“I’m a little thirsty. I’m going to rest for a while.” Yan Xi felt that her thoughts were too lewd, and she couldn’t look directly at Yuan Xiaoer, who had a thin waist, long legs, and a sexy butt.

Yuan Yi, who wanted to invite Yan Xi to race again: …

This woman always knows how to beat the mood.

Yan Xi ordered a cup of hot milk tea, lay down on the soft chair, and took out her mobile phone to send messages to the group of friends.

Dahe: There is a friend of the opposite sex with broad shoulders, a slender waist, and long legs. I actually have the urge to hug his waist. Is there something wrong with my thinking?

Ruru: There is really such a superb man. I can understand your desire to covet it. Go ahead and throw him down.

Da He: But he treats me as a friend!!

Minmin: Then find a way to turn him into a boyfriend and eat him!

Dahe: You two are powerful eggers. I believe in your evil.

Seeing that, two unreliable friends had already begun to discuss which of the company’s best sexy and beautiful men. Yan Xi knew they couldn’t come up with any good ideas and finally posted a post on the Internet.

Xiao Qin is a netizen who often hangs around the forums. She doesn’t have to go to work on weekends, so she lies in bed, browses the forums, and finally sees a bizarre post.

The poster said he suddenly found a friend of the opposite sex very sexy and wanted to touch her waist and eat her tofu. Is this normal?


Of course, it’s not normal. This is simply the thinking of a wretched man, okay?!

She typed many words on her mobile phone, saying that even if the other party was a friend, he should respect the other party. If he doesn’t like her but indulges in the other party’s body, don’t harm such a good girl!

After a long conversation, she was still a little puzzled and added another sentence.

[Eating tofu without emotion is playing hooligans!]

Seeing this reply, Yan Xi felt that what the other party said made sense, sincerely thanked the other party, and explained that she was not a man but a woman.

Xiao Qin saw that the poster was scolded by her but thanked her politely. She had a better impression of that person. When she finally discovered that the person was not a wretched man, but a girl, her tone changed immediately.

[Sister, you can’t get pregnant if you touch his waist. If you are really interested, it’s okay to touch it.]

Yan Xi: …

What happened to this world?

Looking up, she saw Yuan Yi dismounted from his horse and came towards this side. She hurriedly closed the forum software and clicked on Weibo, pretending that she was serious about checking Weibo.

Yuan Yi glanced at Zhang Wang and Yu’er, turned his head, and sat at Yan Xi’s table, “Go boating and fishing in the lake’s center in the afternoon. Do you want to go?”

“What fish?” Yan Xi asked, “Koi carp?”

“I think you retweet koi every day for good luck, and you’ve turned your mind stupid.” Yuan Yi took off his protective cap, “Can koi be eaten?”

“No,” Yan Xi held her face in both hands and smiled at Yuan Yi, “Then what, do you still ride horses?”

“Why, you want to run a horse race with me?” Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows and glanced at her, “Were you afraid before?”

“Didn’t I just sit by and overcome my fear?” Yan Xi had an innocent face, blinking her big eyes, “Boss, take me with you.”

“Tch.” Yuan Yi took a sip of the drink brought by the waiter and turned his head to see Yan Xi still staring at him, “If you ask me to take it, I will take it, then how embarrassing am I?”

Yan Xi curled her lips: “It’s fine if you don’t want it.” It seems that there is no more tofu today.

Yuan Yi tilted his head to look at Yan Xi, drank two sips of tea, took out his phone to swipe twice, then turned his head to look at her again, swiped his thumb across the phone screen, put down the phone after a while, “Let’s go, let’s go bring you.”

Yan Xi suddenly smiled, got up, and followed Yuan Yi.

“This horse is so tall.” Yan Xi stretched out a finger and touched the horse lightly. The horse didn’t respond. She was a little more courageous and gently touched its back. “The fur is smooth, The eyes are still big, and this face must be the most handsome horse among horses.”

