Chapter 27: Orange Tea

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Chapter 27: Orange Tea

The blue-haired girl let out a deep sigh and spoke with a hint of concern, Look, I know youre a great guy and all, but lets face it, you dont stand a chance against him. Hes a monster, and no one has ever challenged him and survived not even you.

Just as she finished speaking, a colossal shadow emerged behind Saitama, casting an ominous darkness over the scene.

As soon as the blue-haired girl finished speaking, a red octopus holding six swords appeared before Saitama and his companions.

He looked down at them with a menacing glare before speaking in a low, ominous voice, Here There are still humans in the town!. Just hearing the voice, I didnt believe that someone dares to come back here, so I came here on purpose to be sure

Saitama blinked, then turned to the octopus with a blank expression and remarked, Ah, Its the first time Ive seen a real moron in the world

IM NOT A MORON!! IM A FISHMAN!! the octopus shouted, offended by Saitamas comment.

He then held a knife to Saitamas neck and demanded, Listen here, boy! If you want to live, you better hand over all your money! Or else, Ill make sure you see some colors

Saitama ignored the octopus threats and instead touched his chin, staring at the creatures six claws.

It looks delicious he mused, I dont know if theres a difference between an ordinary octopus and a weird one

You want to eat me?! the octopus exclaimed, his eyes widening in surprise at Saitamas remark.

As Saitama continued to examine him, the pirate couldnt help but feel unnerved by the bald mans serious expression and demeanor. I dont know why he thought to himself, but this bald head looks serious His tone His looks Ah! Whats wrong with me! Heh! As if it can really be done!

Dont underestimate me, stupid human! he growled, his expression becoming more aggressive, then suddenly leaped back, assuming an attack position and holding his six swords in his wrists. Im Hatchan, the most powerful sword fishman in the Arlong crew! Theres no chance for a rookie like you against me Youre no match for me! I can chop you into pieces in a second!

As the realization hit her, the blue-haired girls eyes widened in horror. A fishman with six claws these swords That face! She froze, unable to look away from Hatchan.

The memories flooded back like a nightmare, making everything suddenly clear once again. Its him!! The one responsible for Aunt Bell-mres death!

Hey! Theres enough food here for three people! Hatchan shouted. Oh, a family of three, huh? Hahaha Suddenly, he noticed that Saitama was ignoring him.

Hey, dont ignore me! Who do you think you are with that salty fish face? Hatchan exclaimed. Taking a deep breath, he shot streams of ink from his mouth like a true octopus. Take this!


Hahaha! You wont be able to see a thing Hahaha, Hatchan laughed as he charged towards Saitama with six swords in his hands. And to finish you off

-Roku-tou-ryu!- he declared, aiming to strike Saitama down.

Death is an inevitable consequence of attacking from behind the veil of ink. However, Saitama stood calmly, unfazed by the six blades concealed within the darkness, poised to slice him into a million pieces!

Please, have a seat This is the tea you requested, she said, as she handed him a cup.

The aroma of oranges filled the air as Saitama took a sip of the tea. For a moment, he gazed at the cup in silence, lost in thought.

Nojiko raised an eyebrow at Saitamas hesitation. Whats the matter? Its just orange tea! Youre welcome to it, she said, sounding slightly perplexed.

Saitama scratched his head, Ah, thank youI just think tea made with oranges is a little strange. Could you perhaps make me some black tea or oolong tea instead? he requested politely.

Really? Is there something wrong with orange tea? Nojiko asked, looking puzzled. She then proceeded to brew a fresh cup of black tea for Saitama. I bought this tea a while ago, I hope its still good! she said with a smile.

Saitama chuckled nervously, noticing Nojikos stare. Dont worry, if the taste is strange, Ill just spit it out! he joked, before quickly adding, Im just kidding!

It was clear that he was quite serious about his tea preferences. She smiled gently and took a seat opposite Saitama.

Now, lets get to the point, Saitama-san. I hope you dont mind me asking, but how many reinforcements do you have to deal with the Arlong Pirates? she inquired politely.

Saitama took a careful sip of the black tea and savored its taste. Since its a private matter, Id rather not involve others in my crew. Ill take care of the Arlong Pirates myself, he said, sounding determined.

Nojiko looked at him with concern, Although youre incredibly strong, dealing with Arlong wont be as simple as you think, she warned him. She let out a sigh and wore a sad expression on her face. Arlong has not only a large and powerful crew, but he also has a huge monster that he brought from the Grand Line. Even with your strength, it will be difficult to defeat that kind of beast, she explained.

A monster? Saitama mused as he held the teacup. Suddenly, he realized, No wonder the houses were destroyed and the roads were bumpy! he exclaimed.

Thats his doing, Nojiko confirmed as she took a sip of her orange tea and looked at him with concern. Saitama-san, are you able to deal with that kind of monster? she asked, her eyes fixed on him.

Saitama thought for a moment before answering, I dont know for sure, but I think one punch will be enough to take care of it, he replied confidently.

Nojiko took another sip of her tea as she contemplated his words. Is this guy for real? she thought to herself. Even if he is, no one has managed to defeat that monster and come out alive, she said aloud, doubting his abilities.

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