As Expected, Things Move at the Pace of The Saint.

Indeed, they were not in the room today. Although the castle was quite spacious, there were still plenty of other locations where they could be, but…

“The two of them are out for a walk.”

“Is that so?”

“It seems that the dragon has its own dragon-like duties to attend to. By now, it’s possible that he’s observing and studying things like puppies in the town. My familiar was hesitant to go along with him, but since it involved venturing out into the town, I managed to convince her somehow. Well, she’s not fond of looking after the dragon.”

“Dragon? Has the dog’s name changed to Dragon?”

“No, he is a dragon. He’s already given up being a dog.”

“Uh… I see. It’s okay! The person I’ll be bringing also likes dragons! She often claims to be a vampire mage descendant of dragons.”