second gold pet in Eternal! Coupled with its beautiful appearance, it will definitely sell for a sky-high price!

The Holy Light Unicorn was a Gold Pet with a full 50 aptitude before enhancement.

Chen Fang thought for a while. He didn’t plan to raise another gold pet, so he assigned the pet egg directly to Xu Muqing with a point of his finger.

[Ding! Captain ‘Between Square Inches’ assigned ‘Immortal Jellyfish Emperor’s Pet Egg’ to team member ‘Clear Snow’!]

“What are you doing?”

Xu Muqing said in a daze.

“Giving it to you.”

The corner of Chen Fang’s mouth raised slightly to form a faint smile.

“No, this is too expensive!”

Xu Muqing quickly clicked refuse.

Chen Fang continued to assign the pet egg to her.

“Why is our relationship for so many years not worth a golden pet?”

Chen Fang immediately lowered his face and looked serious, pretending to be angry.

As soon as he said this, Xu Muqing trembled slightly, her eyes reddened.

She looked straight at Chen Fang, a little touched.

This pet egg is worth at least several million! He just gave this several million thing to her casually.

Standing still, after a long silence…

“Thank you!”

Xu Muqing pursed her lips slightly and uttered the words softly.

It took a day to hatch the pet egg.

She clicked to hatch and smiled as she saw the countdown on the egg in her Inventory.

Her fondness couldn’t be hidden.

The Immortal Jellyfish Emperor has a high combat power and a very beautiful appearance. And… this was given to her by Chen Fang.

The two continued to walk on the seabed.

They occasionally gathered one or two pieces of Bronze equipment and encountered some sea monsters.

After a while, a palace suddenly appeared in front of them.

The palace was composed of a variety of beautiful underwater jade, corals, shells, and precious natural crystals as if it were made in heaven!

It looked extremely stunning and shocking, like a dreamy palace.

“What a beautiful underwater palace!”

Xu Muqing was stunned and couldn’t help herself.

Beautiful! So beautiful!

Even Chen Fang was slightly shocked.

How much could he sell the crystals obtained here?!

As the two approached, they discovered there was a group of mermaids holding tridents patrolling around the underwater palace.

This should be the legendary Mermaid Palace!

Chen Fang thought inwardly.

The names mermaids and murlocs1 seemed similar, but there was a world of difference.

Murloc has a fish upper body and a human lower body. They appeared very ugly. Mermaid was the opposite. Their upper body was the same as human and their lower body has the tail fin of a fish.

They were extremely beautiful.

Mermaids were mostly beauties!