Chapter 2115

Snowflakes flutter and the north wind blows.

Ye que steps into the corridor, determines the position of youzhibai with strong perception, and then enters the deepest palace with ease.

Go in quietly, don't shoot!


The palace was cold and empty.

A gorgeous beauty, delicate appearance, wearing gauze white clothes, will show the body curve exquisite.

She has a cool temperament and a cold complexion. She is sitting on the ice bed. Her whole body is white and shining. She has a charm of trembling law spreading slowly.

After years of being trapped, she didn't get nothing.

At the moment, youzhibai is digesting years of experience and cultivation, and her strength is growing slowly and orderly.

Empty rooms, empty people.

It was getting late and the ice emperor turned a deaf ear.

All of a sudden, there is an unusual breath wave, flowing into the ice palace.

Youzhi White's eyelashes trembled, slowly opened her beautiful eyes.

Her face is expressionless, mixed with indifference to look at the Palace door.

But I didn't find anything.

All of a sudden, her face changed, she turned around and saw a man turn over the window and enter the room.

"Get out!"

Young Zhi white mouth drive people, chest ups and downs, obviously was surprised not light.

Ye qieyi looked at the room and said, "just now I saw the unusual fluctuation here. As a guard, I need to come in and have a look to avoid the suffering of the ice emperor!"

Young Zhi white good speechless, see he left look right look, coldly way: "this ice emperor field, just you and I two people, which come of abnormal fluctuation, even if there is, is also you cause!"

"Don't you think this place is very similar to when you and I were trapped, empty and lonely, you are really a lonely and cold person."

Leaf lacks to measure half ring, a buttock sits in front of ice couch.

Young Zhi white still from alert, cold way: "I am willing, have nothing to do with you."

"Yes, everyone's growth experience is different. It's just that you are too cold. How can your servant girls and guards bear your temperament?"

Ye que is like chatting, looking at youzhibai.

"If you can't stand it, you'll go. You're the source God. You're famous. Other source gods give you face. You can live better wherever you go. Why come to my cold land?"

Young Zhi white is substituted into the topic, cold voice sneers.

"You were still trapped when two yuan gods occupied this place. At that time, I was the only one who drove the two yuan gods away after going through life and death. How can I bear it? You can't stand me, can you? "

Leaf lacks a sigh, a pair of you how so ruthless, can say the expression of this kind of words.

Ice emperor a Leng, ask a way: "what happened at that time?"

Ye que looks at the ice emperor with complicated eyes, and finally comes slowly.

It's true that after he became the source God, in order to save peiye, he fought bloody battles in the south.

"I was besieged by the seven source gods and almost died. At that time, I had only one belief. The person I wanted to protect, my friend, must not be wronged at all, so the Jedi fought back..."

Ye que talks about it seriously, his eyes are shining, and his expression can't deceive people.

Although he said something else, it hit the ice emperor's soft spot.

Extreme seclusion and indifference are caused by the lack of inner security.

"I know your character. Who knows if it's true or not."

Ice emperor sits on ice chair, light way.

"This matter has spread all over the source god world. You can easily find out why the previous source gods revered me because of this matter."

Bingdi didn't reply.

"Of course, it's also because of the iceberg field."

Ye Que's words make the ice emperor lift his eyes and gaze at the man who makes her confused.

"At that time, there were two source gods who were very strong and tyrannical. They occupied the territory of the ice emperor and ruined the reputation of the territory of the ice emperor. When I learned that..."

Ye que didn't say how hard he was or how the Jedi turned over. He only occasionally interspersed the story, which made the ice emperor feel real and soul stirring.

It's a bit of a spice here.

Well, strategy needs to.

"If you go to the surrounding areas to inquire, I said at that time that you two are going to declare war on the ice emperor's territory when you occupy the ice emperor's territory?"

When ye que said this, Bingdi's body trembled and touched a certain point in her heart.

Declaring war on the domain of the ice emperor shows that the ancient god regarded himself as the guard of the ice emperor.

At that time, the territory of the ice emperor was dead in name, and everyone was missing.

And he, as the guard of the ice emperor, fought bloody battles with the two source gods.

A bloody battle will take back the ice emperor's field, even if the ice emperor's field is empty.

Ice emperor's heart was suddenly stabbed, let her find a sense of identity.

Just like she spent her life alone.It makes her feel more secure.

When I think of the ancient god saving the moon mirror, the bloody battle has just ended, and then I suddenly turn to the endless field, and fight with the two source gods, just to get back to the realm of ice emperor.

