Chapter 55: Enel

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Chapter 55: Enel

The Gods Guards, completely defeated.

Enel observed every single detail from his shrine.

With the Goro Goro no Mi and his adept use of Kenbunshoku Haki, known as Mantra, Enels range of perception has been greatly amplified. He can now tap into electromagnetic waves from the air, enabling him to effortlessly eavesdrop on conversations and sense the environment with an extraordinary scope. This expanded reach of his Mantra covers vast territories, encompassing the entirety of Skypiea and beyond.

Due to his immense power, Enel narrowly evaded being eliminated by Shiki, the Golden Lion, during their conquest of Skypiea years ago. Instead, he successed to make him a partner. However, as circumstances unfolded, Enel indirectly found himself in a position of subordination to Shiki, becoming his subordinate rather than an equal partner.

Shiki had ruthlessly abducted all the young men and women of Skypiea, leaving Enels supposed divinity to appear as nothing more than a cruel joke.

Tsk Shiki you bastard!!

Inside the temple, Enel slumped against a wall, cradling his head in his hands, while his left wrist emitted a pulsating surge of electricity.

So, these are the so-called Marines they boasted about. They dont seem particularly impressive But now that theyve discovered Skypieas secret, I cant let them live. Prepare for the wrath of the gods!

In an instant, a searing bolt of lightning shot up into the sky from Enels wrist!

Using his precise Mantra, the attack traveled thousands of miles away, descending from the sky!

In the village, Saitama was engaged in a conversation with Tashigi.

Suddenly, the surroundings were engulfed in blinding whiteness!

The residents of Skypiea displayed expressions of fear and astonishment on their faces.

Saitama looked up and witnessed a massive lightning column tearing through the sky, swiftly descending towards him!

A thunderous explosion! echoed through the air.

In that split second, before anyone could react, Saitama swiftly pushed Tashigi aside, but he was consumed by the lightning column, disappearing within the intense radiance.

As everyone regained their senses,

It became evident that the very spot where Saitama had stood had transformed into a colossal, abyssal crater!

Pitch-black and ominously deep, its depths shrouded in impenetrable darkness!

Saitama-san!!The source of this content nov(el)bi((n))

Tashigi exclaimed in shock as she hurriedly rushed towards him, her face pale with worry.

Without hesitation, she prepared to jump down into the deep pit. Hold on, Im coming to save you!

Phew That was close!

Saitama, standing at the bottom of the huge crater, looked up and waved at Tashigi, gesturing for her to hold on. Im good, no need for you to jump in.


Tashigi stood at the edge of the hole, her expression filled with disbelief. But You were directly struck by that intense lightning How can you be unscathed?

I dunno.

Saitama reached out to touch himself, contemplating the situation. Hmm Now that you mention it, theres something different

Like a blazing bullet, he soared through the air, leaving behind a visible gap, a testament to the tremendous power of his jump.

With unwavering precision, he delivered a powerful punch straight to the Thunder Dragons snout.

Time to send you back!

In an instant, the Thunder Dragon was ruthlessly kicked back into the heart of the raging thunderclouds, hurtling back towards the temple, tracing its path in reverse.

Enels body was left charred and seared, bearing the marks of the explosive impact that had taken.


A cloud of black smoke billowed from his mouth, as Enels face contorted into a mix of pain and fury.

As the embodiment of lightning itself, he had concentrated his immense power into the Thunder Dragon. Yet, against all expectations, that retaliatory punch managed to inflict real harm. If he hadnt possessed the Goro Goro no Mi Devil Fruit, that single strike would have surely been fatal.

The Thunder God was almost blasted by the thunder he controlled.

What kind of joke is this!? That moron! How dare he defy me!

Enels fury grew to an uncontrollable extent, causing him to lose all restraint and succumb to reckless impulses.

Exiting the Gods Shrine, he leaped into his colossal flying ark Maxim, with its massive hull resonating with the hum of electric energy coursing through gilded conduits.

Harnessing the limitless power of Enels electrical currents, he soared into the sky, heading straight for Saitamas location.

It is a meticulously designed flying ark, engineered by Enel and assembled by The Divine Squad, specifically tailored for the purpose of neutralizing the Golden Lion Shiki.

This vessel not only possesses the capability to traverse the skies effortlessly but also wields the power to conjure colossal lightning storms that can reduce entire villages to ashes.

Damn it!

I had intended to decimate the entire island in one fell swoop!

But never could I have imagined it would occur at this moment!

And all because of that infuriating marine!

The premature revelation of this ark could potentially raise Shikis suspicions.

Regardless, theres no time to fret over that now. Ill make sure to eliminate those fools who dare to defy me! Enel seethed, his anger palpable.

Just thinking about that cheeky troublemaker who had the guts to defy Thunderous Dragon gets me seriously riled up Enels face contorts with fury.

Consider yourself damn lucky! Being struck down by my Thunder Greeting is the highest honor the gods could ever give you! Haaahaha-ha-ha..

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