Chapter 21: Should White Beard Call me Daddy?

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Chapter 21: Should White Beard Call me Daddy?

Marines received newspapers year-round, making them the biggest customers of the World Economy News Paper. After Saitama apologized repeatedly, the News Coo didnt dare utter a word. He handed the newspaper to Saitama and sadly flew away. Saitama chuckled and scratched his head, then eagerly opened the newspaper.

The Morgans, a giant news bird, had monopolized all the worlds newspapers. Each day, the news they reported had a significant impact on the world. The marines and pirates relied heavily on this source of information and propaganda, but ordinary pirates were more interested in the bounty attached to the wanted posters in the newspaper.

The bounty order, issued by the marines, was a barometer of pirate strength. The lowest bounty meant a pirate was weak and anyone could defeat them. But pirates with the highest bounties were monsters, and they couldnt be provoked. The bounty amount offered by the marines revealed everything about a pirates strength.

As Saitama perused the latest news, he stumbled upon a familiar name: Portgas D. Ace He read the name and the bounty order: The second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Fire Fist Ace, Bounty 550 million Belly

Excitement washed over Saitama as he recognized Ace, a formidable pirate with an impressive bounty. It was a stroke of luck to come across his name, and Saitama couldnt help but wonder what Ace was up to now.

Meanwhile, Garp, who was still out on a mission, received a call from the Fleet Admiral, demanding an explanation for the latest news.

Explain yourself, Garp! barked the Admiral.

But Garp couldnt help but burst into fits of hysterical laughter, AAH-AH-AH-AH

On the other end of the line, the Admiral seethed with anger at Garps reaction. Whats so funny, Garp?! This is a catastrophe that could throw the entire ocean into chaos! And to make matters worse, its your own grandson involved in this mess!

Garps outburst of laughter echoed through the phone, AAAH-AH-AH-AH Now, thats impressive! Id expect nothing less from my grandson.

The Fleet Admiral had reached his limit, his fury palpable even through the phone, Stop joking around! Your son is the leader of a revolutionary army, and now your grandson has become Whitebeards son If it werent for your heroism as a Marine, youd be held accountable for the crimes of your family, Garp!

But Garp remained unfazed, munching on rice crackers as he spoke, Ah, dont be so angry, Sengoku-san

As the call ended, Garp chuckled to himself with disdain, Its not a big deal. Ace became Whitebeards son. So as Aces grandpa, its only natural that Whitebeard should call me Daddy too, AAAH-AH-AH

The Fleet Admiral was momentarily speechless, never imagining the day when Garp would be dragged to a military court. His anger stemmed not just from the Ace situation, but also from Garps nonchalant attitude towards it all. Garp seemed too comfortable, as if nothing had happened!

However, Sengoku knew him well, having been his friend for decades. He understood that Garp was still sharp and capable of handling any problem. A warning call should suffice.

With a resigned sigh, Sengoku hung up the phone and muttered to himself, Garp Your family needs to stop giving me headaches

Garps laughter faded away as he stared at the Den Den Mushi. His wrinkled face appeared weary once again. Ace Why wont you listen to your grandpa? If I run into you in the sea again, what am I supposed to do? Ground you? He shook his head, chuckling to himself, Who am I kidding? Youre a grown man now.

Saitama shrugged. Its not my problem. Deal with it.

Fullbody let out a weary sigh and shrugged his broad shoulders. Alright, Ill come clean Today was supposed to be my day off, but fate had other plans. I stumbled upon a notorious pirate with fearsome abilities, and duty called me to apprehend him.

He paused for a moment and looked at Saitamas bald head and stoic expression. Something clicked in his memory and he gasped in realization. Hold on a second Arent you Loguetowns Commodore, Saitama?

Saitama blinked and turned to the man standing in front of him. Its me. Whats wrong? he asked, puzzled.

The man, grinned and exclaimed, Ha! Nothings wrong, but Ive heard a lot about you!

Fullbodys excitement was palpable as he looked Saitama up and down, sizing him up. Its incredible. Ive heard that countless sea pirates have met their end at your hands over the years. Even the Pirate Fleet Admiral of the largest fleet in the East Blue, Krieg, was no match for you and his fifty warships were easily sunk by you alone. And now, it seems luck is on my side since I caught Gin the Man-Demon today thanks to you!

Saitama didnt say anything, but tilted his head in thought.

Krieg Who is that? he wondered to himself.

Brimming with enthusiasm. He grabbed Saitamas hand and exclaimed, Its rare to meet you here today, guarding the entrance to the Grand Line like an iron wall! Please, let me treat you to a meal!

Saitama hesitated. But arent you supposed to be on a date?

Fullbody waved his hand dismissively. Dates can wait, but meeting a new generation of justice-minded marines like you is a rare opportunity!

Fullbody talked for a while longer, but Saitama still seemed hesitant. So he stroked his chin, deep in thought.

Come on, let me treat you to a meal! Please dont refuse my invitation, its on me please!

Saitamas face lit up at the offer. Youre so generous! Okay, Im in!

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