Chapter 36: Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine

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Chapter 36: Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine

Behold, the name of the condemned

The cannonball struck Mr.5 with precision, yet when the haze subsided, he stood there unscathed, nonchalantly picking his nose, without a single scratch on his body.

The captain of the Alabasta Kingdoms royal guards, Igaram, and the princess, Nefertari Vivi, he declared, enunciating each syllable with precision.

As the name left his lips, all hope vanished from the faces of the onlookers. But Vivi was not one to be defeated so easily. She pointed her tail at Mr.5, brandishing her peacock saw blade, and proclaimed, Dont you dare underestimate me, you hounds of Crocodile!

Mr.5 didnt bat an eye. Its giving me a headache, he muttered. You keep mentioning the bosss name, and if it gets out, well all be silenced.

But Vivi was not deterred.

Die, Princess Vivi! Mr.5 bellowed, preparing to unleash his explosive powers. However, before he could do so, Vivi flung her peacock saw blade at him with all her might.

Mr.5 dodged the attack effortlessly, and with a smirk, he flicked a booger at Vivi. The booger exploded on impact, sending Vivi flying several meters away.

As she lay there, rolling on the ground, her hair became undone, and she looked nothing like a princess anymore.

Ill save you, my princess! Igaram shouted, rushing towards Vivis aid.nove(l)bi(n.)com

But before he could reach her, a sudden force pushed him down to the ground.

Miss Valentine, holding a parasol and looking as cool as a cucumber, was sitting on Igarams back, becoming heavier and heavier with each passing moment. You wont be able to save her, she said with a sly grin. Ive eaten the Kilo-Kilo Fruit, which allows me to freely change my weight between one and ten thousand kilograms. As a senior member of Baroque Works, I wont let you escape so easily, Igaram.

A deafening explosion echoed through the surroundings, shaking the very foundation of the area. The scene that unfolded was one of utter devastation and ruin.

Amid the chaos, the once agile and graceful ViVi now struggled to even catch her breath, her body battered and bloodied. In a desperate attempt to stay alive, she wiped away the blood from her wounds and struggled to stand on her trembling legs.

It was impossible for such a loud explosion to go unnoticed. The bounty hunters who were gathered inside the banquet hall immediately rushed outside, weapons at the ready. But when they caught a glimpse of the assailant responsible for the attack, their courage faltered, and their voices fell silent.

Such was the power and authority of the Baroque Works high-ranking officers. They held the ability to strike fear in the hearts of even the most seasoned bounty hunters, leaving them quivering in their boots.

In that moment, it was clear to everyone present that these high-ranking officers possessed the strength to eliminate not just ViVi and Igaram, but every single bounty hunter in the vicinity, if they so chose.

As Mr.5 smirked, he pointed his finger at Vivis forehead, confident in his ability to eliminate any target entrusted to him. Whether a princess or a king, our mission is inevitable, he sneered. Hate me if you will, but pray that you dont make the same mistake again in your next life.

Vivi braced herself as she waited for the explosion from Mr.5s devastating Devil Fruit power. The air was heavy with tension, and the room was silent save for the ticking of the clock.

Suddenly, the door creaked open, and a bald-headed stranger stepped into the room.

Excuse me, he interrupted, looking bewildered by the scene before him.

I dont mean to intrude, but could you please tone down the fireworks a bit? Theyre really quite loud and disturbing the peace around here.

Hmph! Who do you think you are!

Mr. 5 arrogantly took off his sunglasses, his face twisted with anger as he picked his nose, Youre just a measly Navy guy, daring to lecture us Seems like youre tired of living

Miss Valentine also folded her umbrella, nodding in agreement, Our mission is absolute! Anyone who gets in our way must be eliminated

Saitama raised an eyebrow, Oh?

So, ten minutes had passed.

Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine found themselves battered and bruised, kneeling in front of Saitama, the infamous Bald-Devil, while Tashigi stood by his side with a stern expression. Tears streamed down their faces as they desperately apologized, Were sorry!

Saitama scratched his head, looking unimpressed. Apologies wont cut it.

Tashigi stepped forward, handcuffs in hand. Ive investigated and it turns out, you two are wanted criminals. She gestured towards the handcuffs. Put these handcuffs on, you two are going to jail, Tashigi declared firmly

Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine hesitated, eyeing the bald-devil standing behind Tashigi.

It didnt take long for them to realize that defying Saitama would be a futile effort. With a resigned sigh, they extended their hands and submitted to the handcuffs, allowing Tashigi to lead them away.

As they were taken into custody, Saitama turned to the disheveled blue-haired girl, Princess Vivi. So, youre the one who sought help from the World Government?

Vivi nodded fervently. Yes, thats me.

Tell me what you found, He urged.

Vivi took a deep breath. I infiltrated the notorious Baroque Works due to the internal turmoil in my country, only to uncover a shocking secret. The enemy were facing is none other than Crocodile, one of the feared Shichibukai! Vivi implored Saitama, her voice filled with urgency. Please contact the Navy headquarters admiral. Only they have the power to deal with a villain as mighty as Crocodile!

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