Chapter 397: Psycho Meets the Slayer

Chapter 397: Psycho Meets the Slayer

Fuyuki City has a forest near the Shinto academy and temple. It's an important area as important parts of the original plot seem to focus on that area, there are even several cracks to other timelines that meet in that area.

Abby placed some restrictions on the dimensional cracks to prevent some idiot from entering those cracks by mistake, so for now I can focus my attention on the group of people that appeared in the forest.

The group was made up of a man who reeks of blood and death, a nun who pretends to be chaste, a demon woman dressed as a maid, and an apocalyptic beast with the appearance of a distracted and slightly foolish girl.

The interesting thing is that the Chaotic Beast has a stealth artifact comparable to 10% of the power of [Mythomania]. It is undoubtedly a high-level artifact worthy of an entity serving Lucifer.

That artifact prevented the enemy entities from noticing the group's arrival, at the same time, they left a small gap in the stealth so that I could track the group through Auriel's blessing.

Well, even if the group hid completely I could still find them. The security measures I have put in place are the best representation of my paranoia and pessimism.

I nodded towards Nyaruko and walked towards the group.

The group seemed to be arguing, or well, the maid and the nun seemed to hate each other, while the man and the beast just looked around in search of prey.

I did not hide Auriel's blessing and the man immediately nodded when he saw me. He received a strong blessing from Auriel, so Auriel must fully trust that man.

If it weren't for the fact that I can see the man's emotions and heart, I would feel jealous and want to behead him, but I can see that his emotions towards Auriel are only ones of loyalty, gratitude and respect. In fact, he doesn't even see Auriel as a person, but rather he sees her as a kind of symbol.

I kept a serious expression and my body language showed distrust, but I didn't pull out a gun to show that I want to talk. Basically I'm showing that I'm not an idiot who trusts just anyone I don't know, but I'm willing to talk before attacking.

I was about to speak to the group, but Nyaruko let out a loud scream similar to a girl seeing her favorite singer.

"IT'S SLAYER!! IT IS REAL!" – Nyaruko ran towards the man while she took out a camera from the 80s and threw it at me. – "Take a photo with him!"

The man and I looked at Nyaruko blankly. We don't know each other, but simultaneously we made the wise choice to ignore her.

Before speaking, I raised my hand and the area was covered with chains of purple energy that sealed the space.

The nun raised her eyebrow and although her expression was calm, she was the most nervous of the group.

The man and the maid remained calm as it seemed reasonable to them for me to be careful, in fact, it seems that they already know about the invasion...

Lastly, the albino girl-like beast just looked at the chains curiously, but remained calm as I did not show a single sign of hostility. I can see that her instincts are quite sensitive and she will attack if I show even a single sign of hostility.

"Well, I guess you guys don't know what's going on, but I'm sorry to say that I can't trust you..." – I looked at the group while using [Mythomania] to pretend that I am using an analysis skill.

The woman dressed as a maid was the first to speak. – "It is an honor to meet the renowned Hero of Harmony..."

"Stop, I don't want empty words" – I raised my hand while narrowing my eyes, then I passed my gaze towards the man. – "Auriel sent you?"

The man nodded.

"What are your instructions?" – I asked without paying attention to the maid's subtle anger.

"The commander mentioned that you know what you are doing, just tell me what to do" – The man responded firmly.

The man's attitude is similar to a soldier who obeys the military hierarchy, but his aura and smell are more similar to a bloodthirsty beast. Well, I prefer obedient allies who don't argue.

I nodded and with a nod pointed to the maid and the beast. – "Are they trustworthy?"

The man shakes his head. – "Demons are never trustworthy, but they are useful"Ñøv€l--ß1n hosted the premiere release of this chapter.

"Wow, Slayer is racist" – Nyaruko opened her eyes. - "Cool!"

The nun nodded. She seems to share the thought.

The maid was angrier. She seems like a short-tempered woman, but she was raised to be an obedient maid, so she didn't comment.

During this brief conversation, Paranoia and Ciel analyzed the group's records.

During this brief conversation, Paranoia and Ciel analyzed the group's records.

The maid and the beast have Lucifer's protection, so it's hard to see classified information, but at least now I know why this group is together.

Basically, the man arrived from a Gate in the Vatican, while the maid arrived from a Gate in China. Both groups traveled from those countries to Japan, once in the country, they met with people from the Ichijo family who guided them to Fuyuki.

It sounds simple, but there are many, too many problems outside.

Apparently, the Fuyuki case is already known abroad and several countries want to take advantage of the moment to cause problems. In fact, the only reason NATO hasn't done stupid things is because there is an unknown entity guarding Japan.

The Anti-Spiral is doing a good job...

Now that I understand the situation, my eyes showed some distrust, so the maid decided to speak to avoid misunderstandings.

"That humble servant responds to the name Hildegarde, although for convenience, you can call me Hilda. I am one of the servants of the venerable Lord Lucifer." – The maid made a respectful bow even though she feels disdain towards me. – "My Lord entrusted me with the mission of contacting you to negotiate a possible alliance, I hope to be in you care"

(Author's Note: Hildegarde/Hilda from Beelzebub)

Rin gulped as he hugged Sakura tighter. It was as if she wanted to protect her sister at the same time that she wanted to feel safe.

