Shao Xian and Chen Bai Zhou did not care about the Chen family.

In Chen Bai Zhou’s heart, this was the happiest day he had ever lived. Today, he met a very nice, very very nice person, too good to describe.

During dinner, Father Shao and Shao Yun did not come back, but this situation was very common in the Shao family, and Shao Xian often couldn’t see these two people when he was young.

“Xian Xian, watch TV after eating, then go take a bath and sleep. Go to bed before nine o’clock and Xiao Zhou you too.” Cai Ya Lan deliberately instructed them with a serious face.

Shao Xian nodded, “I know.”

It’s so sad that he didn’t have a smartphone and now he couldn’t spend the night in bed like a cat.

Chen Bai Zhou was also very well-behaved, he politely said, “Thank you, Auntie.”

After dinner, the two sat on the sofa while watching TV. After all, they studied for an afternoon and needed to relax.

During this time, satellite TV news was being broadcast on TV. 

Shao Xian could watch anything but considering Chen Bai Zhou, he switched to the Children’s Channel.

The children’s channel was broadcasting a cartoon show. It was a cat-and-mouse story. It was very funny. 

Shao Xian originally planned to watch it with Chen Bai Zhou, but seeing the show he laughed first.

Chen Bai Zhou didn’t see anything funny, but when he saw Shao Xian laughing, he laughed too.

The two watched for a while, and after the cartoon was over, it was time for the commercials.

Shao Xian saw that Chen Bai Zhou was a little sleepy, so he got up and said, “Take a bath first, then sleep.”

Cai Ya Lan had already prepared a room for Chen Bai Zhou. The room was next to Shao Xian’s room, which was many times bigger than his small utility room in Chen’s house.

Chen Bai Zhou was very grateful, but he was now penniless and didn’t know how to repay. 

He always thought that if he grew up and made money, he would buy a bigger and more beautiful house for Shao Xian!

He didn’t really know how rich the Shao family was now, so his thoughts were still childish.

Shao Xian provided him with two sets of pure cotton pajamas, which were very soft and would not hurt when they touched his wounds. 

The bed in the room was big, the quilt was clean and tidy, and it exuded a light fragrance.

Seeing the arrangement, Chen Bai Zhou felt that he was dreaming.

The knock on the door suddenly sounded, and the child was stunned for a moment. 

Chen Bai Zhou hurried to open the door, and when he saw Shao Xian standing outside the door, he immediately pursed his lips and smiled.

Shao Xian handed him a glass of warm milk, and said, “Drink the milk before going to bed.”

The milk was lukewarm, and Chen Bai Zhou had never drunk it, but it did not prevent him from watching Chen Yu drink it every day.

He knew that milk was very nutritious, but he never knew that milk tasted so delicious.

Chen Bai Zhou drank it in one breath, and planned to go downstairs to wash the cup by himself, but was pushed back by Shao Xian.

Shao Xian grabbed the empty cup, and said, “Go to sleep, I’ll do it.”

In Second Master Shao’s mind, he was a thirty-year-old adult man, of course, he had to take care of the children.

But in Chen Bai Zhou’s heart, Shao Xian was like the prince who saved the princess in the fairy tale. 

How could he do these things for him??

“Can I wash it myself?” Chen Bai Zhou carefully asked lest it upset Shao Xian.

Shao Xian saw that the little boy insisted, and he thought that he also didn’t want to train this child into a cripple. The child really needed independence, so he let him go.

After Chen Bai Zhou washed the cup, he gently went upstairs into his room, then turned off the light and slowly fell asleep.

Today even his dreams were filled with the sweetness of the milk.

The next morning, Shao Xian was awakened by the alarm clock. He reached out and turned it off, and then continued to sleep.

He was still immersed in the dream of being thirty years old and did not want to wake up so quickly.

In the living room, Chen Bai Zhou had already tidied up and was sitting on the sofa in an orderly manner, with a small old school bag placed beside him.

Seeing that Shao Xian still didn’t get down, Cai Ya Lan smiled at Chen Bai Zhou and said, “Xiao Zhou, can you help Auntie and wake Xian Xian up?”

“Xian Xian gets angry in the morning, I don’t dare to go and wake him. You are his good friend, and he will definitely listen to you.”

Cai Ya Lan had never seen her son so caring about anyone, and looking at well-behaved Chen Bai Zhou, she wanted to create opportunities for the two to get along more.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)