Yuan Yi sat on the horse’s back and stretched his hand to Yan Xi, “Come up.”

Yan Xi handed Yuan Yi his hand, one pulled, and the other climbed, but Yan Xi didn’t climb up.

So embarrassing.

“Yan Xiaoxi, your brain has run away from home? Beginners don’t step on a horse stool, can you get on a horse?”

“Oh, I forgot that you are not the protagonist of a TV series, so you can’t drag people on horseback all at once.” Yan Xi rolled her eyes towards the sky and, with the coach’s help, stepped on the horse stool and got on the horse.

Yuan Yi: …

If she doesn’t make him angry for a day, this woman will not stop!

Forget it, a woman loves to be unreasonable, and he can’t have a general understanding with her.

“Sit still?” Yuan Yi saw Yan Xi grabbing his clothes and putting her legs between his horse’s abdomen, “I’ll jog first to let you adapt.”

Yan Xi felt the whole world shaking as the horse ran. She stretched her arm forward and hugged Yuan Yi’s waist. Through the clothes, she seemed to feel the temperature of her skin and her sturdy lower abdomen.

“You, you, be careful, I’m going to speed up.”

What ran faster than the horse was his beating heart.

The arms around his waist and the softness on his back that touched him occasionally made his whole body feel like it was on fire.

“Young Master Zhang, Young Master Yuan, and Ms. Yan have such a good relationship.” Yu’er looked at the man and woman on horseback and brought the brewed tea to Zhang Wang’s mouth, “Seems like a good match?”

“Really?” Zhang Wang took a sip from her hand and said lazily, “It’s a pity that I’m not good at riding, otherwise I can take you for a run.”

“It’s okay. This horse looks too tall. I don’t dare to ride it. Ms. Yan is more courageous.” Yu’er’s eyes fell on Yan Xi unconsciously. This Ms. Yan looked delicate and weak, she didn’t expect to be so courageous.

The two ran a few laps together. After Yan Xi got off the horse, she found that Yuan Yi’s face was red, “Are you hot?”

“It’s not hot, what’s wrong?”

“Why is your face so red?”

“It was blown by the wind,” Yuan Yi turned his head, “If it wasn’t for you, my face would be blown like this?”

“Drink water, drink water,” Yan Xi picked up the cup of drink that Yuan Yi had drunk twice on the table, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“Hmph.” Yuan Yi sipped the drink, and his face became more natural, “What you want to eat, I’ll let someone arrange it.”

“I don’t know what’s delicious here. Just listen to your arrangements later.” Yan Xi took out her mobile phone and secretly clicked on the circle of the friend’s group. She looked up at Yuan Yi and made sure he couldn’t see the content on her screen, so she was relieved to send a message to the group.

Dahe: Sisters, I hugged his waist!

Ruru: How do you feel?

Minmin: How do you feel? +1

Dahe: I feel… I want to lay my hands on my friend, but my butt hurts a bit.

Ruru: Fart, butt hurts? Tell me honestly, what insane thing did you do to this handsome guy?!

What kind of friends are these? Her butt hurts. How did she do something crazy? Yan Xi looked up at Yuan Yi at the moment Yuan Yi was talking to the waiter in a low voice about arranging lunch. His facial features were intense, and the way he spoke with his face sideways gave him a different kind of sexy.

The man is seductive. Why didn’t she find Yuan Xiaoer so charming before?

Could it be because his mouth is too bad, plus the gentle type she used to like?

It turns out that looking at faces is superficial, and men with sexy bodies are just as attractive. Yan Xi touched her face, she was indeed a woman with depth and connotation, and her aesthetics were not clichéd.

But even rabbits don’t eat the grass beside the nest, so is she even worse than rabbits? She is so familiar with Yuan Xiaoer that starting is difficult.