She looked so pitiful that I had the slight urge to make fun of her, but I'm currently busy...

I shook my head and looked at BB who was sitting on the couch while she played with her cell phone. – "Call the rest, we are going to have a meeting to make a new strategy"

"Okay~" – BB responded in a good mood and put away her cell phone...

I have a feeling she's doing something very annoying and problematic, but right now I don't have the time or patience to deal with her stupidity.

"Slayer" – I looked at the man. – "Make yourself comfortable and wait here"

Slayer nodded and stood in the corner of the room, then remained completely silent like a statue.

It's interesting. I can see that this man's heart is full of violence, aggression and an unhealthy need for war, but he is able to keep his instincts in check. From what I see, he is at an emotional crossroads as he wants to enter a battlefield, but he also wants a peaceful life with his loved ones.

A beast that wants to be human... I think we'll get along well.

I didn't have to give instructions to Nyaruko as she approached Slayer and started asking him endless questions. Slayer showed superhuman patience as he answered every question, even though he gave short answers like "yes," "no," and "I don't know."

Now I looked at the nun. – "You... Just don't cause problems"

The nun hid her dissatisfaction from her and she nodded devoutly as she clasped her hands in a gesture of prayer. – "I understand, my lord"

Finally, I looked at the two women from Hell. – "You two, come with me, we need to talk"

The maid named Hilda nodded respectfully and held the arm of the human-like beast.

I went to the kitchen. When both women entered with me, I activated an [Anti-Rasen] barrier that sealed the kitchen.

The maid and the beast showed no surprise or distrust at my actions. The maid just looked at me with respectful indifference and spoke calmly. – "Sir, what do you want to talk about? If it comes to asking me to marry you, I'm sorry to say that you're not my type"

It seems that my reputation as a womanizer has reached Lucifer's ears...

I couldn't respond as a flying idiot appeared next to me. – "Hey Listen! Marriage is too much for a bitch! You will only receive a strap while you bark and beg for my partner to stuff you like a cream donut!"


"......." – Hilda and I looked at Navi with contempt, then simultaneously decided to pretend that we didn't hear anything.

So many stupid things made me hungry...

"So, what deal is Lucifer offering?" – I spoke listlessly as I opened the refrigerator to take out a bucket of fried chicken, then I used [Schizophrenia] to change the molecular structure of the chicken, that way, the chicken was hot as if it were freshly cooked. At the same time, I used [Mythomania] to make it look like I used magic instead of Madness.

"Mi master wishes to cooperate with the Hero of Harmony to protect this World" – Hilda decided to put aside the useless formalities and got straight to the point. – "My master was not specific about her reasons for helping this place full of humans, but she asked me to bring a message for the Hero"

I have many theories about Lucifer's intentions, but information about the King of Lies is limited, so I have to be careful.

"So what is the message?" – I started eating a piece of fried chicken while I pretended not to notice that Hilda wanted a piece of chicken.

"Hey Listen! Bitches, stop ignoring me!...!" – Navi started yelling stupid things, so I grabbed a fried chicken wing and put it in her mouth. – "Nom nom nom nom bitch nom nom"

Hilda pretended not to see that and directed her gaze towards the beast girl who was staring at my fried chicken while she drooled. – "Cerberus-sama, please"

(Author's Note: Cerberus from Helltaker)

The reason I felt a brief connection with the woman is because she is a Cerberus from another world.

That doesn't mean that she is similar to the girl who was my "sister" in my past life, in fact, there is no relationship. This Cerberus is infinitely more dangerous, and although the girl in front of me is only a third of a complete soul, I can say that she deserves to be considered one of Lucifer's strongest weapons.

Now that I think about it, I think Lucifer made a deal with my father since she wanted to get a second cub comparable to this Cerberus...

Cerberus didn't respond and continued to stare at the chicken leg in my hand, which made Hilda angry. It seems like she just sees Cerberus as a dumb animal even though she is Lucifer's pet.

I shook the bucket of fried chicken. – "Later I will give you one, but now there is a message I need"

Cerberus stared at the chicken bucket and nodded frantically. Her reaction is understandable, I made this meal myself and even Hilda was fighting the hungry sound her stomach was making.

Cerberus placed her hands on her head and closed his eyes as if he were concentrating. It seemed like she was trying to remember the message she should give me, but in reality something unexpected happened...

"Oh, so this is Yui's boyfriend? You are not as impressive as the rumors say" – A slightly smug smile, an appraising and cynical look, a posture that shows a certain arrogance, but without being contemptuous. Cerberus changed completely and was now a different person.

[Reader's Perspective], Paranoia and Ciel saw no changes in Cerberus. The records were the same, but I can tell that the person in front of me is not the Chaotic Beast, but one of the main rulers of Hell...

I narrowed my eyes, making "Lucifer's" smile grow. – "Heh, Yui said that you are difficult to surprise, but look at you, I think I gave you a surprise"

I don't know if Lucifer has a teasing personality or if she is measuring my temper. I can't see through her words, I can't read her emotions nor can I decipher her thoughts...

This became interesting.... Very interesting...