The familiar picked up the dog.

Holding him right in front of their face, it watched him intently.

“What exactly do you seek to do to me?”

The dog said.

To be more specific, it’s a dragon – not ‘a dog as badly behaved as a dragon’, but an actual dragon.

Although it might have four legs and a tail…

It also has horns, a long neck, reptilian eyes and a body covered in scales.


The familiar didn’t say a word.

But, the eye that wasn’t covered by black hair looked intently at the dragon that was just the right size to lift.

“Say something, you. Why are you holding me like this?”


The familiar’s eyes moved to survey the room.

It was the bedroom of the lord of the castle.

With the curtains closed, it was shrouded in darkness.

However, despite there being no source of light, the familiar can see well in the dark.

He is usually asleep in bed or sitting on the edge of it, but he isn’t there today.

Right now, he is busy in another part of the castle with his carpentry hobby.

“Fuhahaha! To craft with mine own abilities objects that have no use on the battlefield! How very interesting!” Was it 400 years ago that he said that?

Since then, the Lord has crafted most of the personal things around him.

Right now, he should be working on a chessboard.

Filing the pieces into shape.

It seems that when the Saint next comes, he plans to challenge her to a game.

Although he constantly describes it as troublesome, it seems like the Lord enjoys the visits of the Saint.

“Oi, do you or do you not see me in front of your eyes?”

The dragon that was still being held in hand said.

It is a strong and dignified voice – Befitting to be emanated from some majestic figure.

Well, in reality, it’s just from a lizard that can be held in one’s hands.

And is delighted when its belly is rubbed.

“Oh… Oh… Cease… Do not tickle my navel with your thumb…”

His body squirmed.

Although he seems to be happy, the differences between his actions, his words and his figure are quite severe.

The familiar watched the dragon again.

And the dragon lifted his tail to cover his crotch.

“What manner of thing are you… To play with me in such a way?”


“A taciturn fellow, I see. Then, so be it. If you insist on being so rude to me, then I must tell you that I am a King amongst dragons, once known as ‘The Disastrous Skyfall’. Do not be deceived by my current figure… If I will it, I could turn you to ash in the blink of an eye… Uhya! S-stop! Stop rubbing my paws! Ah… Ahyahyahyahyahyahyahya!”


“…Fu, those fingers of yours are quite skilled… Very well, I shall permit you to join my harem… STOP! Stop rubbing my navel from left to right!”


“I understand! I understand! You don’t have to join my harem! Fu… Goodness gracious, to turn down the honour of joining my harem, you really are a humble one…”


“Oi, speak up. If it is only I who talk, it makes me look quite the fool.”


“Hm, I see, so it’s like that.”


“You approached me when my old foe had vacated the room… And, when you picked me up, you gazed so intensely at me… No wonder you found the idea of being in my harem so disgusting, you desired to be my principal wife did you noWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!? Stop rubbing your fingers on my ribs! It hurts! It feels good!?”


“What is so wrong with it… In my day, I took wives from many different races… I’d even let you polish my scales…”


“Alright, alright. I think I understand you more clearly now. To attempt to steal the wife of my old foe and make her my own, I was being quite extravagant was I no- Oi, wait, what do you intend to do. Why are you holding me with but one hand? Don’t tell me you intend to throw me?”


“I was jesting… Just jesting, understand?”


“Yes yes, good good. You’re a good child. Now, slowly. Slowly put me down. You should be focusing these seduction efforts on my old foe instea-”


The door opened, and Lord of the Room – The vampire came back.


The familiar dropped the dragon suddenly.

“What would you do if my glistening, tougher than steel scales had been marred by your rough treatment!?”

The dragon whined.

The man whose white hair was tied up behind his back had a confused look on his face as he entered the room.

“What’s wrong?”


The familiar silently shook its head.

And then…

“…Welcome back. I am. Your familiar.”

“What’s wrong!?”

Even though he had not told this notoriously quiet familiar of his to ‘talk’…

As he pondered it, the man had a worried expression.