“Recently, the chef has studied a few new dishes. I don’t know how they taste. I asked them all to prepare one.” Yuan Yi turned and saw Yan Xi staring at him in a daze, “What are you looking at?”

“Look at you, handsome,” Yan Xi rested her chin on one hand and took a sip of milk tea, “I remember you said before that you prefer girls with big breasts and long thighs?”

Yuan Yi’s eyes drifted to the side unknowingly, and he didn’t dare to meet Yan Xi’s eyes: “I just said it casually, this is very important?”

“It’s nothing, I’ll just ask casually.” Yan Xi replied with a smile.

It seems that chest and thigh length is not the only criterion. She looked down at her chest. Although her chest is not very big, her legs are still long. The only question is, can she eat this nest grass, how to eat it, and whether she should be responsible after eating it?

Thinking about it this way, it feels very troublesome. Let’s put this question aside for now. She can’t be fooled by beauty for a while and do stupid things.

No matter how Yuan Yi looked at it, he felt that there was something wrong with Yan Xi’s eyes, he frowned: “Are you hungry?”

She seems to be watching braised pork no matter how he looks at it.

“A little bit.” Yan Xi nodded out of conscience.

“Mr. Xu, Mr. Yang, Mr. Zhu, Mr. Yuan told you to take a break and prepare to have lunch later.” The coach ran over and called the three of them for a walk.

“It’s not eleven o’clock. What kind of lunch do you have?” Xu Qiaosheng glanced at his watch. He was not hungry after eating ten crystal packs in the morning. The coach couldn’t answer this question, so he could only look at him and smile.

Xu Qiaosheng: …

This is his cousin. What else can he say?

Going boating and fishing in the afternoon. Yan Xi did not wear the dress she wore in the morning but changed into a shirt and trousers and then wore a fashionable ladies’ suit outside. Yan Xi looked in the mirror with satisfaction and felt she was still quite like a businesswoman. Elite style.

When she was taking out her lipstick to touch up her makeup. Yu’er walked up to her after changing her clothes and whispered: “Miss Yan, you and Young Master Yuan have a really good relationship.”

Yan Xi didn’t hear clearly, though she said she had a close relationship with Yuan Yi’s friend, so she smiled and said, “It’s okay.”

This is the mentality of not being surprised. Yu’er was a little envious, took out her red lips, and touched up her makeup hastily, “Miss Yan, Young Master Zhang is still waiting for me. I’ll take a step first.”

“Well, good.” Yan Xi nodded to her with a smile.

When Yu’er came out of the dressing room, Young Master Yuan stood not far away with his hands behind his back, apparently waiting for Miss Yan. She paused and stepped forward to say hello in a low voice: “Young Master Yuan.”

Yuan Yi asked, “Has Yan Xi changed her clothes yet?”

“Miss Yan is still fixing her makeup. She should be here soon.” Yu’er lowered her head, not daring to make any provocative moves. These “celebrities”, if they want to really stand out, must learn to be sharp-eyed, behave when they should behave, and act coquettishly when they are still acting like a baby.

“Thank you, I see.”

Yu’er hurried away, worried that if she stayed here again, she would be misunderstood by Ms. Yan.

“Why are you standing here?” Yan Xi came out and found Yuan Yi, walked to his side, and looked at him from the angle he was looking at. The opposite was a pavilion with some ancient rhyme, “Looking at the other side from here, it’s stunning.”

“It used to be the other garden of a certain royal family. After I bought it, it was expanded, but I only repaired the original building and didn’t rebuild it.” Seeing that Yan Xi liked it, Yuan Yi said, “I’ll let the manager give you two premium membership cards, and you and Uncle Song can bring friends to play in the future.”

Yan Xi knew that getting a membership card in this place was very difficult, and now Yuan Yi got two cards as soon as she opened her mouth. She once again understood why so many people were desperately holding his thighs one after another, and the feeling was so cool.

