Chapter 11: Justice Coat

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Chapter 11: Justice Coat

Hes in bad shape, Saitama said as he grabbed the injured mans neck.

But I think hell be okay. He woke up briefly and muttered something about contacting the Marine headquarters

Garp chuckled. He thinks we need backup, so he wants you to call them.

As Garp continued to laugh, he rose to his feet. His eyes glinted with excitement as he clapped his hands together. I know what to do! he declared.

Saitama raised an eyebrow in confusion as he surveyed the injured soldiers and Smokers wounds. Suddenly, Garps booming voice shattered the silence.

Kid, you need to stay put in Loguetown Base for now, he declared.

Your bravery in fighting the Red Count was exemplary, and you deserve to be promoted to captain. But this town cannot be left defenseless. Until Smoker has recovered, we must fortify our garrison and protect the East Blue Sea. Our actions here will have an impact on the entire world!

Saitama smirked mischievously, unable to resist teasing the older man. What are you talking about, old man? he asked.

Am I stuck here?

Stop calling me old man! Garp barked, his face reddening.

Sure, wiping out all the pirates in the New World sounds good, but its not that simple. Killing the Four Emperors wont solve everything. Itll just create more chaos and fear. We need time to prepare our forces properly.

Saitama scratched his head, listening to Garps words. You sure do talk a lot, old man, he said with a shrug.

Garp slapped his own face in frustration. What am I going to do with this guy? he muttered under his breath.

So, what do you want me to do? Saitama asked, ignoring the older mans outburst.

Garp stood up, donning his coat with a serious expression. Yes, youre the one who can clean up this world, he declared. If you happen to come across those two troublemakers, Ace and Luffy, when they set out to sea as pirates, make sure to give them a good beating! Break a few bones if you have to. That way, they wont be a match for anyone! Ha ha ha!


There was a brief moment of silence as Garp reveled in the excitement of recent events, while Saitama looked on with his usual blank expression.

After more than 20 seconds, Garp was the first to react.

Cough Cough.

He feigned a cough before putting on a weak expression. Ah this battle has left Smoker seriously injuredCough we must take him to the nearest hospital. He is in great pain

Despite his feigned demeanor, Smokers injuries were real.Updated from novelb(i)n.c(o)m

Following Garps instructions, Saitama contacted the medical team in Loguetown and arranged for Smoker and the marine soldiers to be transported to the military hospital.

As the marines were absent from Loguetown, several pirates saw it as an opportunity to plunder the town.

However, their nefarious plans were soon thwarted by the mighty Saitama, whose heroic actions instilled a newfound sense of courage and tranquility within the hearts of the towns citizens.

With Saitamas intervention, everything was swiftly brought under control, despite the marines absence.


A month had passed since the incident in Loguetown, and Garp, still nursing his injuries, made his way to the town square.

As he emerged from the shadows, he produced an appointment letter and a crisp, new coat.

Casting his gaze towards Saitama, he spoke with a sense of formality and gravitas: Saitama! It is my honor to inform you that you have been appointed as Lieutenant General Saitama, in recognition of your valor and unwavering dedication to protecting the citizens of Loguetown.

Garp handed the coat over to Saitama with a solemn expression, his voice tinged with regret. You have proven your worth beyond a shadow of a doubt, Saitama. Your defeat of the Red Count was nothing short of remarkable. However, due to the dangers that lurk in the treacherous waters of the New World, we cannot risk exposing you to the prying eyes of those monsters, at least not yet.

He paused for a moment before continuing, I underestimated your abilities. For that, I apologize. It is a great loss for justice that we cannot utilize your talents to their fullest potential at this time.

Saitama remained unfazed by the news, responding with his usual blank expression.

No problem, he said simply.

Saitama carelessly took the coat from Garps outstretched hand and examined it with disinterest. It was merely a hobby of mine. If I had accepted your offer, it would have brought unnecessary trouble to this town.

Garps expression softened slightly, relieved that Saitama didnt seem too affected by his earlier apology.

Im glad to hear that. But rest assured, you will still be recommended to the marine headquarters for a promotion to Captain.

Very well, Saitama replied nonchalantly as he slid the coat onto his broad shoulders. With a sudden gust of wind, the coat billowed dramatically, imbuing him with an air of heroic grandeur. The sight was so magnificent that even Garp was moved to tears.

Saitama My boy! he muttered through a grin, wiping his eyes.

You and the word justice on that coat are a perfect match! Ha ha ha ha

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