Her complexion was complicated, and the feeling of loneliness and stubbornness surged from her heart.

But she forgot the purpose of the goods.

Ye que stares at Bingdi seriously. This is a woman with distorted three outlooks, aloofness and extreme indifference. It's very difficult to open her heart.

Only hard and soft can make her change.

Soft, ye que has already said, it seems to have an effect.

Next, it's hard.

"You don't have to pay attention to me. You can go out and inquire now, and you'll know if what I said is true."

Ye que gets up and goes to the ice emperor.

Ice emperor did not speak, very silent looking at him, lack of leaves close, no response.

Trapped for too long at the beginning, she had been used to the proximity of Ye que, and let her temporarily put down the vigilance of Ye que leaning over.

In her heart, she thought about how she could inquire.

She is not a person who will ask others for help or inquire about things.

But sooner or later, she will know about it.

Gu Shen dares to say that, and he dares not talk nonsense. Most of this is true.

"You keep telling me that I can't stand it. How can I? I don't know how hard you have to be to get rid of me."

Ye que shakes his head and walks to the ice emperor dejectedly.

Ice emperor some guilt, Leng Leng looked at the ancient god.

"The field of Bingdi is a whole. I've accepted the principle of death, but it's hard for me to accept that you want me to go. But now you have a chance, you just have to drive me away again. I'll go right away and never look back!"

Ye que sits next to Bingdi and says seriously.

Ice emperor's vigilance just rose, but when he heard this, he fell into the heart again.

Her relationship with Ye que is complicated. She doesn't adapt to it and is willing to defend the realm of Bingdi alone.

Just listening to what ye que said, she asked herself, is she really too cold and heartless?

"Tell me, I'm serious now."

Ye Que's hand caresses her snowy hair, just as he did when she was trapped for hundreds of millions of years. He always likes to caress her snowy hair.

Bingdi is used to it.

At a time of guilt.

She didn't respond to Ye Que's dishonest hand. It was obviously a subconscious habit when she was distracted.

When ye Que's hand began to touch, the intertwining of ice emperor's heart suddenly became certain. When he had a choice, he said in a soft voice: "then you can stay in the ice emperor's field, but you can't enter my room."

At this point, she suddenly felt that her back was touched by a big warm hand. She immediately responded and said angrily, "I knew you didn't want to do it!"

"You can't live without me for a long time. In the original test of killing and robbing, only friends can appear in the second level, and only true love can appear in the third level. But your second and third levels are all mine, but you can't see clearly."

Ye que stretched out his hand to hold back his waist.

You zhi white hand horizontal push, angry way: "you just don't have intention!"

But I was shocked by this sentence, and my strength was reduced by half.

"No matter whether I have a heart or not, since you have left me, you can't pretend you can't see me. You Zhibai, it's not too late. It's time to double repair."

With a word, they had a fight in the room.

Fortunately, what ye que said at the beginning has an effect, which makes youzhibai halve her strength.


As soon as they hit the ice palace, it began to shake. The magic power in it fluctuated and the house was destroyed.

Young Zhi white complexion rises red, she discovers, how more beat, she and this cheap person stick of more tightly, the two regiments in front of the chest are all squeezed and deformed.

At the end of the fight, her breathing was rapid.

Seeing the ice palace collapse, the dark sky outside shines in. If she is seen, what should she do?

This is not a place to be trapped. You can do whatever you want.

In a hurry, she said, "here, not here!"

With that, her brain, like a lightning stroke, went blank.

How could I, how could I say that?

Young Zhi white regret meaning just rise, leaf lack is an eye a bright, seize the opportunity way: "that we go to another place."

This goods completely does not give you Zhibai the opportunity, brings her directly into own body world.

This woman has to use both soft and hard, otherwise she will open her heart and accept herself. She doesn't know when she will be.

Young Zhi white just entered the body of heaven and earth, just reaction, so it is a struggle.

Ye lacks to force a hand, Leng is to press her under oneself, four feet interweave entwine.

He whispered in her ear: "you Zhibai, you Zhibai, your real name has told me. Is it so difficult for you to accept me?"Then he kisses it.

Youzhibai was half pushed, in bed with the ancient god push toss.

The sound of two hands and two feet attacking each other kept ringing.

The foot of the bed is creaking, just ringing. Youzhibai's white hands give up the resistance. Instead, they hold the sheet tightly with both hands, and look at the ceiling with blurred eyes. The voice is like the sound of a mosquito Leaves. "

Good night, see you tomorrow

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