“Thank you, golden thigh, I will bring my friends over to play next time.” Yan Xi happily accepted Yuan Yi’s kindness, and even the polite refusal was omitted.

“Two membership cards are golden thighs?” Yuan Yi took Yan Xi to the dining place, “Is your request a bit low?”

“Where is it low? You may not be able to get a card if you have money in this other garden. My dad has a membership card and invites business friends to come here as guests. It’s much easier to talk about business,” Yan Xi understood. Sometimes this card is not just a card but also a symbol of identity, “I’m not stupid.”

“Don’t think so much, go eat.” Yuan Yi chuckled, and Yan Xi saw a little tenderness and tolerance in his smile.

It must be that she was bewitched by beauty, and her eyes were filtered.

After lunch, Yan Xi followed Yuan Yi into the boat. She thought it was a small kayak or an ordinary wooden boat, but unexpectedly it turned out to be an antique-style boat. Professional rowers were arranged on board and would row if guests didn’t want to do it. If the guests want to paddle by themselves, they act as instructors, and several service and rescue staff are on board.

“You guys are too good at playing,” Yan Xi saw a big carp swimming in the water, “boating on the artificial lake, although the lake is not big, but the artistic conception is here, if we arrange a few more people in ancient costumes to play classical instruments, I will almost thought I had crossed over.”

“There are. If you like, you can let them perform.” Xu Qiaosheng threw the fish food into the water, teasing the fish to come and eat. People who are good at traditional musical instruments can be found here.”

“There are also Suona?”

“How can there be no,” Xu Qiaosheng turned around and leaned against the fence, “Why don’t I let him perform for you?”

“Forget it then,” Yan Xi shook her head, “We are fishing.”

“You two also remember that you are fishing.” Yuan Yi hung his fishing rod, looking at the two helplessly, “If you two continue talking, don’t even think about eating fish tonight.”

Xu Qiaosheng closed his mouth silently, walked to the other side of the boat with interest, and sat down. His ignorant light bulb still hid aside so as not to be annoying.

Facts have proved that Yuan Yi’s failure to catch fish has nothing to do with Yan Xi and Xu Qiaosheng because he failed to catch a single fish all afternoon. Instead, Yan Xi, who had never caught fish before, caught it casually.

When handing over the fish to the staff and asking them to take it to the kitchen for processing, Yan Xi patted Yuan Yi, who was expressionless: “It doesn’t matter if you can’t catch it, I’ll share it with you.”

Yuan Yi: I was not comforted but even more depressed.

Ordinary ingredients, under the chef’s craftsmanship, will become supremely delicious. Although many dishes are related to fish, they won’t make people feel bored. Yan Xi secretly rubbed her stuffed stomach, and it seemed she ate more today than usual.

“The night view here is beautiful. Yuan Xiaoer, take Dahe around,” Zhang Wang turned to look at Xu Qiaosheng, “Qiaosheng is going to take a plane tonight to participate in a program shooting outside. The four of us are going to play cards for a while. I won’t accompany you two.”

Xu Qiaosheng: Why didn’t he know that he had a program to film in other places?

“Yeah, Dahe, my manager is in a hurry, I’m going to the airport later, you and Brother Yi take your time, we’ll get together again when we have a chance.”

For the sake of his cousin, lie if you lie. If he tells a few more white lies, he might still be able to accumulate virtue.

In the end, Yuan Yi was the only one who accompanied Yan Xi to watch the night scene.

“Such a beautiful villa, you spent a lot of money to maintain it?” Yan Xi stood on the three-story wooden building, looking at the lights in the villa, “However, it is really beautiful.”

She looked up at the crescent moon in the sky. It was white on an autumn night and had only rained the night before, so the moonlight was extraordinarily beautiful. She couldn’t help feeling: “The moonlight tonight is so beautiful.”

Looking at Yan Xi, who was full of emotion and had absolutely no other meaning, Yuan Yi stared at the moon in silence.

He… has nothing to say.